Serpent Heart, Flowering Face (Gorkon)

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2396, Episode 15

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
2394 Old Hatreds · The Silver Function · The Devil's Expanse · Telutho'kai
2395 Hvei'khenn · Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil · Together in Electric Dreams
2397 Serpent Heart, Flowering Face · Welcome to Dinosauria · Operation Q-Ball
2398 What Do Boys Dream · The Pelian Brief
2399 Shadows of the Rift · Rogue World
2400 Fight the Power · Shadows in the Temple
2401 The Dying of the Light
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Serpent Heart, Flowering Face

  • Stardate 239702.28 to Present

With tensions reaching a breaking point on the shared Romulan Republic and Federation colony, the crew of the USS Gorkon are asked to investigate missing miners and violent wildlife.


  • Ietai system: A unary star system in the Tyrellian Sector, containing the mining colony Væron.
  • Val'Bhaonn: The capital city. The oldest settlement on the planet, it sports squat buildings of local stone and brick blending with those constructed with more modern materials and in greater heights.
  • Polar Research Station: Research facility in the polar regions of Væron.
  • Calrich Overhang: The primary Federation mining facility.
  • TBC: The primary Romulan mining facility. Supported by Calrich Overhang in the form of power, water and docking facilities.

Notable Characters

In no particular order:

  • S'Ehraellu: The Romulan governor of the colony.
  • Caldor: The Romulan chief scientist at the polar research facility. A short, plump and genial man whose quick changes of demeanour seem intended to keep the people around him off-balance and unsure how to deal with him.
  • Jhame zh’Zerok: An Andorian woman with a muscular build and a forthright attitude, she is the overseer of Calrich Overhang, the primary Federation mining effort on Væron.
  • Klash: Klingon mining specialist in Calrich Overhang on Væron.
  • Teleth: Romulan museum curator, former Star Navy officer. Hearty and well-meaning.

Mission Summary

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Act One: Down, Down, Deeper and Down

Tasked with launching a search for missing Federation miners, investigating a sensor dead zone deep in the mines, study the strange behaviour of local wildlife in the science reserve, and examine similar behaviour in the polar research station, the crew separates into teams to make their descent to the planet and, for some, further underground. Briefed by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds[1] on the requirements of their teams in the conference room of the USS Gorkon, the teams began their preparations for the mission, researching the variety of needs.

Adea, Stoyer, sh’Qynallahr and Moran descended to the Polar Research Station to begin their investigation, greeted by a Romulan Chief Scientist, Caldor[2]. Informed and briefed quickly regarding the situation at hand, Caldor explained they'd had "some trouble with the local wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic. Stark behavioural changes, that sort of thing." Shown an example of the behaviour incited on the colony — a small rodent attacking and killing another of the same species[3] — their roll was clear. Find out what happened to the animals, before the situation worsened.

Meanwhile, across the planet in Mineshaft #7-Baker, Thornton, ch'Ranni and Namura started their initial dive into the mine through a magrail ride deeper into the cavern. Stopping just short of their distance, the driver informed the team the Romulan miners would not let the Federation magrail continue any further and the rest of the walk would need to be made on foot[4]. Disembarking, the team began to make their descent further into the mine. Free from his charges, the Bajoran driver headed back for the surface and made a report to an unknown Romulan, informing them of the Starfleet team heading into the mine to the dead zone[5].

Further across the planet, down into the Federation Mine named Calrich Overhang and financed by a private mining company called Brave Ventures Mining, the team of Marshall, Sevo, Colquhoun, and Loxley arrived in the small mining village erected deep underground. Following an encounter with the Federation mine Overseer, Jhame zh'Zerok, the Andorian informed the team about the missing miners, who the lead miner was in the missing team, and where they could start their investigation. The discussion was interupted by a medical emergency[6], requiring Loxley to jump to the forefront and perform medical

Up above, heading for the Wildlife Science Reserve in a Starfleet shuttlecraft, Neathler, Fortune and Shryn find out what the impact of behavioural changes in the animals were first hand. Attacked by monkeylike creatures with projectiles of rocks and dirt, suddenly the team found a huge flock of birds heading straight for them. Shryn attempted to move the shuttlecraft out of the path, only to find the shuttle enveloped by the creatures and impacting the metal with severity. Accompanied by the sound of metal shrieking, the shuttlecraft took a nosedive down into the ground [7].

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239706.28