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This is information Wyn is unaware of IC

Wyn's biological mother is of Aenar heritage. His biological father is of high social standing on Andor, and had a tryst with his mother – not expecting her to become pregnant. When he found out she was, he manipulated her to re-locate to the Thar’Shan colony where no one could track his illegitimate child.

Being a superstitious and old-fashioned culture, the colonists on Than’Shar distanced themselves from the mother and child. They could see she was different from them and shunned her, fearing her potential powers. She was infected by radiation poisoning from the freighter accident, but the colonists saw this as their settlement being attacked by evil spirits. To appease the evil spirits, the village elders decided to leave the body of the mother and her young child out for the spirits to ‘carry away’ – aka leave them out in the raging snowstorm as the nomadic villagers fled to save themselves from a sickness they did not understand. By the time Starfleet officers found the encampment the only living soul left was the half-frozen child.

Due to the similarities in Aenar and Andorian physiology, his Aenar heritage was overlooked for much of his youth. Doctor Foster did discover the genetic anomalies during Wyn’s adolescence, but he decided not to tell the child about them in the interest of ‘protecting him’ (he figured admitting to a pre-teen than no, it wasn’t just a bad nightmare, yes a whole village decided to try to kill you by dumping you out in a snowstorm because of racist superstitions wasn’t a conversation he wanted to broach.)

Doctor Foster also knows Wyn may have latent telepathic ability. However, he deeply researched cases of Aenar-hybrid telepathy development once he learned of Wyn’s genetics – and found that a hybrid’s telepathy usually develops between the ages of 8-12; and no cases were recorded of telepathy developing past the age of 15 without some extreme external stimulus. As Wyn aged, Doctor Foster became confident that he would never develop telepathy.