Shore Leave: Esh-O System (USS Oumuamua)

Mission Log

Commanding officer's log, stardate 240009.05, USS 'Oumuamua, Ossa V'Airu commanding.

Commodore V'Airu

"Our mission to the planetary system belonging to the Esh-o has resolved, though I am sure no one could have foreseen the ways in which it would do so. The nebular phenomenon, which caused such trouble for the Esh-o and our initial attempts to explore it and understand its nature, has vanished, as has the source of that phenomenon -- a starship called Nautilus, though not the Federation starship that bears the same name. In fact, the Nautilus-A, Commander Shirakawa commanding, also played a role in these events, though as best I can tell, this was relatively coincidental -- and if it wasn't, then there is more to the Nautilus-A's orders than I have been made privy to.

In any event, the Esh-o system has returned more or less to normal, though I am sure it will take much longer for business-as-usual to resume. Although there were a few injuries in the line of duty, including and most grievously Ensign Tyber, I have been assured by Lieutenant Kel and his staff that there is no lasting damage to personnel. All away team officers and crew have been recovered, including those who left the ship without orders -- the latter of whom shall be disciplined in due course, once I discuss with Lieutenants Corelli and Maxwell, their department heads, what ought to be done. All in all, the results are mostly positive, though I remain wary as to the presence of the Zet in this system. All traces of Zet materiel and presence, even on the Esh-o colony visited by Lieutenant Corelli's team, vanished quickly after the disappearance of the phenomenon, so I can only conclude that they retreated as soon as they knew they had lost their cover.

'Oumuamua is no longer playing host to any Esh-o, willing visitors or not. However, we have been made welcome on their home world, and at any colony, station, trading post, picket, and other holding through this system, in recognition of our work. As such, I have ordered shore leave for all personnel. Commander Shirakawa and Nautilus-A will also be remaining on-station, ostensibly for a similar reason. I look forward to further discussions with my counterpart to discern the truth of that claim.

Although I have released all personnel from duty and encouraged department heads to grant immediate leave, I have also requested a minor debrief from a few key personnel. Before I submit my final report to Admiral Egan Manno and Command, I want to tie up a few loose ends.

End log."


Max's Past (Arturo Maxwell)
De'Anaar Memorial Hospital on Delroth Vid

In the Governor H. De'Anaar Memorial Hospital on Delroth VI, Nurse Florent Dovelinaar, is assigned to Patient #837575 on stardate 239905.07, two weeks after the attack on the USS Meili. The officers origin and identity are a mystery. As she tends to his injuries and equipment, the patient suddenly asks for water, revealing he's conscious.

JP Engineer This

(Lt. Promotory, Lt. Kammus, Engineering, USS Oumuamua)

Avander seeks out Kammus and get the idea to enter the Denali Invitational.

JP Medical Emergency

(V’Len, Elarym, Tyber, Toxin, Sickbay Bay, USS Oumuamua)

Medical staff race to save Tyber and Toxin's life.

Is he ok?

(V'Len, Rox, Tyber, Toxin, Lhandon, Sickbay USS Oumuamua)

Lhandon visits his roommate in sickbay.

Mission Debrief

(Ossa, Iljor, Avander, Kammus)

What was all of that???? People want answers.

JP: Intelligent Assets

( Lt Promontory & Nanjjii)

Avander and Iljor "welcome" and vet Nanjjii who was picked up at the anchorage

JP: 'Welcoming' More Assets

( Lt Promontory & Comm Etan & Lt Comm Hartmann)

Avander and Iljor also "welcome" and vet the newly returned Hartmann

JP The New Patient

(Lt. V'Len Kel , Ensign Lhandon Nilsen and Lt. Nesre Salo)

A new ensign, Lhandon Nilsen is asked to attend a medical evaluation and has wonderful timing as he enters just as Dr Kel is about to admit something to Counsellor Salo. Nilsen nearly has a mental breakdown as he is both reminded of a traumatic event in his past and comes to the realisation that he doesn't have any friends aside from his roommate, making him a terribly sad person.

Ghosts in the machine

(Lhandon, Lina, Science Lab, USS Oumuamua)

Lhandon is convinced there is something there, Lina finds proof it's not ghosts, Lhandon falls asleep.

JOPA: Some say goodbye, and some say hello

(LT. Arlill, Ensign Nilsen, Lt. Maxwell, Ensign Herrick. Lt. Promotory, Lt. Johnson, Zarah, Lt. Nijal, Ensign Vomek, Rox, Lt. Cabrillo)

The next JOPA meeting is called. They all going bowling, clap for Avander and pranks are planned

JP: Foxy Lady: greased lightning

(V'Len, Toxin, Vomek, Nilsen)

V'Len and ensigns get some ideas

Other new patient + medic

(V'Len, Miash, Sh’shelor)

An Andorian and Ferangi walk into sickbay...

Bad Therapy

(Brzezinski, Lina)

Is all this therapy helpful

Adventure awaits

(Ossa, Lhandon, Toxin)

Roommates get up to no good, Ossa gives them very plausible deniability

Looking for Ihsehelm

(Iljor, Lhandon)

Iljor helps Lhandon find his place.