Scotty Reade/Professional History

USS Veritas - NCC-95035

USS VeritasVeritas class

Mission 1 - Chasing Shadows

Scotty joined the crew, as the Veritas was about to set out to transfer a HVT back to Star Station Esperance. As the mission was beginning, Scotty met his new engineering teammates in Wil Ukinix and Charlena Vanlith. As the mission continued on one of the vessels that was assigned as a escort to the Veritas, turned on us. After exchanging fire back and forth, some damage was taken to our shield generators, due to this some Klingons were able to beam abord the Veritas and tried to take over engineering. Wil and Scotty erected a Level 10 forcefield around engineering to protect the critical systems of the vessel, and proceeded to take down multiple Klingons that managed to come through the Jeffries tubes.

After a week of repairs in the nebula after sustaining damage in the previous encounter with the Klingons, engineering was able to fix the warp drive, and the Veritas successfully made it back to Star Station Esperance and returned the HVT back into Starfleet custody.

Mission 2 - Endeavor

After Scotty had completed his first mission onboard Veritas, it had returned to Esperance for some much needed repairs in drydock, due to this the crew was given a brief shore leave. A few days into the leave, Scotty and a few others helped Captain Rahman solve a 250 year old mystery. Captain Rahman was informed that a cargo ship found what seemed to be hull of a old Starfleet shuttle vessel on a surface of a moon. After getting details from the station chief, the crew departed in the runabout USS Bakuil to find out this mystery.

On route to the moon, the crew figured out that the shuttle in question was from NX-class vessel from United Earth Starfleet. The vessel that the crashed shuttle belonged to was designated NX-05 Endeavor was on a scouting mission in the Shoals, when the captain of the vessel sent a small party to the surface of the moon, to see if it could be setup as colony. As the Endeavor returned to gather the crew after the scouting mission, they found no trace of the crew on the moon, and the shuttle had been destroyed. The crew of 5 was reported missing as became known as the Endeavor 5.

After the crew arrived in the future to the moon, Captain Rahman came ill and launched a torpedo into the destroyed shuttle, due to this the crew were not able to recover any data from the shuttle. After some testing by medical it was indeed noted that Captain Rahman was influenced by unknown entity that shot the torpedo.

Mission 3 - Fissure

The crew of the Veritas heads to a Antor II a plant within the Shoals to assist with some projects to be completed. As the crew talks to the governor of Antor II, a earthquake hits the planet trapping few of the crew and some miners deep down in a mine.

After some engineering work by the crew the first set of the miners are rescued from the miner that were in the upper levels. As for the crew deeper down, they are required to wait a bit more. As this was happening some of the crew had a many injuries deeper down. Scotty worked with Lt. JG Ikaia Wong to ensure most of them were rescued. After a day or so the rest of the crew were rescued from the mine shaft.

Promotion and Transfer

After completing the last mission, there was a rumor on the vessel that the majority of the crew onboard the Veritas were being transferred to the newly constructed station Amity Outpost out in the Delta Quadrant. After hearing the news, Captain Rahman has some of the senior officers meet her in the briefing room. Scotty is given multiple awards from Captain Rahman and a new pip signifying his promotion from Ensign to Lt.JG, the crew is also told that the Vertias is ending its 5-year tour of duty and the crew are indeed being transferred to Amity Outpost. After hearing the news, the crew is given roughly a 6 month leave, as Amity is being prepared still. Scotty enjoys this time off.

Amity Outpost & USS Independence-B - NCC-1776-B

USS Independence-BDefiant class

Prologue - Amicita Vera Illuminat

The crew of Amity are transported by the USS Thor to their new home, while on board a friendly bowling battle takes place. The crew arrive at Amity.

Mission 1 - Providence

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