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Mission Logs - Serala
USS Chin'toka


Commander Serala

Commander Serala is now the First Officer of the USS Chin'toka. But how did she get here? Well, these mission logs record every mission she has been on since her graduation from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 239512.04

Mission Log - USS Atlantis

Rescuing the Captain [Serala's First Mission]

Serala is convinced to go on a rescue mission to save Captain Brell and his team and begins her journey in Starfleet!

The Day That Changed Forever

Serala's first day at Tactical turns into a day of terror that will change her forever as a ship full of spiderbots rams the Atlantis and kills 27 of her crewmates

Lydor V

A covert mission to a low-tech world leads to a violation of the Prime Directive and another encounter with the Consortium forces

Operation Jenatris Rescue

A mission into the Jenatris Cloud to save an alien cargo freighter leads to some interesting consequences for Serala

Ambushed ... Again!

An encounter with a starship disguised as an asteroid leads to the capture of Captain Brell and Toryn Raga, and crippling damage to the ship

Operation Revenge!

Serala plans and leads the mission to rescue her friend from captivity at the hands of the Consortium

The Chon Outposts

Serala leads an away team to explore a Chon outpost inside the Jenatris Cloud

The Perkins Diplomatic Protocol

Serala leads the team to reclaim Deep Space 26 from rogue Valcarians. A member of her team creates repeated issues for her leading to an unfortunate incident (or two)

Val Tesai

A visit to the Valcarian world of Tibro leads to Serala and several others being stranded in a frozen woods seeking shelter while being pursued by assassins

Val Tesai [Stevok]

Val Tesai from the eyes of Stevok on the day he died

Foxtrot Protocol

A Diplomatic Trade Conference at Illara Prime turns deadly

Mission Log - USS Chin'toka

My Brother's Keeper

Serala returns to the scene of the crime

Into The Unknown [Commander's Practical]

Serala takes command while Captain Mei'konda is away and has an unexpected First Contact scenario develop

Amicus Novi

Serala joins the Captain on a Diplomatic Mission to Oscion to garner consent to found a Federation colony in the Expanse

Hanging Gardens [In Progress]

Currently in progess - USS Chin'toka plays escort to colony transports