Shan, Bruce Lee

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Bruce is the only child of Shan, Christopher Peter


• Full Name: Bruce Lee Shan

• Race: Terran

• Date of Birth: 2nd July

• Place of Birth: America

• Age: 6

• Gender: Male

• Telepathic status: Too young to tell


• Height: 3’5

• Weight: 46.2 lbs

• Hair Color: Honey Blonde

• Eye Color: Sky Blue


• Father: Chris Shan

• Mother: Charlie Shan

• Uncle: Uncle Darren

• Siblings: None, although mother is currently 8 months pregnant.

• Other Family: Kyle(8) Alex(7)

Martial Arts

• Karate: 2nd Dan Black belt

• Judo: Black belt, Junoir Champ

• Kickboxing: Junior Champion

• Boxing: 55 fights 55 wins

• Wrestling: 33 fights 30 wins 3 loses

• Fencing: Junoir Champ, 25 bouts 20 wins 2 loses 3 draws

Personal History

Bruce is a very bright 6 year old but somtimes can be a little hard headed. Bruce is naturally gifted in martial arts and is already regarded one of the best in Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling and fencing of course all of these are junior league. He loves to fight and has many friends but hates writing. Many say he's Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris's kid brother when they face him.