Shore Leave: Fallout over Earth (USS Oumuamua)

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As the crew returned from an adventure in the past, the crew dealt with fallout and follow-ups while the ship received crucial updates at Earth Spacedock.

Formal Introductions

(Anton Richards, Ossa V’Airu, Josh Herrick, with Lina Dahlquist and Tyber)

Anton Richards, a re-enlisting security officer, met with Commodore V’Airu in her ready room. Josh Herrick meets with her in the Arboretum and gets oriented to the ship. Tyber meets new roommate Lina (recently joined science officer). Lina declines a visit to Starfleet Academy campus and instead has a confrontation with her father.

Haunted Campus

(Rox, Toxin Arlill, and Tyber)

Toxin, Tyber, and Rox check out rumors of a haunting on campus. Rox begins using the nickname ‘Tox’ so Arlill will match her. No one calls Tyber Charles. They find a mysterious smoky science lab, some see visions, but Tyber slaps them out of it. They call it in and then go out for drinks.

First Day on the Job (Engineering)

(Josh Herrick, Kammus Corelli, Sasha Johnson, Michele Winters, and Rox and a Ferengi Nurse)

Josh Herrick eagerly investigates some engineering issue in the Jefferies tubes, but an explosion burns him badly. Sickbay is able to save him. Sasha checks on Kammus and, after finishing repairs, they check on Josh. He will live. Winters also fixes Kammu’s arm, over jokes.

First Day Back on the Job (Security)

(Anton Richards and Wes Greaves)

Anton Richards tests the force field of a security cell (from the inside) and reunites with Wes, who knew him on the Thor. They decide to see their old ship which is local, being repaired, and it has some way to go until it’s all better. They drink to their old home and its memories.

Formal Introductions

(Ossa V’Airu, Rox, Etan Iljorr, Katsim Peri, Jack Kessler, Quinta)

Meanwhile, Commodore V’Airu continues to conduct end-of-mission bissiness in her ready room. She meets with some senior officers to decide what to do with Rox, after the Intrepid Incident. They tentatively decide to allow her to remain on board, but concerns persist. Later on, the Q known as Quinta appears and she and V’Airu come to an arrangement with Rox–Rox will have her powers “locked down” and only usable under the Q’s supervision. And don’t call her, she’ll show up when she deigns it appropriate.

Gelf Follow-ups

(Lia Rouiancet, Avander Promontory, Zarah Johnson, and Parappa Flhevenblook with Schtroumpf)

Commodore Rouiancet, Lt Promontory and Cadet-to-be Johnson visit historical archives in Alexandria to find out what happened to Gelf after their cross-time caper. They find evidence that Rox helped start a religion and that Gelf was now part of the Federation. They visit their embassy in Sydney where they meet former Grand Papasta Parappa Flhevenblook who was an eyewitness and participant 135 years ago. She still fondly remembers Tyber. The ‘Oumuamua staff retreat, mindful of their upcoming interviews with DTI. Flhevenblook, meanwhile, lets Schtroumpf know about the visitors and he reaches out to V’Airu, who he has been searching for over the last 135 years.

JOPA The Next Generation

(Jack Kessler, Avander Promontory, Rox, Simon Vomek, Zarah Johnson, Tyber, Lina Dalquist)

The JOPA chapter holds a meeting, welcomes new potential recruits, reminds pledges about their need to conduct pranks, and ‘graduates’ Jack by dumping him in a koi pond. Then they eat really weird flavors of ice cream.

Directional Control & Out of My Head

(Jack Kessler, V’Len Kel, Simon Vomek, Nurse Salo)

Kel gets wasted, mourns Millie (who died in a temporal incident), and visits with Jack. Later, he thanks Nerse for her help in preventing him from doing even worse in violating the Temporal Prime Directive. Meanwhile Simon starts getting piloting lessons from Kel (by threatening the disclosure of some of Kel’s actions in the past).

Department of Temporal Investigation Interviews: Intrepid Incident

(Special Agent T’reth, Lt. Cmdr. B’son 299, Katsim Peri, Avander Promontory, Tyber, Jack Kessler, V’Len Kel, Ossa V’Airu, Rox)

DTI agents come aboard and begin interviewing staff. Staff, generally, do not appreciate the second-guessing of their actions, but comply with the investigation. Dr Kel and Rox are taken for further questioning, despite Commodore V’Airu’s objections. The investigation is then closed and (mostly) declassified.

Bagdad Museum

(Kammus Corelli and Sasha Johnson)

Some engineers look at old stuff and talk about planetary history.

Bridge Officer Exam

(Etan Iljor, Jack Kessler, Lia Rouiancet, Avander Promontory)

With the help of friends, Etan passes his command exam (an incident in the holodeck involving pirates and territorial disputes.


(Etan Iljor and Toxin Arlill)

Iljor and Toxin work on an engineering project, then go for drinks.

Murder in Scotland

(Jack Kessler, Anton Richards, Avander Promontory, and various castle staff)

Attempting to kick it at a Scottish Castle, the officers are thrown into danger as the owner of the estate is murdered. It looks like Avander might not get those horse lessons from Moria after all 🙁.

Golden Gate Awards and Reception

(Ossa V’Airu, Etan Iljor, Wes Greaves, Katsim Peri, Avander Promontory, Tyber, Jack Kessler, Toxin Arlill, Kammus Corelli, Josh Herrick, Sasha Johnson, Nesre Salo)

Etan is officially promoted and replaces Greaves as First Officer. Avander is promoted to full lieutenant. Various officers get awards and recognition and a good time was had by all.

Haunted Dreams

(Josh Herrick, Tyber and a Voice)

Tyber can’t seem to wake up from a series of dreams and some voice calling him “Charlie”. After having his own trouble sleeping, Josh notices the alarm and comes in to help wake up Chuck.

Not Forever

(Katsim Peri and Wes Greaves)

Peri and Wes say their goodbyes and promise to stay in touch. Also, Echo says ‘bye’ too.

First Day on the Job (Command)

(Etan Iljor, Josh Herrick, Anton Richards)

Etan starts his first day as first officer on the bridge and deals with an HR investigation over Josh getting burned in the workplace.