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A page showing Sheila Bailey’s Music. Songs that she has either sung or that help give a deeper narrative on her life. These songs have either been used in a sim or have no sim to reference their use. I may or may not add those ones to a sim in the future.

Click here: Sheila Bailey's Music to listen to the playlist

Song Title Artist Reason
I am the Champion Carrie Underwood Theme song. Gives you an overall impression of Sheila's personality.
This Is Me The Greatest Showman Sheila's second theme song. Gives you an overall impression of Sheila's personality and how she is beginning to accept herself just how she is. She may need assistance at times but that doesn't mean that she is any less of a person or any less valuable. added 239806.12
Fly & The Climb Maddie & Tae & Alex G These two songs depict her struggles entering the academy and leaving Elaysia for the first time/Getting away from her Uncle.
Oh Mio Babbino Caro Opera: Gianni Schicchi Sang this song to calm down Roraemey Naf when they first met.
Burn with me Lea Michele Depicts her feelings about the transfer from the Astraeus to OPS. Right at the begging of her first mission on Ops 2396011-12.
Memories Maroon 5 Depicts her thoughts transitioning from the pain of the transfer to the pain of her days at the academy. Right at the begging of her first mission on Ops 2396011-12.
Mo Ghile Mear The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin Song is imagined to be in the Elaysian language. Sang this song when first on earth for shore leave. Right before she went to have sandwiches with Hael.
Centuries Fallout Boys Relates to how she feels about her Uncle. Her Uncle would say a line from the song as a saying. (as if it did not originate from this song).
Fight Song Rachel Platten Relates to the events surrounding her Uncle.
You’ve Got a Friend James Taylor Depicts her friendship with Groznin Smith; best friend from the academy.
Hello, Sorry and Thank U, Next Adel, Justin Bieber and Ariana Granda Depicts her friendship with Beelam Grog. Former three some between Beelam, Chen and Sheila during the academy. These songs also show how Sheila broke up with Chen and Beelam. (See Chen’s page for his theme songs for a depiction of Chen and Beelam Grog’s relationship).
Skinny Love Birdy Used to describe the way Sheila's Uncle loved her/how their relationship wasn't perfect.
Castle Walls (Solo Version) Christina Aguilera Used to describe the way Sheila felt living with her Uncle/how she feels now after having left behind his control.
Confident Demi Lovato Can one be confident when landing on top of an ex-Starfleet officer? Of course. This song repercents the chase Sheila took against the ex-Starfleet officer they were sent to find during her first away mission. 239702-03.
Running With The Wolves AURORA Klingons = Wolves? They sure can. When you're getting rid of a deadly gas and Klingons are involved, you quickly start running out of time. Away mission during 239705-06
O'Donnell's Lament Eileen Ivers This song starts off the conversation between Sheila and Sal during shore leave of 239706-07. Irish Laments project the mood and tone of sadness/somberness effectively.
Nobel Maiden Fair From the Pixar movie Brave This song both in the original Gaelic, used to represent the Elaysian language, and English, was sung to Bailey by her mother when she was a child. Sheila sings it when reflecting in the holodeck.
Christmas 1915 Tommy Fleming “With bayonet, bomb and bullet, gas and flame..” & “For one nights peace we bloodily did pay.” These lyrics expressed her feelings during the 239707-08-09 mission when having to deal with going on an away mission to rescue survivors from a small Borg collective.
I'd Give My Life For You From the Broadway Musical Miss Saigon. Represents Sheila's thoughts and feelings towards healing a semi assimilated man during the 239707-08-09 Borg mission.
Welcome Home From the Broadway Musical Bandstand Part of the lyrics to this song were used in a flash back to describe an eventful moment in the life of 13 year old Sheila. The flashback happened due to Sheila's brain fighting with the the version of herself from her first 13 years of life. During the 239707-08-09 Borg mission.
'A’ phiuthrag ’sa phiuthar’ (O sister, beloved sister) Julie Fowlis Sheila sang the fist verse of this song to Alora when she came by to give her a gift of an African Violet. The Song retells a traditional story about two sisters and their relationship being apart. Sheila chose to sang it to reflect her emotions as they related to her two sisters. 239710.
La Llorona Traditional Mexican song from the Pixar Movie Coco La Llorna was used as inspiration and even atmosphere for the crew masquerade party. 239710.
Rain Patty Griffin Used to set the mood of a emotionally dramatic scene during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival on Starbase 118. 239711.
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Celtic Woman Used to set the mood of a emotionally dramatic scene during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival on Starbase 118. 239711. When Sheila decided to kiss both Lukin and Talas. Here she was reminded of her past romantic experiences as well as the sweetness of her new ones.
Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers & Coldplay [cover] This song was used during Sheila's follow up appointment with JG Yael, 239802. It was used to aid in describing dissociation and how it effects Sheila.
Blow High, Blow Low Karliene 239803.22 During an arrest from the Klingon Embassy on Starbase 118. This song is used to draw parallels between Sheila's past experiences and those currently happening with the Klingon's less than ideal treatment.
Small World Idina Menzel 239804.05 While being captured by Klingons and imprisoned Sheila reflects on her emotions and physical pain. She even remembers back a little to her memories of her parents wedding when she was ten years old. This song demonstrates and references the weightless sensation Sheila experiences due to her frayed senses at the time.
Come Fly With Me James Darren 239805.17 This particular song is used in a dreamscape scene as Sheila has fainted and is remembering and reflecting on her parents wedding which took place when she was ten. This song in particular is said to be used as one of the songs her mother and father dance to during the ceremony.
All That is Gold Does Not Glitter & Roads Go Ever On Adele McAllister & Clamavi De Profundis 239805.24 Lyrics in these two songs belong to JRR Tolkien while the arrangements belong to their respect creators. These songs are used to give representation to a few poems/lines of writing that Sheila places on the back of a few portraits she had created while on shore leave on Virixis.
Gille Beag, O Rachel Walker for Feis Rois 239806.02 Sheila sings this simple lullaby, in Gaelic, used to represent Elaysian to Drevas Matthel while they are having tea together. She uses this song too began to teach Drevas Elaysian.
I Can Do Hard Things Jennifer Nettles 239806.11 This song is used during one of Sheila's medical examinations. It represents and fits with her growing radical acceptance. Sheila is willing to do what is necessary and hard no matter how much she might wish not to or how much it might scare and pain her. Sheila can do hard things.