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USS Constitution-B
STO Blank Teal.jpg
STO Blank Teal.jpg
Position Physical Therapist/Massage Therapist
Rank Civilian
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 232302.05
Age 78
Birthplace Vulcan

Serok is currently serving as a Physical Therapist/Massage Therapist aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Personnel Profile

  • Height: 1.96 m
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Physique: Muscular
  • Skin: Black


Serok has been working in his profession since 2358. Through the years he has become known to handle especially difficult cases. When he is not working he enjoys cooking and is a master level vegan chef.

  • In the last hours while Cade had been prepping the Medical Department she had been working with a new Physical Therapist called Serok. He was a mountain of a man, tanned skin, muscles for days, bald head and Vulcan to a degree she had not expected in a man like that. When she asked for a break she got one, for an exact amount of time before he simply grabbed her and put her back on her feet like she was a feather. She had not met him before. She couldn't have. He had just arrived and would be working in the wellness section as massage therapist under Georgio, but was also a physical therapist so he was most likely pulled in because he was physically able to handle her and stoic enough to not let her wrap him around her finger. Clever.~ [1]
  • "He was merciless. [...] He called me out on my bullcrap just like you would like it. But it was worth it."~ [2]
  • The man’s credentials were impressive, his track record with difficult patients was impeccable and his demeanor was exactly what his clever and sometimes manipulative patient needed ~ [3]

((OOC: This bio will be expanded as things transpire and get revealed in sims. ))


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