Shi'lar was an Argelian female rescued by the USS Thunder-A as a slave from the Zone. While her complete background was not known to the Embassy staff and crew, her presence on Duronis II drew attention from multiple factions, including the Orion Syndicate, the Zalkonians, the Romulan Star Empire and the Romulan Republic.

Embassy Medical Center
Kaumari post-rescue.jpg
Position Patient
Rank Civilian
Species Argelian
Gender Female
Birthplace Unknown

Patient Record #SDE1-239304.09


Suffering from paranoia and speaking only Romulan, the unidentified female was called Kaumari by then Counselor Paul Scudder. After a more thorough examination, she was then identified as an Argelian. Kaumari was Scudder's psych patient aboard the USS Thunder-A from stardate 239303.22[1] to 239305.01, when Counselor Scudder was transferred to the USS Darwin-A and ordered by Starfleet Medical not to discuss the case.[2]

While her identity was left unknown for several weeks, Shi'lar was later identified by Lt. JG Savan, after he investigated the presence of any Argelian woman traveling in sectors near Duronis II. It was also learned that Shi'lar was a representative of the Argelian Ministry of Foreign Affairs serving on a trade mission that took her through sectors that fell under both the Orion and Romulan spheres of influence.

Shi'lar's presence on Duronis II aroused interest from multiple factions, including the Orions, the Zalkonians, and the Romulans. The exact reason behind her importance remained unknown to the Embassy. The Argelian government restricted most information on her and eventually directed the matter to Starfleet Command.

While Shi'lar's memory has slowly started to return, she still does not remember why she is so important.

Name Origin

Kaumari is a placeholder name given to the patient by Paul Scudder on stardate 239304.09.[3] In ancient Hindu mythology from Earth's Indian subcontinent, Kaumari (Sanskrit: कौमारी) is one of seven female gods of the Saptamatrika. Kaumari is described as:

"From the lion of Maheswari sprung Kaumari, the female energy of Lord Kartik. She shone with red skin, six faces, and twelve arms atop a great blue peacock and armed with her Lord's lance."

Patient History

239303.16 Rescued from captivity by the USS Thunder-A and triaged to Sickbay for a broken femur.

239303.22 Escaped Sickbay with Nurse Moscoe as a hostage. Ens. Savan subdued her without force, as she was speaking Romulan with which the ensign was familiar.

293004.09 Named "Kaumari" by Counselor Scudder.

293004.17 Transferred to the Embassy Medical Center on Duronis II.

293005.01 Released from care of Counselor Scudder by Starfleet Medical.

239307.05 Lt. JG Savan receives a priority communique from the Argelian Ministry of Security, which states that Security Minister Varaal, an Argelian employed by the government of Argelius II, is en route to Duronis II aboard the USS Ashoka to repatriate the patient. The communique also states a surprising number of security protocols to be taken, suggesting a possible attack by hostile forces to take Shi'lar.

239307.11 During a briefing with Admiral Turner aboard the USS Thunder-A, Lt. JG Savan reveals, though the results of his background search, that Kaumari is most likely an Argelian woman named Shi'lar, who was a representative of the Argelian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

239308.11 Following the attack on the Embassy by the Zalkonians, Shi'lar heads underground with Doctors Hendon and T'Leira. Shi'lar and the others had been saved from the Zalkonians by Lt. Randall Connors, who sacrificed himself to fight off the intruders.

Visual Record

Below images are from Lt. JG Savan's search for Argelian females who had traveled within a 50 light year radius of Duronis II, when Kaumari matched the profile of an Argelian named Shi'lar.

Shi'lar in a recording from a trade conference of Gallanis Prime.
Shi'lar at a private party on Mindara III.