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USS Gorkon
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Seneca Augusta Wilde
Position Astrophysicist
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237110.01
Age 29
Birthplace Tenebris Colony, Amoran IV

Ensign Seneca Augusta Wilde is currently serving as a low-level scientist aboard the USS Gorkon in the Tyrellian sector. She graduated the StarFleet Academy in Marseille on Earth in the summer of 2393, toured aboard the StarFleet science vessel USS Payne-Gaposchkin for her required one year of field training, and was posted to the Gorkon in the winter of 2394 under the command of Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, specifically to study a new, advanced alien device acquired by the Gokon's crew.


  • Height: 1.76m
  • Weight: 51.2kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Dark Brown

Personal Background and Early Career History

Seneca Wilde was born at the Tenebris Colony research facility on the Federation colonial world Amoran IV, near Bajoran space. After her biological parents were killed in a localized natural disaster a pair of Federation anthropologists stationed at the research facility located on the planet adopted Seneca as they're own. A pair of homosexual men, the anthropologists found themselves isolated from the Bajoran religious communities in the colonies. They lived on farmland in the fertile plains of Amoran IV by themselves. The isolation drew close ties and strong bonds between Seneca and her fathers as they researched ancient ruins of the long dead civilizations of Amoran IV as a family.

Amoran IV was a unique world and the civilizations there evolved in unique ways because of it. The Amoran star was situated in the middle of a dense cloud of interstellar dust. Subsequently, the Amoran planets had a hazy, dimmed view of their host star and absolutely no view of the stars of the greater universe. The first time Seneca ever saw the stars she was 12 years old. Up to that point Seneca had accompanied her fathers at their research sites and helped to catalog artifacts and other information, but when she saw the stars for the first time Seneca's exoanthropologic background drove her already active imagination wild. What countless new civilization awaited her around each small pinpoint of light? Seneca was quickly and surely hooked on space exploration forever.

Tragically, at the age of 15, when a charismatic religious leader in the Bajoran community, Suek Harran, staged a take-over and coup of the colony's governing council members Seneca's fathers—and many other colonists—were killed in a violent riot. Seneca was taken in by a local Bajoran StarFleet liaison officer, Jaia Kareese, and was sheltered by her from the now chaotic, violent, and governmentless colonists and followers of Suek. Jaia desperately tried to get Sen off world, but with Suek's followers in control of the colony's only space port and improvised anti-air defenses a peaceful Federation landing was near impossible. Seneca and Jaia fought to survive for three more years in the thralls of the despotic regime before Kareese was finally able to obtain transport.

In that three years Sen and Kareese became very close and Sen learned an important lesson. Kareese taught Seneca not to hate the Bajoran community as a whole for what had happened to her fathers, that idealists didn't always represent the core values of their race's culture. Kareese taught Seneca not to be bitter, but to look forward to the future. That future was StarFleet. As soon as Jaia and Seneca rendezvoused with their StarFleet transport Seneca applied to the Academy and was accepted.

Seneca attended the StarFleet Academy on Earth, her race's home world, in France. While at StarFleet Academy Seneca studied at Marseille's LIGO observatory for her doctoral work as she fought for doctorates in theoretical and applied astrophysics. At the Academy, alongside astrophysics, Seneca specialized in exobiology, xenobiology, subspace mechanics, and transwarp theory. In the summer of 2393 she graduated and was posted to the USS Payne-Gaposchkin. Her most notable mission of service aboard the Payne-Gaposchkin was the survey of the space-time eddies in the Thone system.

After her one year training tour was completed, Seneca was promoted to the rank of ensign and assigned to the sovereign-class starship USS Gorkon where she currently serves as a science officer under the command of Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.

Service History

Education & Training:

Seneca Wilde served as a cadet at StarFleet Academy in Marseille on Earth from 239011.10 to 239306.15. There she majored in theoretical and applied astrophysics and subspace mechanics. Upon graduation Cadet Wilde was posted to the oberth-class science vessel USS Payne-Gaposchkin for her one-year, mandatory field training where she served primarily in the Geuriel sector under Commander Olivia Martinez as an astrophysicist in training. The Cadet's most notable mission of service aboard the Payne-Gaposchkin as astrophysicist in training was the survey and catalog of the fourth-dimensional species living within and around the space-time eddies surrounding the host stars of the Thone system. Cadet Wilde served under Commander Martinez aboard the Payne-Gaposchkin from 239306.15 - 239410.28.

Assignment to the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293):

On 239409.21, at the end of her one-year, mandatory field training, Cadet Seneca Wilde was promoted to the rank of ensign and assigned to the sovereign-class vessel USS Gorkon on 239410.30 where she currently serves as a science officer under the command of Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239306.15 - 239410.28 USS Payne-Gaposchkin Astrophysicist in Training
DS9style-ens blue.png
Ensign 239410.30 - present USS Gorkon Astrophysicist

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