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Par'tha Fringe
Notable Fringers
Dorlan Oni Tarn
The Assembly Shadizaar
Shadowports and Bases
Port Liiria Tansad Beach
Ore Spice
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"Shadizaar". Simply mentioning the name brings a feeling of dread to most sentient beings. Those beings who have never heard the name before are either exceedingly lucking, blissfully ignorant, or maybe a little of both.

The disappearance of the Chon Empire, the coming of the Empire's, and the introduction and eventual disappearance of the Romulans marked key moments in the recent history of the Par'tha Expanse. Underneath these events, though, lurking in the shadows, is Shadizaar, a vast criminal organization possessed of incredible power and influence.

The syndicate's tentacles reach everywhere - from the polished spires of Oscion and Valcaria to the seamiest Freeworlds tavern. Many of the organization's tens of thousands of operatives have no idea that they are benefiting Shadizaar, so layered and intricate are the fronts that the organization hides behind. Shadizaar has involvement in every known type of illegal activity, and its information network rivals the accuracy and scope of even Imperial Intelligence.

Existing in one form or another for centuries, the modern era of Shadizaar was sculpted by D'Taeon Maliin, the dictatorial Balivari head of Balivari Industries. Serving beneath him are a cadre of six "Gaffi" (an old Balivari word for "brother's son") who monitor and manage activities in specific territories. But above the Gaffi is Mr. Trel, Maliin's fanatically loyal "right hand".

Shadizaar is headquartered on Illara Prime and its influence stretches the breadth of the Expanse and Valcarian space, possibly further. Before Maliin, Shadizaar was headed by Auren Taane, who was killed by Mr. Trel on Maliin's orders. Since then, Maliin has become so wealthy that it is rumored only Emperor Altharra is more powerful than him. Any fringe elements that exist in the Expanse outside of Shadizaar control are soon approached by an "agent". The agent is either successful in his negotiations to have Shadizaar cut in for a piece of the profit, or that fringe element mysteriously doesn't exist for very long.

Fortunately for Maliin, he is meticulous enough in his details that there has never been an actual link between himself and any of Shadizaar's ventures. A scant few have heard rumors that Maliin runs Shadizaar, but when those rumors reach any member of society, they simply laugh and point to the Balivari's impeccable social persona and philanthropy. D'Taeon Maliin is a being above suspicion to anyone who matters.