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Shaxs Star
Shaxs Star.png
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Type: duty post award
Award Level: fleet

Most Recent Recipient
Toryn Raga.png
Toryn Raga (2022)

Awarded to dual posting Security/Tactical officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates. Not only do they show cunning and bravery in combat, these officers know how to safeguard lives without firing a phaser, using their knowledge and experience to prevent violence and stay true to Federation ideals. This award is only available to those fulfilling the dual role of Security/Tactical, and not the individual duty posts.


LtCdr Toryn Raga.png
Toryn Raga
Lt. Commander

Year Rank Name Writer ID Ship
2022 Lt. Commander Toryn Raga A239410TR0 Chintoka


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Shaxs Star.png
Helm Counseling Marines Intelligence Non-Traditional Security/Tactical
Prestigious Service Medallion
Prestigious Service Medallion.png

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