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USS Endurance
Tasnim Shandres
Position Components Engineering Technician
Rank Crewman Second Class
Species Kriosian/Betazoid
Gender Female
DOB 237711.19
Age 23
Birthplace Alternate Universe

Crewman Tasnim "Taz" Shandres is the 23-year-old Kriosian/Betazoid daughter of Ki and Roshanara Shandres in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War. After becoming stranded in the prime universe in 2392 by herself, she lived briefly with the prime-Roshanara Rahman aboard the USS Invicta before moving to Esperance with her father's prime counterpart. She later enlisted in Starfleet in 2394 and served aboard the USS Veritas before being assigned to the USS Endurance in 2398.

Early Life

15-year-old Tasnim "Taz" Shandres, 2392

Born in 2377, Taz only knows of her mother's home through stories. Her father also disappeared when she was young, presumably killed fighting the Dominion on Betazed.

As a refugee picked up by the USS Ronin-A, Taz has since shown an interest in engineering, following Chief Engineer Evan Delano around as an "engineer's assistant," much to her mother's disapproval.

In 2392, the Ronin encountered the USS Invicta from the prime universe. Her mother secured refuge aboard the Invicta with her prime counterpart Roshanara Rahman, the ship's first officer, so that both of them could escape to the prime universe. However, when the Invicta returned through the quantum fissure back to the prime universe, any "alternate" iterations of people who were aboard vanished, presumably returning back to their universe, which left Taz alone on the Invicta.

She lived with Rahman on the Invicta before moving with her father's prime counterpart Ki Shandres, who was posted to the Starfleet Anex on Esperance near the Shoals.

Starfleet Career

Though her mother had wanted Taz to stay away from Starfleet, Taz always kept her interest in starships and the service. Seeing the Veritas crew's actions in the aftermath of Jilor's attack on Antor II in 2394 cemented her decision to enlist in Starfleet later that year. She was subsequently posted to the USS Veritas in 2395 as an engineering trainee.

In 2396, she was promoted to Crewman Third Class and continued to serve as the Engineering Department's administrative assistant. In 2397, she was reassigned as a components engineering technician.

After Veritas was inactivated to undergo an extensive refit in 2398, she was assigned to the USS Endurance.

FedNet popularity

Since before joining Starfleet, Taz has enjoyed making silly videos for FedNet, a hobby she began as a teenager aboard the USS Invicta. Posting prank videos she had made that featured her boss chief engineer Geoffrey Teller aboard the USS Veritas gradually increased her viewership.

In 2399, Taz made a series of short videos by Taz called "We are Starfleet" that paired the organization's famous recruitment slogan with contrasting clips of crewmen aboard the USS Endurance in humorous and often mundane work situations. The series subsequently went viral. While Starfleet Command found it mostly harmless and perhaps even useful to boost the organization's struggling recruitment numbers, her department head aboard the Endurance ordered her to refrain from filming any more videos without clearance from him and the Endurance command staff.


  • Geoffrey Teller, the chief engineer of the USS Veritas and her "buddy" (per the "buddy system"). While Taz respects Teller deeply, that doesn't stop her from enjoying a prank at his expense for the views on the FedNet social channels--much to her "aunt" Captain Rahman's disapproval
  • Tristam Core, Captain Rahman's partner. Taz appreciates that Tristam doesn't treat her like a young child. Through working with him and learning more about engineering, she developed a passion for components engineering.


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