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Seventh House of Betazed

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The Seventh House of Betazed is one of the thirteen ancient noble houses on Betazed. To be a member of such a social class in Betazoid culture is to be considered descendants of the Goddess, Karawati, herself and a part of influential ancestry. The Seventh House is known as the House of Courage, and many of its members have historically been involved in the The Peace Keepers. Several members of the family joined Starfleet after the Dominion was driven off Betazed during the Dominion War.

About The Seventh House

The House of Courage is known for a strong tradition of martial arts such as Tassa'Akai, ties to various enterprises in the jungles of Betazed, and a particular interest in music as a form of self-expression. Currently, it is a rather small house, having suffered numerous losses due to the Dominion. It also has ties to the Igre Family.


In 2300, The Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth and Twelfth Houses of Betazed join together to demand land from the Ninth House of Betazed. Their claim is that their undeveloped land was loaned to the Ninth House by other houses centuries earlier for the benefit of all of Betazed, but there is no historical record of this ever happening. As a result, the Ninth House denies their claims and sticks to the position that it’s their land. This becomes a political issue between the houses, who demand "their" now agriculturally rich land back.

In 2341 the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, Twelfth houses join together to begin unprecedented legal action in the Betazoid Government Council against the Ninth house to get "their" land back.

The Third House was headed by Gart Xerx in the late 2350s, considered influential by Betazoids and well respected by the United Federation of Planets.[1] A Federation representative was sent to his daughter Chandra's wedding in 2359.[2]

In 2368, all legal action by the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth and Twelfth houses against the Ninth House finally succeeded. As a result, The Seventh House received ownership of a sizeable amount of land from the Ninth House.

In 2375, The Fourth house in conjunction with the Third, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth and Twelfth houses unofficially took over administration of Ninth House, given its weakened position as a result of the Dominion War. An employee of the Fourth House was appointed to lead the administration. In 2376, the appointed administration legally became official after the Matriarch of the Ninth House reluctantly agreed to cede control.

Known members


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