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Doctor Fiona Shelley serves aboard the USS Tiger.

Doctor Fiona Shelley


  • Full Name: Fiona Elise Shelley
  • Race: Terran


  • Current Rank: Chief Petty Officer
  • Current Assignment: USS Tiger
  • Duty Post: Doctor


  • Date of Birth: 234511.08
  • Place of Birth: Tycho City, Luna
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: NIL


  • Height: 165.1 cm (5'5")
  • Weight: 56.25 kg (124 lbs.)
  • Hair Color: Strawberry blond
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder-length
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Build: Slender
  • Voice: Soft
  • Handedness: Right


  • Marital Status: Married
    • Spouse: Commander Richard Souray
  • Children: Anna Priscilla Souray (deceased)
  • Parents
    • Father: Dr. Norman Frederick Shelley
    • Mother: Elise Marie Shelley (née Lemaire, deceased)
  • Siblings: Regina Shelley-Kaye (younger sister), Jonathan Shelley (older brother)

Personal History

  • Fiona Shelley met her husband Richard Souray while both were working at Earth Spacedock. Shelley was a civilian member of the medical department and Souray was a Starfleet officer in the operations area of the station. The pair was married at Tycho City, Luna, on stardate 237410.19.
  • Shelley gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Anna Priscilla, on stardate 237512.11. Sadly, Anna drowned during a family vacation to Lake Armstrong, Luna, on stardate 237901.14, age 4 years.
  • With the death of her daughter, Dr. Shelley took an indefinite leave of absence from her position with Earth Spacedock the following day. In fact, the leave of absence was made permanent approximately eight months later.
  • Accepting a new job at the Starfleet Veterans Hospital, Shelley was on hand when survivors of the USS Ackerman were first brought to Earth.
  • Shelley was left to empty house in 2381 when her husband accepted a position aboard one of Starfleet’s deep-space exploration vessels.
  • Needing a change in her life and not wanting to come home to her empty house every night, Shelley spoke with Starfleet Command in 2385 and was offered a position within the fleet. She turned down an officer rank, but reluctantly accepted the rank of Chief Petty Officer.


  • BSc: University of Toronto, Earth (class of 2367)
  • MA: Academy of Science, Deneb V (class of 2369)
  • MD/PhD: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (class of 2373)

Professional History

  1. 237304.10: Graduates medical school magna cum laude.
  2. 237307.22: Accepts position with medical department aboard Earth Spacedock.
  3. 237901.15: Takes leave of absence from Earth Spacedock.
  4. 237909.20: Resigns from position aboard Earth Spacedock.
  5. 237910.01: Takes position of Assistant Director of Emergency Care with Starfleet Veterans Hospital.
  6. 238512.30: Resigns from Starfleet Veterans Hospital to take a position within Starfleet aboard USS Tiger.