Shore Leave: Refugee Reprieve (USS Octavia E Butler)

Mission Start

Commanding officer's log, stardate 240105.08.

Commander Rouiancet, Captain

We are officially a full two weeks out from our first mission at Cheyd'lang, and the Octavia E. Butler has seen the last of our evacuated refugees to safe harbors. Among those are Seytoxal, a resort world where much of the crew has spent time; the Esh-o system, where temporal incursions were thankfully at a minimum; and Port Coray, the independent trading station.

Our final group of refugees will disembark with the Butler's crew at New Bajor, where we (and presumably they) will enjoy some leave time. Some of the crew have declared their intention to continue to work with the refugees, and I will be one of them, at least at the beginning of the leave period, before I give myself any time away from my duties.

Even those officers and crew who aren't assisting the refugees may choose to do more work than normal for a period of leave as they adjust to the Butler and modify it to their liking, especially with our first mission behind us and their first impressions of the ship's performance behind them.

They will also have the opportunity to visit the newly constructed Deep Space 14 in orbit of New Bajor. The station is, even beyond the Gamma Task Force, the first permanent Federation installation in the Gamma Quadrant, and I am curious to see how its history unfolds. As such, there is more of a Starfleet presence here than usual, and we're currently sharing New Bajor's orbit with the Vulcana Regar, the Phoebe, the Joseph M'Benga -- and the 'Oumuamua, recently returned to active service and with personnel and materiel from the Federation. Among these personnel are a new intelligence officer, Commander Walker, who I look forward to getting to know.

Although I see no immediate signs of misadventure, I'm sure some among the crew will find it regardless.

End log.


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A Prank To Say Goodbye. (Backsim aboard the USS Oumuamua)

Ensign Nilsen confides in 1st Lieutenant Maxwell about his plan to resign after receiving a test pilot contract, and together they plot a harmless prank involving the "Imperial March" theme to create a memorable farewell.
In Cargo Bay 2 aboard the USS Oumuamua, Ensign Lhandon Nilsen and 1st Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell plot their latest prank. Recently, Nilsen had a tense meeting with Private O'Reilly about the FAC situation on Gault, which concluded with a handshake. Now, he’s back in the cargo bay, but with Maxwell this time.

Nilsen jokes about a mental breakdown, referencing their last prank involving this Gamma Glider and food replication mishap. Maxwell is intrigued as Nilsen hints at a new idea but first confesses something personal. Nilsen reveals he plans to resign due to his recent mishaps, including making the XO angry and the invitational incident. He shows Maxwell a PADD with an image of a Type 9 racing shuttle from McLaren-Velocity, who offered him a test pilot contract. This opportunity would allow him to support Gault, his home.

Maxwell, understanding the gravity and nobility of the offer, inquires about Nilsen's decision timeline. Nilsen has 21 days to decide. They discuss executing the prank, involving a subtle program to play the "Imperial March" from Star Wars when certain doors open, targeting their superior who loves gummy bears. The prank must be kind and non-offensive, ensuring a memorable yet harmless exit for Nilsen. As Maxwell prepares to hand in an armory report, they share a conspiratorial grin, ready to carry out their plan.

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Rox and Katsim Catch Up

Ensign Roxanne Queen and Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri reconnect through a video call, discussing their current assignments and reminiscing about their friendship.
Ensign Roxanne Queen, recently promoted and adjusting to her new quarters on the USS Ronin, initiates a video call with her friend, Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri, now serving on the USS Octavia E. Butler. Roxanne shares her excitement about her promotion and ongoing Starfleet Academy coursework. Peri, delighted to see her friend, listens as Roxanne recounts her busy life aboard the Ronin, including an amusing comment about her reluctance to become a doctor despite her medical posting.

The conversation shifts to mutual acquaintances and past events. Roxanne reveals her admiration for a commendation she received from V’Airu, while Peri informs her that V’Airu has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. They share memories and updates, with Roxanne mentioning her report on Gary Mitchell, a figure from Starfleet's history, and her aspirations of commanding a starship one day. Peri encourages her, acknowledging her potential.

As the call concludes, both express their longing to meet in person again, hinting at the challenges of long-distance friendships in Starfleet. Peri ends the call feeling a mix of happiness for Roxanne’s progress and sadness over their separation.

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Viva Las Betazegas

Madison Marsh, Karen Stendhal, Alora DeVeau, and Keehani Ukinix enjoy a night out in Nuxiyi on Betazed, experiencing the city's vibrant atmosphere and deepening their friendships.
Lieutenant JG Madison Marsh, Lt JG Karen Stendhal, Commander Alora DeVeau, and Envoy Keehani Ukinix explore the bustling streets of Nuxiyi, Betazed, which is reminiscent of Las Vegas on Earth. The city is filled with vibrant lights, music, and activity. The group decides to experience a "ladies' night" to unwind from their demanding Starfleet duties. Keehani suggests they visit "Mindful Mind," a place she fondly remembers from her university days.

The evening progresses with the friends enjoying various cocktails and sharing toasts to their old and new friendships. Madison reflects on her time in Starfleet and appreciates the support from her friends, especially Alora, whom she sees as a mentor. Keehani, despite her family's complicated past, looks forward to a brighter future and the group's collective experiences. The friends raise their glasses multiple times, celebrating their bond and the adventures that lie ahead.

They engage in playful banter, with Karen suggesting a "surprise attack" of beverages, where they choose drinks for each other. This leads to a fun mix of delightful and unexpected flavors, enhancing the night's enjoyment. The setting of the Night Spa, with its relaxing atmosphere, adds to their sense of camaraderie. Each friend places their unique drink orders, contributing to the night's theme of adventure and spontaneity.

The conversation turns personal as they discuss their roles and aspirations within Starfleet and beyond. Keehani, who works for the Federation Diplomatic Corps, shares insights about her career and ambitions. Madison expresses a desire to learn more about Keehani, as she is newer to the group compared to Alora and Karen. This deepens their understanding of each other and strengthens their bond.

As the night continues, they dance and share laughs, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Betazed. Alora, though unable to drink due to her pregnancy, participates fully in the dancing and festivities, highlighting the inclusive and supportive nature of their friendship. The group's joy is palpable, and they revel in the moment, creating lasting memories.

The evening concludes with a heartfelt toast to their friendships. Alora proposes a toast to old and new friends, celebrating the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of new connections. The friends clink their glasses, solidifying their bond and looking forward to future adventures together. The night in Nuxiyi leaves them feeling rejuvenated and more connected, ready to face their Starfleet duties with renewed vigor.

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Remote Comm Call: Lt. Nesre Salo and Lt. Cmdr. V'Len Kel - "Hey Hey!" Series

Lt. Nesre Salo and Lt. Cmdr. V'Len Kel discuss recent events, personal updates, and a potential wedding.
In a remote communication call, Lt. Nesre Salo and Lt. Cmdr. V'Len Kel engage in a conversation that covers several significant topics. Lt. Salo is shocked to learn about a murder involving a colleague, which V'Len explains, leading to a discussion about the consequences and the emotional toll on those involved. They also touch upon V'Len's recovery from injuries and upcoming events, including the wedding of a new ensign from Denali Station.

The dialogue shifts to V'Len's recent interactions and training missions at Starbase 118, highlighting his contributions to cadet training programs. Nesre expresses her surprise and admiration for his involvement in the program, reflecting on her own aspirations and limitations due to her assignment in the Gamma Quadrant. She discusses the challenges she faces in participating in such programs due to her location but acknowledges her desire to be more involved in training and mentoring new cadets. Despite these challenges, Nesre has made significant contributions in her role aboard the USS 'Oumuamua, providing critical counseling and support to the crew, which has been essential for maintaining morale and mental health during their missions.

V'Len mentions his sister, Rosro, who is preparing for her cadet cruise, contrasting her positive outlook with the strained relationship he has with his other sibling, Kos. This personal update underscores the differences in acceptance and support within V'Len's family, especially after his significant life changes.

Finally, Nesre updates V'Len on her current status, revealing that she is no longer stationed on the Oumuamua. She hints at new developments and her ongoing commitment to her duties, emphasizing her adaptability and resilience in the face of changing circumstances. The conversation leaves off with the anticipation of further updates and developments.

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Zarah Johnson's Future Aboard the Butler

Zarah Johnson discusses her future and plans with Commander Lia Rouiancet.
Zarah Johnson has a series of meetings with Commander Lia Rouiancet to discuss her plans to stay aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler if she is accepted into Starfleet Academy. Zarah expresses her desire to gain field experience, which classrooms cannot provide. Rouiancet is open to the idea but insists on discussing it with Zarah's mother, Sasha Johnson, to ensure family dynamics are considered and that Sasha is comfortable with the plan.

During the conversations, Zarah reveals her wish to make independent decisions, highlighting her journey into adulthood. Rouiancet stresses the importance of family unity for the Academy's approval and seeks to understand any reluctance Zarah has in involving her mother in the decision. After thorough discussion, Zarah agrees to set up a meeting between Rouiancet and her mother.

The discussions also include Zarah's readiness to serve under her mother and follow orders as part of the crew. Rouiancet is pleased with Zarah's enthusiasm and willingness to comply with the necessary steps. The meetings end on a positive note, with Zarah receiving a conditional approval contingent upon her mother's agreement.

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Command Changes Aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler

Captain Lia Rouiancet announces significant command changes aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler, promoting Lt. Cmdr. Avander Promontory to First Officer and LCDR Aine Sherlock to Second Officer.
During a quiet meeting in the hydroponics lab, Captain Lia Rouiancet discusses with Lt. Cmdr. Avander Promontory and LCDR Aine Sherlock their new roles aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. Rouiancet informs them that Commander Etan Iljor has been offered command of the 'Oumuamua, necessitating the selection of a new First Officer and Second Officer for the Butler. She expresses her confidence in Promontory and Sherlock, asking Promontory to take on the role of First Officer and Sherlock to serve as Second Officer while continuing her duties as Chief of Security. Both officers express their readiness to undertake these new responsibilities and discuss the upcoming changes and preparations needed for the transition. Rouiancet emphasizes the importance of their support as she navigates her new role as Captain, and they collectively reflect on the evolving dynamics of the crew.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lhandon Joseph Nilsen leads the Operations Center amid distressing news from Earth.
Nilsen has been temporarily running the Operations Center (OC) while Lieutenant Arlill is on the surface of Cheyd'lang. With operations smoothing out and various missions, including evacuating refugees, nearing completion, Nilsen anticipates resuming his role as Arlill's right-hand man. However, his day takes a turn when he enters the OC and finds his team gathered around a terminal, distressed over sketchy reports of a crisis on Earth.

Nilsen sees mentions of "Earth Space Dock holding" and ships turning on each other, creating an atmosphere of dread. The news, delayed due to the distance from the Gamma Quadrant, leaves the fate of Earth unknown. As the team looks to him for guidance, Nilsen struggles to find words but eventually tells them to take ten minutes to contact their loved ones. Unable to contact her, he attempts to reach his brother, Madison. The connection finally goes through, and Nilsen asks if Madison has heard any news.

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Promontory's Last Intelligence Officer Logs

Lieutenant Commander Avander Promontory reflects on recent events and prepares for a meeting with the CO.
Lieutenant Commander Avander Promontory records his Intelligence Officer's Log, reflecting on the recent weeks of ferrying refugees and analyzing intelligence reports. He notes an increase in chatter in the Gamma Quadrant but acknowledges that news from the Federation overshadows everything, particularly the bittersweet victory in Sector 001.

Promontory feels relieved that the Gamma Quadrant flotilla wasn't involved in the recent conflicts, allowing them to remain intact. However, he regrets not being close enough to assist. He resolves to stop criticizing Commander Sherlock about Federation Security issues in light of recent problems within Federation Intelligence.

After ending the log, Promontory attends to his pet gormogon, Meander, before heading to an important meeting with the Commanding Officer. He contemplates taking Meander for a holodeck swim and hopes to find time for it, possibly with Lieutenant Peri and her pet, Echo.

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Don’t Leaf It Alone

Lt. Cmdr. Katsim, LTJG Nilsen, and Ens. Yinn investigate the telepathic properties of a mysterious plant from Cheyd’lang.
In the science lab on Deck 10, USS Octavia E Butler, Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri, LTJG Nilsen, and Ens. Yinn gather to study a collection of leaves from the planet Cheyd’lang. Nilsen explains that the Antani had been cultivating these leaves for years, intending to enhance telepathic abilities and connect everyone mentally. He recounts his own heightened telepathic experiences after exposure to the leaves, noting varied effects on different individuals.

Yinn, intrigued by the potential of these leaves, questions Nilsen about the specifics of his telepathic experiences. They discuss the need for further testing to understand the plant's impact, including its genetic implications and long-term effects. Katsim emphasizes the importance of caution and proper protocols in their experiments.

Yinn suggests a self-experimentation approach to study the plant's effects on her telepathic abilities. Nilsen offers to retrieve more samples from Cheyd’lang if necessary. They agree on the need to involve Dr. Toz for medical oversight and plan to conduct a series of controlled tests to explore the plant’s properties and potential applications.

As they prepare for the experiments, the team reflects on the broader implications of their research, including the potential for revolutionary advancements in telepathic communication and coordination.

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Etan's New Orders

Commander Etan Iljor receives an urgent communication from Starfleet Command while recovering from severe injuries.
Commander Etan Iljor, recently discharged from sickbay, is recovering from severe injuries inflicted by Alto’Belaranto’s guards. Although healed, he still experiences significant soreness. His boredom during recovery leads him to consider visiting the ship's swimming pool, but his physical discomfort deters him.

While contemplating a sonic shower, he receives a call from Ensign Ikis, informing him of an urgent subspace communication from Starfleet Command. Despite initial confusion, Iljor directs Ikis to transfer the communication to his quarters.

Iljor accesses the message with the computer's help; the communication from Starfleet Command contains shocking orders, leaving them in disbelief.

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Introduction of Commander Margaret Walker

Commander Margaret Walker prepares to leave her post at Starfleet Intelligence for a new role as Director of Intelligence aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler.
In her office at Starfleet Intelligence in San Francisco, Commander Margaret Walker is engrossed in her routine, meticulously organized workspace. She reviews a report concerning the United Dominion of Planets and their potential Zet allies, reflecting her disciplined focus and minimal personal distractions. Lieutenant Jhytao sh’Orhaalnohr interrupts with a report on Yansamin Anchorage, revealing challenges in intelligence gathering. As Walker prepares to depart for her new assignment, sh’Orhaalnohr informs her that her shuttle has arrived, and expresses appreciation for serving under her, to which Walker responds with gratitude.

Walker exits her office, receiving a silent yet heartfelt farewell from her colleagues. She heads to the rooftop shuttle pad, ready to embark on her new role as the Director of Intelligence for the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. This assignment marks her first time in the Gamma Quadrant, a unique opportunity to directly engage with the region she has studied for decades.

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Tensions and Discoveries

Analysis of trends reveals some potentially disturbing developments in the Gamma Quadrant.
Marine Second Lieutenant Ithri Sh'shelor, working in the Marine Intelligence Office, has been analyzing various pieces of data over the past few months. She discovers a troubling pattern that hints at a significant threat, prompting her to contact Lieutenant Commander Avander Promontory for further analysis.

Walker, just arriving aboard the OEB, makes a beeline to meet Avander, and incidentally Ithri, who shares that there is evidence of coordinated efforts by hostile groups in the Gamma Quadrant. Shadowy organizations have been engaging in suspicious transactions and making strategic acquisitions that could pose a significant risk to the USS Octavia E. Butler and its mission.

Commander Margaret Walker, the Director of Intelligence, reveals she has also been investigating the increasing number of hostile encounters the ship has been facing. Her findings suggest that these incidents may not be isolated, but rather part of a larger scheme. After discussion, Commander Walker, agrees with their assessment and authorizes further monitoring and investigation. Promontory, who's transitions from his intelligence role, hands over the responsibility to Ithri and Walker while expressing his desire to stay informed.

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Diplomatic Training

Nilsen, Martinson, Taggart and Sherlock, reflect on recent diplomatic missions and undergo training to improve the team's effectiveness in future encounters.
In the conference room on Deck 5, Lieutenant JG Lhandon Joseph Nilsen, still reflecting on his previous diplomatic missions, meets with Lieutenant Melvin Martinson and Ensign Taggart for a training session organized by Lieutenant Commander Aine Sherlock. Nilsen recounts his experiences, noting his success in negotiations on Alpha Brenkelvi II and the Chey'd mission with the UDP, but also his failure during the King's Path mission where the away team was captured.

Sherlock sees potential in Nilsen and organizes this session to address and improve their public speaking and diplomatic skills. Martinson and Taggart, both new faces to Nilsen, engage in this training session, offering responses and feedback as Nilsen narrates his past experiences and the lessons learned from them.

The training intensifies as Nilsen, Taggart, and Martinson simulate a new negotiation scenario. Nilsen practices deflecting demands for Federation membership and refocuses the conversation on mutually beneficial arrangements. Martinson and Taggart challenge Nilsen, who demonstrates improved negotiation techniques and strategic thinking, ultimately suggesting exclusive mining rights as a solution.

In subsequent sessions, the team refines their strategies further. Nilsen and Taggart play out more complex scenarios, with Martinson providing critical feedback. They explore various negotiation tactics, learning to navigate potential pitfalls and enhance their diplomatic acumen. The training sessions culminate with Nilsen confidently applying his new skills in a high-stakes negotiation simulation, leaving the team optimistic about their preparedness for future missions.

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Operation Rescue Jack

Lieutenant Commander V'Len Kel and his team execute a daring rescue mission to retrieve Lieutenant Jack Kessler from a high-security Zet facility, navigating through interstellar espionage and intense firefights to ensure his safe return to the USS Octavia E. Butler.
The mission to retrieve Lieutenant Jack Kessler, presumed lost, begins with Lieutenant Commander V'Len Kel arriving at Port Coray in the Gamma Quadrant. Seeking information, V'Len encounters various traders and shady figures, hoping to find clues about Jack's whereabouts. V'Len's quest leads him to engage with intelligence officers and allies, including Avander Promontory and Ithri Sh'shelor, who provide support despite the complexities of operating within the Gamma Quadrant's political landscape.

Throughout their investigation, they face multiple challenges, including dealing with the Zet, a group known for their control and financial ambitions. V'Len and his team navigate through the intricacies of interstellar politics and espionage, often having to employ subterfuge to gather vital information without provoking conflict with the Zet or other Gamma Quadrant factions.

The team discovers that Jack is alive but held in a secure facility by the Zet, where he is treated relatively well in exchange for information. Despite the difficult circumstances, Jack manages to communicate with the team, providing hope for a successful rescue. The mission becomes a race against time, with the team formulating plans to extract Jack while avoiding direct confrontation with the Zet.

As the team prepares for the rescue, they engage in tactical discussions, weighing the risks of various approaches. They consider using deception and feigned cooperation with the Zet to gain an advantage. Promontory and Sh'shelor play critical roles in coordinating the rescue efforts, ensuring that every move is calculated and precise to minimize casualties and diplomatic fallout.

Finally, the rescue operation culminates in a tense extraction, where the team manages to outmaneuver the Zet and retrieve Jack. Jack's return to the USS Octavia E. Butler is met with mixed emotions, as the crew reflects on the sacrifices made and the challenges ahead.

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Lieutenant Jack Kessler's Return

Lieutenant Jack Kessler navigates his return to the USS Octavia E. Butler, culminating in a tense reunion with Captain Michele Winters, who expresses her mixed emotions through a surprising physical confrontation.
Lieutenant Jack Kessler, who had been recently released from captivity by the Zet, is reacclimating to life aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. Having spent a night onboard, Kessler begins his day exploring the impressive Sagan Class Starship, particularly enjoying the botanical arboretum. His day continues as he heads to Deck 12 to find Captain Michele Winters.

During his journey, Kessler encounters Lieutenant Flint, who guides him to Captain Winters in the briefing room. Upon seeing Kessler, Winters is initially stoic but quickly reveals her frustration by punching him. Despite the altercation, Kessler is left reflecting on the unexpected but impactful reunion.

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A Tale of Transitions and Reflections

The transition of Commander Etan Iljor to his new role and the appointment of Lt. Cmdr. Avander Promontory as the new Executive Officer aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler.
The USS Octavia E. Butler experiences significant transitions as Commander Etan Iljor prepares to leave his post as Executive Officer to take on new responsibilities. He meets with Lt. Cmdr. Avander Promontory, who will be replacing him. Their meeting in the Observation Lounge is marked by a contemplative mood, with Iljor gazing at the planet below. Iljor’s reflections on the calm before the storm set the tone for their conversation and Avander, while honored, feeling the weight of responsibility.

Iljor shares his experiences, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the crew’s steadfast support. He recalls their shared missions and the crises they navigated together, instilling confidence in Avander. The exchange is both practical and sentimental, with Iljor’s encouragement and final words of wisdom aiming to prepare Avander for the leadership role he is stepping into, ensuring he feels supported and confident in his new duties.

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Pranking Plans on the USS Octavia E. Butler

Ensign Yinn and Zarah Johnson plan a prank involving food replicators, targeting unsuspecting crewmembers, particularly the new Director of Intelligence.
Ensign Yinn and Zarah Johnson, driven by a desire for mischief, conspire to prank crewmembers aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler. Their scheme centers on hacking the food replicators to alter the personal preferences of their targets, ensuring they receive undesirable or humorous food items instead of their usual choices. They aim to prank the new Director of Intelligence, hoping to remain undetected.

The duo brainstorm various ideas, initially considering using smelly foods like stinky cheese or a pungent Bolian fish called zherlac, but land on the the hilarity of serving raw potatoes. To execute their plan, they need access codes, which Yinn manages to obtain from Wauhk, a loud science officer whose dietary preferences were easily overheard. They also consider using a holo emitter to disguise themselves during the hack to avoid detection by security cameras, ultimately deciding to use a likeness of the Director of Intelligence, Walker, to further mislead any investigations.

With the codes in hand, they plot to use the holo emitter and a strategy to disguise their actions effectively. Zarah emphasizes the importance of covering their tracks to ensure their prank remains untraceable. They plan to alter the replicator settings so their victim receives the same unwanted item at every meal, adding to the prank's impact. With the plans set, they'll execute them when the time is right.

Sim References:

Grand Ol' Time

Lt Cmdr Promontory and Lt JG Nilsen navigate a series of technical and bureaucratic challenges involving computer systems and security clearances aboard the USS Octavia E Butler.
In the Operations Center of the USS Octavia E Butler, Lt JG Nilsen struggles with his computer system, which repeatedly denies him access to certain information, citing insufficient security clearance. Frustrated, Nilsen contacts Lt Cmdr Promontory for assistance. Promontory reviews Nilsen's file and finds no immediate issues but suggests they meet to resolve the matter in person. The conversation takes a humorous turn as Promontory jokes about the classified nature of his office location.

During their meeting in the Senior Officers’ Mess, Promontory brings up Nilsen's grandmother, who was also in Starfleet and known for her work on the variable warp field geometry program. Nilsen shares fond memories of his grandmother, explaining her contributions and the legacy she left behind. Promontory listens attentively, acknowledging the historical significance of her work and the challenges she faced. They discuss the beauty of the Excelsior-class ships, with Nilsen expressing his admiration for their design.

The narrative shifts to a flashback, revealing Promontory's past mission aboard the USS St Albans. He worked with Cmdr Althea Nilsen on computer-assisted warp-bubble modifications, aiming to reduce subspace pollution through software and hardware changes. During this mission, Promontory detected a temporal anomaly that posed a potential threat to the Federation, adding urgency and complexity to their work. This mission highlights the interconnectedness of past and present challenges in Starfleet.

Back in the present, Nilsen and Promontory delve deeper into the technical issues. Nilsen's access problems persist despite their efforts, and Promontory decides to assist directly, reflecting on the possible 'ghost in the machine' that might be causing the issues. Their discussion touches on the idea that sometimes more than just genetic material is passed down through generations, hinting at the persistence of technical quirks and challenges.

The interaction concludes with a light-hearted exchange, with Nilsen joking about Promontory being his grandfather due to a time-travel incident. Promontory assures him that is not the case, maintaining a professional yet friendly demeanor. They agree to continue working on resolving the computer issues, demonstrating the importance of teamwork and communication in overcoming the bureaucratic and technical challenges aboard the USS Octavia E Butler.

Sim References:

Chat on New Bajor

Nilsen and Etan discuss recent events, including Etan's medical leave and new command.
Lt. JG Lhandon Joseph Nilsen and Commander Etan Iljor meet on a hill overlooking New Faren, New Bajor. Nilsen notices Etan deep in thought and initiates a conversation. They discuss Etan's well-being following the recent mine incident and his medical leave. Nilsen expresses concern about Etan's absence and its impact on the crew.

Etan reveals his upcoming transfer and command of a new starship, marking a significant change in his career. Nilsen reflects on his relationship with Etan, acknowledging the initial challenges and how he worked to regain Etan's trust over time.

Sim References:

Herrick's Emergency in the Jefferies Tube

Lt. JG Josh Herrick experiences an emergency in the Jefferies Tube and is transported to Sickbay, where Dr. Toz treats his injuries.
Lt. JG Josh Herrick is in the Jefferies Tube on Deck 15 of the USS Octavia E Butler when a malfunction prompts the Computer Assisted Emergency Transport System (CATES) to activate, transporting him to Sickbay on Deck 5. Herrick arrives with burns all over his body but is confused about not feeling any pain. Dr. Toz quickly attends to him, providing kelotane for his burns and advising him to rest for 12 hours. During their conversation, Herrick shares his suspicions about the unusual nature of the conduit explosion, hinting at potential sabotage or deeper issues within Starfleet. Dr. Toz listens attentively and provides her medical expertise while trying to ensure Herrick's recovery and safety.

Sim References:

Medical Drama of a Personal Nature

Ensign Yinn and Ensign Qurgh'Loq face medical emergencies while Senior Chief Miash and Dr. Toz provide assistance.
In Sickbay, Ensign Yinn discovers that Ensign Qurgh'Loq has eaten her Antari leaves, a rare and toxic alien plant meant for a science experiment. Yinn alerts Senior Chief Miash, who quickly searches for information on the plant. She finds no specific antidote but notes potential organ damage. Miash administers a general analgesic and informs Dr. Toz for further evaluation.

Dr. Toz arrives and assesses Qurgh'Loq's condition, noting the damage to his stomach lining caused by the Antari leaves, alcohol, and Bolian bodily fluids. Miash assists in administering 15 cc’s of Alizine. During this, Yinn and Qurgh'Loq discuss the incident, with Yinn explaining the Bolian custom of not being alone and the impact of Bolian physiology on other species.

Yinn expresses regret for the unintended consequences of her experiment, while Qurgh'Loq acknowledges his mistake in eating the leaves. Dr. Toz advises caution in future experiments and romantic liaisons, emphasizing the risks involved. Miash, balancing professionalism and humor, ensures Qurgh'Loq receives appropriate treatment while reminding him of the importance of being careful with unfamiliar substances.

Sim References:

What to Do with Kessler?

The USS Octavia E. Butler's crew navigates personnel changes as Lieutenant Jack Kessler returns to the ship, prompting discussions about his role and clearances.
As the USS Octavia E. Butler undergoes personnel changes, Lieutenant Jack Kessler's unexpected return after being presumed dead stirs various reactions among the crew. Commander Aine Sherlock and Commander Avander Promontory discuss Kessler's reintegration into the crew, particularly his return to the Tactical Department. Despite concerns about how Acting Chief of Tactical Michele Winters might react to Kessler's return, Sherlock and Promontory plan to handle the transition professionally.

Promontory outlines the steps Kessler must take to regain his security clearance, emphasizing the need for medical and psychological evaluations. The conversation also touches on the bureaucratic challenges from Starfleet Headquarters, which had previously rescinded Kessler's clearances.

Kessler enters the scene, catching Sherlock and Promontory during a meeting about personnel changes. Kessler expresses a desire to be useful and is willing to take on any role needed, although he initially assumes he will return to Tactical. Sherlock, aware of potential complications, probes his preferences and the possible impact on the department. Captain Michelle Winters arrives to discuss ships' business, and asks Jack to leave.

After he leaves, the conversation turns to Winter's feelings about Kessler's reinstatement, strongly protesting it and arguing that his time as a prisoner of the Zet has compromised him. Her intense exchange with the command team underscores her feelings, whether professional or personal, despite the formal reassurances from Sherlock and Promontory. Winters asserts that Kessler's drive to find his parents could compromise missions, highlighting a previous unsanctioned mission he led. Promontory and Sherlock reassure Winters that all protocols will be followed, including thorough evaluations. Despite this, Winters remains adamant about the potential risks, emphasizing her professional stance and commitment to the ship's safety. After a firm dismissal, Michelle leaves, leaving Aine and Avander reflecting on it's intensity as they decide to postpone the discussion until they have more information.

Sim References:

Captain Michele Winters' Frustration and Confession

Captain Michele Winters vents her frustrations about Jack Kessler's return to Second Lieutenant Ithri Sh'shelor.
Captain Michele Winters, enraged by Jack Kessler's unexpected return and his potential reinstatement, storms through the corridors of the USS Octavia E. Butler. Seeking solace, she enters a usually empty office on Deck 12's Gator Deck, only to find Second Lieutenant Ithri Sh'shelor inside. Apologizing for the intrusion, Michele asks Ithri if she has a moment to talk, to which Ithri agrees.

Michele, needing to vent about her recent actions, removes formalities and begins to confess her mistakes, particularly her outburst in the XO's office with Promontory and Sherlock. She explains that her anger stems from Kessler's return and the command team's decision to reinstate him so soon, questioning their judgment and expressing her belief that Jack's emotional compartmentalization makes him unfit for duty.

Ithri listens and responds candidly, agreeing that Michele's concerns are valid but labeling her reaction as "stupid." This blunt honesty helps Michele realize she acted impulsively and needs to address the situation more constructively.

Sim References:

Interrogation and Insights

Commander Margaret Walker interrogates Lieutenant Jack Kessler about his time as a prisoner of the Zet, probing for information about their operations and intentions.
Commander Margaret Walker, the new Director of Intelligence aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler, conducts a thorough interrogation of Lieutenant Jack Kessler, who had been a prisoner of the Zet. Walker begins by questioning Kessler about his treatment and experiences during captivity. Kessler explains that the Zet treated prisoners well to extract information, emphasizing that he did not divulge any valuable Starfleet secrets. He recounts how the Zet offered him incentives, but he resisted and devised his own strategies against them.

Walker probes further, asking about specific details, including the Zet's intentions and any mention of Yansamin Anchorage, a neutral station. Kessler responds with information about his escape and the role of his holographic asset, K9, still gathering intelligence at a Zet facility. Walker expresses interest in retrieving this data but remains cautious about Kessler's involvement due to the risks involved.

Walker also questions Kessler about his escape partner, a Rekarian named Radek, and plans to investigate further. She instructs Kessler to document any additional details about his imprisonment that could be useful. As the session concludes, Walker starts planning her next steps, including securing Radek's cooperation and accessing his personnel file.

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Medical Assessments and New Beginnings

Dr. Toz conducts medical assessments for new crew members, including Second Lieutenant Jacen Xaivis and other varied cases, highlighting the ship's arrival at New Bajor.
Dr. Toz is busy with medical assessments following the chaotic arrival of the USS Octavia E. Butler at New Bajor. Second Lieutenant Jacen Xaivis undergoes his service clearance medical, reflecting on his background and the ship's mission. Dressed in his duty uniform, Jacen meets Dr. Toz, the Human/Klingon hybrid CMO. They discuss his background, his role as a Combat Rescue Officer, and his medical history. Dr. Toz finds him in good health, his remaining implants functioning correctly, and discusses his regeneration alcove. She recommends regular checkups to monitor his health. Other patients include a Klingon with an allergy and a Bolian for exhaustion.

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Kessler's Medical Checkup and Concerns

Dr. Toz examines Lieutenant Jack Kessler, addressing his concerns about potential health risks and hidden agendas.
Dr. Toz conducts a medical examination of Lieutenant Jack Kessler, noting his surprisingly good physical condition despite his recent imprisonment. Kessler expresses concerns about the Zet's thorough healthcare, questioning if there might be any hidden issues. Dr. Toz reassures him, finding nothing abnormal. Kessler, acknowledging his paranoia, is relieved by the clean bill of health and thanks Dr. Toz before leaving Sickbay with a smile.

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Sickbay Interactions

Dr. Toz muses Kessler helping in Sickbay.
Dr. Toz proposes the idea of Lieutenant Kessler, a security officer with medical training, transferring to sickbay as a nurse or nurse's aid to Miash. Miash expresses her willingness to train Kessler and sees this as an opportunity to enhance her skills for her future role as a doctor. However, the final decision depends on personnel approval and Kessler's agreement. Meanwhile, Miash also deals with Ensign Thompson's recurring headaches by providing a general analgesic and a mild sedative, which leads Dr. Toz to remind her of the importance of setting an appointment for further investigation.

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A Brush with Telepathy and a Taste of Orzata

Josh Herrick and Karen Stendhal engage in a conversation about telepathy, the crew’s morale, and drinks in the Writer's Room.
Lieutenant JG Josh Herrick and Lieutenant JG Karen Stendhal find themselves in the Writer’s Room on Deck 8 of the USS Octavia E. Butler. They engage in a candid conversation, with Herrick sharing his reflections on recent missions and Stendhal mentioning her telepathic abilities. Herrick, cautious about telepathy, tries to maintain control over his thoughts, while Stendhal reassures him of her intentions. They discuss the various zones within the Writer’s Room, including spots frequented by introverts and senior officers.

As their conversation continues, Herrick remarks on the commodore's successful transition and acknowledges Stendhal's role in maintaining crew morale. A waiter arrives, and both order drinks, with Stendhal choosing Orzata, a nostalgic non-alcoholic beverage from her childhood. Herrick decides to try it as well. The drinks prompt a discussion about past experiences and the nature of life in Starfleet, with Herrick reflecting on the phrase "Ad Astra Per Aspera."

The exchange delves into personal reflections, and Herrick finds himself occasionally struggling with the awkwardness of having his thoughts read. He tries to keep his mind clear of negative thoughts, with Stendhal humorously acknowledging the challenge. As Herrick attempts to steer the conversation back to safer topics, a flash of Caden Voss in the turbolift crosses his mind, highlighting his ongoing efforts to manage his inner world amidst the complexities of telepathic interactions. As she prods further on who Caden was, Josh mentions that the man had saved his life. With the uncomfortable tension around not being able to control the thoughts being read, he politely excuses himself to return to duty. This doesn't seem to be an uncommon occurrence for the counselor as she reflects on the vacant seat across from her and her empty glass.

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Date in the Garden

Eli Kovacs and Lhandon Nilsen share a series of moments in the Botanical Arboretum, deepening their relationship through conversations and shared experiences.
During their first 'official date' at the arboretum, they set up a picnic under a large weeping willow. Lhandon, more confident in his skin than Eli, reassures him during an awkward run-in with a fellow operations team member. Despite the awkward moments, they find comfort in each other's company and discuss the importance of savoring their current relationship without worrying too much about the future. Eli helps Lhandon start discovering how to take it slow, while Lhandon shows off how to wear your heart on a sleeve. Lhandon also gives Eli a birthday surprise, gifting a teddy bear and stirring up emotional memories for Eli.

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Wannabe Nurse

Nurse Aid Martha Wing experiences a rare moment alone in Sickbay, indulging in her ambitions to become a real nurse.
In Sickbay on the USS Octavia E Butler, Nurse Aid Martha Wing finds herself alone for the first time since boarding the ship. Relishing the moment, she imagines herself as a fully qualified nurse, confidently diagnosing and treating patients without supervision. Her daydreams include using the medical equipment independently and envisioning herself advancing to head nurse after Nurse Miash’s transfer. However, her solitude and fantasies are abruptly interrupted when a real nurse enters the room, causing Martha to retreat into her duties, performing inventory with renewed determination.

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Kessler's Counseling Session

Jack Kessler has an in-depth counseling session with Lt. Jg Karen Stendhal, addressing his feelings and decisions made around the mission.
Lieutenant Jack Kessler meets with Counselor Karen Stendhal in her suite on Deck 5. The session begins with Kessler expressing no regrets about his mission to rescue his parents, although he acknowledges the need to improve his approach towards those close to him. Stendhal listens attentively, offering tea and biscuits as she observes Kessler's demeanor and responses.

Kessler opens up about the emotional turmoil he faced during the mission, admitting he could have handled interactions with Nesre and Krystal better. Despite his self-criticism, he stands by his decision to undertake the mission, emphasizing the importance of duty and the lives at stake.

Stendhal supports his reflections, stressing the importance of learning from past experiences and moving forward. She reassures Kessler that his actions can be seen as part of personal growth and development. The session ends on a positive note with mutual respect and understanding. Stendhal offers her continued support, reminding Kessler of the importance of self-care and the value of their discussions. Kessler leaves with perspective on his actions and passing his psychological assessment.

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Encounters in the Arboretum

Milly Maxwell interacts with Commander Etan Iljor in the Botanical Arboretum, sharing personal stories and exploring hidden spots.
In the Botanical Arboretum on Deck 9 of the USS Octavia E. Butler, Milly Maxwell encounters Commander Etan Iljor. Etan, seeking peace among the trees, is startled by Milly's sudden appearance. They recognize each other from a previous interaction involving her father, Lieutenant Maxwell. Milly, curious and forthright, questions Etan about his presence and shares her own love for the peacefulness of the arboretum.

Their conversation turns to personal topics, with Milly asking Etan about his family after showing him a cherished picture of her grandparents. Etan reciprocates, sharing his own stories. Milly reveals a secret hiding spot where she recently planted a Terrucidian Orchid and placed a photo of her grandfather.

Their interaction is interrupted by a Priority One subspace transmission for Etan. He bids farewell to Milly, who playfully acknowledges her role in looking after her father and hints at some upcoming mischief involving milkshakes and a recreational app called StarFlirt.

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Budding Friendship

O'Reilly and Nilsen reconcile their past differences and establish a new friendship.
In the Marine Barracks on Deck 12 of the USS Octavia E Butler, Private First Class Thomas "Teddy" O'Reilly, who recently received a promotion, prepares his new quarters. He is soon visited by Lieutenant JG Lhandon Nilsen who thanks O'Reilly for rescuing him on Cheyd'lang and expresses a desire to end the animosity between their families.

The two men reflect on their generational conflict and agree to bury the hatchet, shaking hands as a sign of their new understanding. They discuss their respective family challenges and agree to work on convincing their families of this new peace and the encounter ends with a friendly invitation to share a drink.

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