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Ensign Elizabeth Scythe is a Tactical Officer aboard the USS Independence-A.


  • Full Name: Elizabeth Scythe
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Terran
  • Age: 24
  • Date of Birth: 236002.19
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: F
  • Telepathic status: T2


  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 126 lbs
  • Hair Color: Red w/ white streaks
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Prized Possessions: None
  • Build: Slender, Althetic


  • Handedness: Ambidexterous
  • Distinguishing Marks: Freckles over her forehead and cheeks, makes her look like a Trill
  • Habits: abrasive to an extent, short and to the point
  • Hobbies: Fast flying, shooting, starships, occasionally men – likes combative sports
  • Dislikes: Facades, two-face people, beat-around-the-bush crap
  • Goals: Be better than her peers and live up to her potentials
  • Beliefs: Feels misunderstood, treated like a station rat despite everything she’s done to improve herself


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents:

* Father: Unknown * Mother: Unknown

  • Siblings: Unknown


Humble Beginnings

The first time anyone met Elizabeth was in 2365. She was running as an urchin aboard DS9. As a matter of fact, DS9 Security was the first to meet her, as she deftly swiped food from one of the promenade merchants and gave Security a run for their money until apprehended just shy of escaping into the station’s tubes. She was five.

When asked for her name, she gave Elizabeth Scythe. When asked where her parents were, Elizabeth replied, “Either running, smuggling, or dead.” The tongue-cheek attitude of her fiery wit landed her for an overnight in a daycare facility. The Adminstrators reported her as a runaway the next morning.

The next time the girl calling herself Elizabeth Scythe made an appearance a decade later, as a fifteen years old teen in 2375 who snuck onto another station and made off with a one-man shuttlecraft. The station’s first officer, Commander Delgato Montoya, narrowly was able to detain the Type 4 Shuttlecraft after it snuck out of space dock (“And only because she couldn’t mask the ion trail,” Montoya joked”).

Elizabeth was arrested by Starfleet, who first mistakened her for a Trill given the large and numerous group markings. A DNA scan showed she was all Terran. At the Judiciary Hearing aboard the station, the Admiral heading up the judicial review asked Elizabeth point blank if she was planning to amount to anything at all.

She met his glare for a glare. “I’m a station rat, a menace, a fast-talking deft hand who isn’t going to qualify for your almighty Academy and the prospects of a normal life don’t appeal to me. You think I asked for this life? What makes you think I have the tools or the resources to amount to your kind of life?”

And with a predatory smile, the Admiral sent her packing on a one-way trip to a reform penal facility, “which, pending on what you ‘choose’ to apply yourself to,” he grumbled aiming the gavel at her, “might lend you the resources you claim to lack and actually get yourself a descent education instead of stealing ships.”

Reform / Academy Years

During her three year sentence, Scythe earned the nickname “Wildcat” while performing her community service, due mostly to her habit of spouting off (and a couple of fights she herself admits she picked).But it all wasn’t for naught. Along the way, she picked up her primary education and through several hours of research, was able to pick up several sponsers if she chose to enter Starfleet Academy at the end of her term.

So in August of 2378, the Warden kicked Elizabeth loose and she boarded the first shuttle flight to the San Francisco Starfleet Academy. Her entrance exams weren’t the highest, but years of surviving on her own gave her both a knack and skills to pave her path as a Tactical officer training.

The Academy years were her best years, for once motivated enough to improve her lack of and hodge-podge education to compete against her peers. There were several subjects she liked, and especially focused on. Tactical training was just the given. Elizabeth always liked ships (and still to the day thinks she could have gotten away with that shuttle if she had only known about residue trails). She signed on to fly everything and anything the Academy would let her get her hands on… first in the simulators, and later with both the Shuttlecrafts and F150s. She also liked the phaser competitions.

It was to her surprise coming into 2382 she was rated one of the top five percent pilots and tactical officer trainees in her class. She was, however, lacking in the social graces according to the Counselors. The Wildcat stayed with her, and while most saw the nickname as an admonishment, Elizabeth always considered it a compliment.

The end of her Academy training was like so many. Elizabeth couldn’t leave without leaving a prank, but unlike most of the cocky pilots the campus produces, she chose her prank with all the earmarks of her personality, and conscripting four others of her class to pull it off.

On stardate 238206.08, Scythe led Cadets Pierson, D’Saud, Meaux and Brockman out of the Academy and entered Starfleet Headquarters. They left four hours later back to campus. One week later, during the graduation ceremonies (which also included, much to Elizabeth’s pleasure, the Admiral who sentenced her), Scythe and her four conspirators took the stage to receive their diplomas. Before anyone caught on, they beamed themselves out onto a Defiant-Class ship and blew out of Earth, directly above the ceremonies after blasting out of HQ, and left a fire-burning white cloud message:


And that very same Admiral sat back in on the judicial board when Elizabeth and her colleagues were brought in to face shanghai charges on starship facility theft, struggling extremely hard to laugh. One emboldened, newly graduated Elizabeth took the stand.

“I am directly responsible as I am the one who planned and executed the commandeering. They only lent their respective expertise and if there are charges, I ask them to be dismissed.”

Of which, her old Admiral nemesis replied, “On what grounds?”

Without a flinch, “Give the girl an education doesn’t negate the finer lessons of life.”

“Gods have mercy on whatever commanding officer gets you on their ship.”

It was during the trial that Elizabeth met Commander Mike Caragan, who had come solely because of the person who both stole and flew the ship. Caragan, who was already overseeing and in command of a commissioned starship being built.

The First Assignment

Commander Caragan took the unrefined “wildcat” back with him, where Elizabeth truly got a taste for what being a Starfleet officer entailed. While she wasn’t officially assigned to a ship, she was working out of the shipyards in some of the most unique test flights and tests of creative solution under Caragan’s command, eventually curbing her mouth-like tendency under an intense focus.

It was a year and a half later, in the beginning of 2384, when Commander Caragan commanded the trials of the USS Independence-A, and Elizabeth was right there with the flight crew, a calmer, more focused woman who embraced the challenges that an officer in Starfleet faced. She was Caragan’s project, an unruly woman who went into Starfleet as an independently-minded woman and refined her as best as he could into an officer who would serve her commander and her ship.

(Although given the choice, Scythe would serve the ship).

Transferring with the change of command, Elizabeth still serves the USS Independence-A as a Tactical officer, and even in the end despite Caragan’s attempts, still a bit of an unrefined “wildcat”.


  • Primary Education – New Paris Penal Colony
  • Starfleet Acacemy, San Francisco
  • Flight School

Professional History

  • 2365 - Thief
  • 2375 – Piloting & Starship Theft, Convict
  • 2378 – Starfleet Academy
  • 2382 – Assigned to Commander Caragan
  • 2384 – Tactical Officer, USS Independence-A