Shadows in the Temple (Gorkon)

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2400, Episode 23
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
2394 Old Hatreds · The Silver Function · The Devil's Expanse · Telutho'kai
2395 Hvei'khenn · Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil · Together in Electric Dreams
2397 Serpent Heart, Flowering Face · Welcome to Dinosauria · Operation Q-Ball
2398 What Do Boys Dream · The Pelian Brief
2399 Shadows of the Rift · Rogue World
2400 Fight the Power · Shadows in the Temple
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Shadows in the Temple

  • Stardate 240009.01 to Present

The USS Gorkon embarks on a perilous mission to investigate a mysterious wormhole that has become the center of a cult's worship. A tourist shuttle has gone missing, and the cult, known as the Eye of Infinity, claims the wormhole for religious purposes. What secrets lie on the other side of the wormhole, and what is the true nature of the technology found in the crash relics?


Uncharted Gamma Quadrant Planet

  • Tourist shuttlecraft "Prophet's Path" has gone missing on the other side of the wormhole.
  • There is a cult known as the Eye of Infinity that has taken root on a nearby planet.
  • On the same planet, there are crashed vessels that are being treated as ancient relics by the cult.
  • There are reports from other comers and goers that the wormhole is showing signs of instability.

Notable Characters

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Mission Summary

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Act One: Shadows in the Temple

The Gorkon has divided into four away teams with unique goals and objectives. Flying through the wormhole in the Kahnrah, the Kerla and two other long-range shuttles, they intend to investigate the cult known as the Eye of Infinity and its potential connection to the missing tourist vessel, the Prophet's Path.





Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

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REV SD 240009.25