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USS Athena
NCC-97780Odyssey class
Capt. Selene Faranfey
USS Gorkon
NCC-82293Sovereign class
Flt. Capt. Quinn Reynolds
Embassy of Duronis II
USS Thor
Vesta class

Rear Adm. Toni Turner
Galaxy refit-scale.png
USS Constitution-B
NCC-9012-BGalaxy class
Capt. Jalana Rajel
Constitution Logo1.png
StarBase 118 Ops
USS Columbia
Nebula class

Capt. Sal Taybrim
USS Veritas
NCC-95035Veritas class
Capt. Roshanara Rahman
Andaris Task Force
USS Darwin-A
Horizon class

Flt. Capt. Renos
Andaris Task Force.png
Andaris Task Force
USS Atlantis
Intrepid class

Cmdr. Emery Rhyn
Andaris Task Force.png
Andaris Task Force
USS Blackwell
Olympic class

Andaris Task Force.png
Andaris Task Force
USS El Corazón
Defiant class

Cmdr. Edward Burzynsk
Andaris Task Force.png
USS Centris-A
NCC-72912Nova class
Academy Training Vessel
Ship illustrations by Tim Davies. Used with permission.

Fleet Launch History

Status Listing

Acronym Meaning Explanation
IL Starship Launching The first time the ship has been used in the fleet (will also include CO)
SA Starship Active The ship is in active service.
SR Starship Re-Launch Previously inactive vessel is launched again.
SV Starship Support Vessel The ship ceases to become an independent ship but becomes a support vessel to a base
SD Starship Decommissioned The ship is scrapped.
SX Starship Destroyed The ship has been destroyed.
SL Starship Lost The ship has been lost.
SI Starship Inactive Ship ceases to be an independent vessel, but it does not become a support vessel.
SN Starship NPC The vessel is now an NPC status vessel.
TV Training Vessel Ship becomes a training vessel.
RN Starship Renamed The vessel has been renamed.
FJ Fleet Joined The ship joined the fleet (i.e from a different PBeM group)
FL Fleet Left The ship is no longer in the fleet (i.e not in Starbase 118)
CC Command Change A new commanding officer is assigned to the vessel/base/colony
LE Location Established New installation is set up such as an embassy or colony.
LA Location Active Installation is active.
LR Location Relaunch Installation has been relaunched.
LC Location Closed Installation is shut down (such as an embassy or colony).
LD Location Decommissioned The installation is shut down in such a way to prevent reopening.

Relaunch information

  • The following status tags are considered active: (IL), (SR), (SV), (LE), (CC), (SA), (LA), (LR)
  • The following status tags are valid for relaunch: (SI), (SL), (LC)
  • The following status tags are NOT valid for relaunch: (SD), (SX), (TV), (LD), (SN), (RN), (FL)

Color Coding

  • Any active ship will be colored: #ddcef2
  • Any training ship will be colored: #ffcc99
  • Any inactive/NPC/relaunched ship will be colored: #66ccff
  • Any lost or destroyed ship will be colored: #ffbbbb
  • Note: Vessels that have always been NPC or support vessels are not included in this list.

Fleet Launch History

All Starships and Bases (2371-Present)

Complete Ship Listing

Be sure to add the correct boilerplate to the end of each entry!

  • {{118Fleet}} for active vessels
  • {{118Inactive}} for inactive vessels
  • {{118LoD}} for vessels that have been lost or decommissioned.
  • {{NPC ship}} (AT THE TOP) for vessels which feature prominently in plot but are not staffed by Player Characters.

Navigation menu templates should use the fleets colour coding scheme which will match the nav menu colour to that of the boiler plate.

The nav panel graphics for each ship are found in the Nav panel pics category, while the icons for each vessel class, for your header motto, are in the Category:Small ship icons category.

When listing ships, you can use the template Template:USS to automatically format the names in italics for you.

Current Ships

Inactive Ships and Bases

Lost or Decommissioned PC Ships

NPC Ships

See a full listing of NPC ships here.



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