Shore Leave: Refugee Reprieve (USS Octavia E Butler)

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Mission Start

Commander Rouiancet, Captain

Commanding officer's log, stardate 240105.08.

We are officially a full two weeks out from our first mission at Cheyd'lang, and the Octavia E. Butler has seen the last of our evacuated refugees to safe harbors. Among those are Seytoxal, a resort world where much of the crew has spent time; the Esh-o system, where temporal incursions were thankfully at a minimum; and Port Coray, the independent trading station.

Our final group of refugees will disembark with the Butler's crew at New Bajor, where we (and presumably they) will enjoy some leave time. Some of the crew have declared their intention to continue to work with the refugees, and I will be one of them, at least at the beginning of the leave period, before I give myself any time away from my duties.

Even those officers and crew who aren't assisting the refugees may choose to do more work than normal for a period of leave as they adjust to the Butler and modify it to their liking, especially with our first mission behind us and their first impressions of the ship's performance behind them.

They will also have the opportunity to visit the newly constructed Deep Space 14 in orbit of New Bajor. The station is, even beyond the Gamma Task Force, the first permanent Federation installation in the Gamma Quadrant, and I am curious to see how its history unfolds. As such, there is more of a Starfleet presence here than usual, and we're currently sharing New Bajor's orbit with the Vulcana Regar, the Phoebe, the Joseph M'Benga -- and the 'Oumuamua, recently returned to active service and with personnel and materiel from the Federation. Among these personnel are a new intelligence officer, Commander Walker, who I look forward to getting to know.

Although I see no immediate signs of misadventure, I'm sure some among the crew will find it regardless.

End log.


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A Prank To Say Goodbye. (Backsim aboard the USS Oumuamua)

Ensign Nilsen confides in 1st Lieutenant Maxwell about his plan to resign after receiving a test pilot contract, and together they plot a harmless prank involving the "Imperial March" theme to create a memorable farewell.
In Cargo Bay 2 aboard the USS Oumuamua, Ensign Lhandon Nilsen and 1st Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell plot their latest prank. Recently, Nilsen had a tense meeting with Private O'Reilly about the FAC situation on Gault, which concluded with a handshake. Now, he’s back in the cargo bay, but with Maxwell this time.

Nilsen jokes about a mental breakdown, referencing their last prank involving this Gamma Glider and food replication mishap. Maxwell is intrigued as Nilsen hints at a new idea but first confesses something personal. Nilsen reveals he plans to resign due to his recent mishaps, including making the XO angry and the invitational incident. He shows Maxwell a PADD with an image of a Type 9 racing shuttle from McLaren-Velocity, who offered him a test pilot contract. This opportunity would allow him to support Gault, his home.

Maxwell, understanding the gravity and nobility of the offer, inquires about Nilsen's decision timeline. Nilsen has 21 days to decide. They discuss executing the prank, involving a subtle program to play the "Imperial March" from Star Wars when certain doors open, targeting their superior who loves gummy bears. The prank must be kind and non-offensive, ensuring a memorable yet harmless exit for Nilsen. As Maxwell prepares to hand in an armory report, they share a conspiratorial grin, ready to carry out their plan.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lhandon Joseph Nilsen leads the Operations Center amid distressing news from Earth.
Nilsen has been temporarily running the Operations Center (OC) while Lieutenant Arlill is on the surface of Cheyd'lang. With operations smoothing out and various missions, including evacuating refugees, nearing completion, Nilsen anticipates resuming his role as Arlill's right-hand man. However, his day takes a turn when he enters the OC and finds his team gathered around a terminal, distressed over sketchy reports of a crisis on Earth.

Nilsen sees mentions of "Earth Space Dock holding" and ships turning on each other, creating an atmosphere of dread. The news, delayed due to the distance from the Gamma Quadrant, leaves the fate of Earth unknown. As the team looks to him for guidance, Nilsen struggles to find words but eventually tells them to take ten minutes to contact their loved ones. Unable to contact her, he attempts to reach his brother, Madison. The connection finally goes through, and Nilsen asks if Madison has heard any news.

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Promontory's Last Intelligence Officer Logs

Lieutenant Commander Avander Promontory reflects on recent events and prepares for a meeting with the CO.
Lieutenant Commander Avander Promontory records his Intelligence Officer's Log, reflecting on the recent weeks of ferrying refugees and analyzing intelligence reports. He notes an increase in chatter in the Gamma Quadrant but acknowledges that news from the Federation overshadows everything, particularly the bittersweet victory in Sector 001.

Promontory feels relieved that the Gamma Quadrant flotilla wasn't involved in the recent conflicts, allowing them to remain intact. However, he regrets not being close enough to assist. He resolves to stop criticizing Commander Sherlock about Federation Security issues in light of recent problems within Federation Intelligence.

After ending the log, Promontory attends to his pet gormogon, Meander, before heading to an important meeting with the Commanding Officer. He contemplates taking Meander for a holodeck swim and hopes to find time for it, possibly with Lieutenant Peri and her pet, Echo.

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Don’t Leaf It Alone

Lt. Cmdr. Katsim, LTJG Nilsen, and Ens. Yinn investigate the telepathic properties of a mysterious plant from Cheyd’lang.
In the science lab on Deck 10, USS Octavia E Butler, Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri, LTJG Nilsen, and Ens. Yinn gather to study a collection of leaves from the planet Cheyd’lang. Nilsen explains that the Antani had been cultivating these leaves for years, intending to enhance telepathic abilities and connect everyone mentally. He recounts his own heightened telepathic experiences after exposure to the leaves, noting varied effects on different individuals.

Yinn, intrigued by the potential of these leaves, questions Nilsen about the specifics of his telepathic experiences. They discuss the need for further testing to understand the plant's impact, including its genetic implications and long-term effects. Katsim emphasizes the importance of caution and proper protocols in their experiments.

Yinn suggests a self-experimentation approach to study the plant's effects on her telepathic abilities. Nilsen offers to retrieve more samples from Cheyd’lang if necessary. They agree on the need to involve Dr. Toz for medical oversight and plan to conduct a series of controlled tests to explore the plant’s properties and potential applications.

As they prepare for the experiments, the team reflects on the broader implications of their research, including the potential for revolutionary advancements in telepathic communication and coordination.

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Etan's New Orders

Commander Etan Iljor receives an urgent communication from Starfleet Command while recovering from severe injuries.
Commander Etan Iljor, recently discharged from sickbay, is recovering from severe injuries inflicted by Alto’Belaranto’s guards. Although healed, he still experiences significant soreness. His boredom during recovery leads him to consider visiting the ship's swimming pool, but his physical discomfort deters him.

While contemplating a sonic shower, he receives a call from Ensign Ikis, informing him of an urgent subspace communication from Starfleet Command. Despite initial confusion, Iljor directs Ikis to transfer the communication to his quarters.

Iljor accesses the message with the computer's help; the communication from Starfleet Command contains shocking orders, leaving them in disbelief.

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Introduction of Commander Margaret Walker

Commander Margaret Walker prepares to leave her post at Starfleet Intelligence for a new role as Director of Intelligence aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler.
In her office at Starfleet Intelligence in San Francisco, Commander Margaret Walker is engrossed in her routine, meticulously organized workspace. She reviews a report concerning the United Dominion of Planets and their potential Zet allies, reflecting her disciplined focus and minimal personal distractions. Lieutenant Jhytao sh’Orhaalnohr interrupts with a report on Yansamin Anchorage, revealing challenges in intelligence gathering. As Walker prepares to depart for her new assignment, sh’Orhaalnohr informs her that her shuttle has arrived, and expresses appreciation for serving under her, to which Walker responds with gratitude.

Walker exits her office, receiving a silent yet heartfelt farewell from her colleagues. She heads to the rooftop shuttle pad, ready to embark on her new role as the Director of Intelligence for the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. This assignment marks her first time in the Gamma Quadrant, a unique opportunity to directly engage with the region she has studied for decades.

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Operation Rescue Jack

Lieutenant Commander V'Len Kel and his team execute a daring rescue mission to retrieve Lieutenant Jack Kessler from a high-security Zet facility, navigating through interstellar espionage and intense firefights to ensure his safe return to the USS Octavia E. Butler.
The mission to retrieve Lieutenant Jack Kessler, presumed lost, begins with Lieutenant Commander V'Len Kel arriving at Port Coray in the Gamma Quadrant. Seeking information, V'Len encounters various traders and shady figures, hoping to find clues about Jack's whereabouts. V'Len's quest leads him to engage with intelligence officers and allies, including Avander Promontory and Ithri Sh'shelor, who provide support despite the complexities of operating within the Gamma Quadrant's political landscape.

Throughout their investigation, they face multiple challenges, including dealing with the Zet, a group known for their control and financial ambitions. V'Len and his team navigate through the intricacies of interstellar politics and espionage, often having to employ subterfuge to gather vital information without provoking conflict with the Zet or other Gamma Quadrant factions.

The team discovers that Jack is alive but held in a secure facility by the Zet, where he is treated relatively well in exchange for information. Despite the difficult circumstances, Jack manages to communicate with the team, providing hope for a successful rescue. The mission becomes a race against time, with the team formulating plans to extract Jack while avoiding direct confrontation with the Zet.

As the team prepares for the rescue, they engage in tactical discussions, weighing the risks of various approaches. They consider using deception and feigned cooperation with the Zet to gain an advantage. Promontory and Sh'shelor play critical roles in coordinating the rescue efforts, ensuring that every move is calculated and precise to minimize casualties and diplomatic fallout.

Finally, the rescue operation culminates in a tense extraction, where the team manages to outmaneuver the Zet and retrieve Jack. Jack's return to the USS Octavia E. Butler is met with mixed emotions, as the crew reflects on the sacrifices made and the challenges ahead.

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Lieutenant Jack Kessler's Return

Lieutenant Jack Kessler navigates his return to the USS Octavia E. Butler, culminating in a tense reunion with Captain Michele Winters, who expresses her mixed emotions through a surprising physical confrontation.
Lieutenant Jack Kessler, who had been recently released from captivity by the Zet, is reacclimating to life aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. Having spent a night onboard, Kessler begins his day exploring the impressive Sagan Class Starship, particularly enjoying the botanical arboretum. His day continues as he heads to Deck 12 to find Captain Michele Winters.

During his journey, Kessler encounters Lieutenant Flint, who guides him to Captain Winters in the briefing room. Upon seeing Kessler, Winters is initially stoic but quickly reveals her frustration by punching him. Despite the altercation, Kessler is left reflecting on the unexpected but impactful reunion.

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