Science Department Personnel Notes

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These are short notes on the Science Department Personnel, taken from their personal files. They provide some additional details, including species, gender, professional specialization and character for science officers and enlisted crew on the USS Vigilant.


• Sensor Operations Officer: Lt. JG Udo Brinkmeyr, Human male • Laid back, has peculiar sense of humor
• Science Officer/Astronomer: Ens. Lein Banti, Klaestron female • Slightly arrogant introvert
• Science Officer/Xenologist: Ens. Terah, Andorian chan • Intense, single-minded, social
• Science Officer/Natural Sciences: Ens. Delmir, Vulcan male • Dependable, meticulous, erudite

Enlisted Crew

• CSO Aide: Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Grade Hollie Grant, Human female • Good manager, friendly, has “southern charm”
• Sensor Systems Operator: Petty Officer 1st Class Giio, Deltan male • Soft-spoken, mild mannered, secretive
• Sensor Systems Operator: Crewman 1st Class Isabella Fernandes y Ralon, Human female • Agile, petite lady with quick wit
• Sensor Systems Technician: Crewman 2nd Class V’Lin, Vulcan female • Stern, methodic, not very imaginative
• Data Systems Operator: Petty Officer 2nd Class Ermion Miz, Trill female • Warm, sensitive, social
• Data Systems Operator: Crewman 1st Class Mernir Saram, Zakdorn male • Reticent, composed strategist
• Computer Systems Technician: Crewman 1st Class T’Lia, Vulcan female • Audacious, assertive, self-reliant
• Xenologist: Crewman 1st Class Chelis, Arkenite male • Spiritual, ethic, inventive
• Historian/Anthropologist: Crewman 2nd Class Octavi Marinxo, Human male • Loyal, determined, friendly
• Biologist: Crewman 1st Class Emma Andreyeff, Human female • Absent-minded, straight spoken, gregarious
• Nanotechnologist: Petty Officer 2nd Class Malcolm Mboma, Human male • Friendly, efficient, huge physique
• Lab Assistant: Crewman 2nd Class Shin Xi, Human female • Hard working, but irritable
• Lab Assistant: Crewman 2nd Class Stin, Vulcan male • Calm, attentive
• Lab Technician: Crewman 3rd Class Sja Ska, Andorian zhen • Inventive, ambitious
• Lab Technician: Crewman 3rd Class Vic dePierre, Human male • Smiling, friendly