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Solar flare.jpg
Region unclaimed
Sector Duronis Sector
Star system Luxis system
System type Binary
Position secondary
Stellar Class K0-3
Luminosity Class V
Colour Orange
Size main sequence
Mass {{{mass}}} solar masses
Surface Temp {{{temp}}}K
Stellar Luminosity {{{lumin}}} solar luminosities
Age {{{age}}}
Luxis system Star-A   I   II   III   IV   Star-B   Belt   V   VI

Sebris is the Laudean name for the secondary star in the Luxis system. It orbits Luxis, the system's primary, between the 4th and 5th planetary orbitals. Unusually, it has an asteroid field which orbits it, not the primary. Scientists believe that it is the remains of a Class M world that was ripped apart by gravitational forces. One theory is that Sebris and its world were "rogue" and the two systems collided, destroying the Class M planet and capturing Sebris in the gravitational pull of Luxis.