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|Beelam Grog
|Beelam Grog
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|PICTURE=Beelam Grog.jpg
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|Groznin Smith
|Groznin Smith
|RELATIONSHIP=Strong Friendship

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Starbase 118 Ops / USS Narendra
Sheila Bailey.png
Sheila Bailey
Position Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Elaysian
Gender Female
DOB 237108.13
Age 25
Birthplace Elaysia II
Writer ID M239512BG0

Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey is serving as a medical officer aboard Starbase 118 Ops, commanded by Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim.


  • Height: 5 foot 8 inch
  • Weight: 120lb (In Federation gravity) 15lb (On Elaysia)
  • Hair: Waist length wavy blonde
  • Eyes: Blue grey
  • Build: Petite

Defining feature is the V shaped forehead ridge and no eyebrow hair. What is unique is that each Elaysian has a slightly different shape to their ridge. Some are more U shaped and some are more V shaped. The shape can also depend on which holo-image you look at, the lighting, face presentation and the age of the Elaysian in question.

In 239701.4 Sheila dressed in casual clothes for her first shore leave with the Ops crew .[1]

  • As for Bailey's casual clothing style she tends to wear either modern style dresses or a retro (1970's) looking t-shirt jeans and boots.


  • Overall:
    • Hard headed
    • Tough as nails
    • Confident
    • Funny
    • Flirty
  • Likes:
    • Card games
    • Tongo
    • Opera singing (rarely used)
  • Dislikes:
    • People thinking her incapable because of her “disability”
  • Fears:
    • Being sent back to her home planet
  • Hobbies:
    • Strength training?
  • Dreams:
    • Becoming CMO?
  • Flaws:
    • Is to hard headed to know when to stop


Full name: Sheila Jacqueline Bailey

  • Mother: Genevieve Bailey (Partial hearing loss)
  • Father: Raymond Bailey (Partial hearing loss)
  • Siblings: 2 sisters
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Family nickname: Her mother calls her Jack which is short for Jacqueline which is her middle name

Sheila Bailey grew up on the Elaysian home world of Elaysia II and always knew she would one day take the slightly risky step of leaving. Never once however did she ask for unnecessary help; she had to be able to do things for herself if she wanted to become a successful Starfleet Doctor. Even the shuttle accident her older sister Cathleen had as a young pilot didn't deter her from leaving the plant in order to pursue her dreams. During the academy she studied both medicine and engineering. Overall Sheila Bailey is a confident woman ready to defend the crew she works with. And despite the use of an exoskeleton and crutches she is more than capable of doing any task sent her way. Throw in a little humor and your in for a good time.

  • Sheila's Uncle (Marc Clarence Bailey) is know for causing trouble. He was sneaky and manipulative. Sheila hasn't gone into this part of her past (yet) but recent events in 239612 have caused her to think about the incident again. [2]

Theme Song: The Champion By Carrie Underwood

Sheila Bailey/Personal Effects

Medical/Species Facts

  • Members of the Elaysian species have reduced sweat producing hormones making them sweat less therefore overheat quicker than other species. [3]
  • Sheila's medical specialties include being a General Practitioner and being a Rheumatologist.

Facts about Elaysia II

  • Elaysia has 1/8 gravity compared to that on earth.
  • Elaysia is know for having a rainy season that effects the population. Typically the climate is similar to that of the earth country England, grey and cold. However during the rainy season Elaysia gets hot and humid causing an emergency situation where everyone is advised to stay inside. [4]

Hydrotherapy 2.jpeg Elaysian Forests.jpg Elaysian Mountains.jpg

  • Elaysia has dense jungles/rain forests, wooded areas and misty mountains

Notable Events

  • In 239604 during a mission Sheila Bailey came into contact with an unknown alien species that had found it's way onto the Montreal. The creature, that she later nicknamed Rosemary, ended up wrapping it's (her) tentacles around Bailey creating a bond.
    • During this mission Bailey had a few falls onto her left hip resulting in minor pain.[5]
  • In 239606 During the end of shoreleave Ensign Sheila Bailey was promoted to Lt. JG.

Photo Gallery

A Gallery of photo's of sheila and her personal items:


USS Astraeus

Beelam Grog.jpg

Beelam Grog

Sheila Baiyle has known Beelam Grog since the academy. It was their that they learned to help each other through their struggles. More importantly they were there for each other when they needed it most, bringing out the others best qualities. Sheila is able to calm Bee down better than most.


Roraemey Naf
Symbiotic Relationship

In 239604 during a mission Sheila Bailey came into contact with an unknown alien species that had found it's way onto the Montreal. The creature, that she later nicknamed Rosemary, ended up wrapping it's (her) tentacles around Bailey creating a bond. They formed a symbiotic relationship. Sheila has attempted feeding Rosemary bananas as a form of food. Sheila first gained Rosemary's trust by singing an earth opera song to her.


Groznin Smith
Best Friend

Sheila knew Groz while they were both at the Academy and were close friends. Sheila looks forward to having a close friend on board the ship. She can't wait to catch up on all the hilarious stories from their time at the academy.

Professional History

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239603.29
Starfleet Academy
Graduated from Starfleet Academy
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239606.27
USS Astraeus
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239606.27
USS Astraeus
The destruction of the Montreal
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239606.27
USS Astraeus
Wounded Animals

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239603.29 - 239606.11 USS Montreal
Medical Officer
Ensign 239606.11 - 239606.27 USS Astraeus
Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239606.27- 239611.18 Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239611.18 - Present Starbase118 Ops
link=Starbase118 Ops
Medical Officer

NPC Listing   ·   StarBase 118 Ops Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commanding Officer
Sal Taybrim
First Officer
Wallace JG.png
Security Officer
Wallace Williams
Security Officer
Rebecca Owens
Prudence Blackwell.png
Com/Ops Officer
Prudence Blackwell
Taelon AO2.jpg
Chief Sci. Officer/2O
German Galven
Ensign Kteer.jpg
Science Officer
Sheila Bailey.png
Medical Officer
Sheila Bailey
Medical Officer
Karen Stendhal
Lead Counselor
Dante Termine-portrait.jpg
Chief Diplo Officer
Dante Termine
Solaris McLaren new.jpg
Director of Intel
Solaris McLaren
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