Sassilin, Entak

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Sassilin, Entak
Entak Sassilin


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Marine Combat Medical Officer
  • Rank: 2nd Lt.
  • Race: Cardassian

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  • Full name: Entak Sassilin
  • Age (date of birth): 25 Terran Years (Born 2362)
  • Species: Cardassian
  • Gender: male
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Height: 6’ 2”


  • Parents: Mother (Deceased) / Father (Member of Obsidian Order w/ front as Mining merchant retired from military)
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


Some Important Things to Remember:


  • 2362 - Born to a mid-level Military Officer, who was secretly a member of the Obsidian Order
  • 2366 - Enters Intensive Mental Training
  • 2368 - Enters primary school (Instructors called “Te’alakesh”, originally assigned to the military academy (Ba’Marran), but then suddenly entered into the medical path (Ba’Kolmoir)) ((The Obsidian order bribed the teacher to make the change since he was being groomed as a medical scientist. His natural aptitude to combat coupled with the medical training resulted in him being a combat medic. ))
  • 2371 - Completes Public School.
  • 2372 - Provides a molar and DNA to the Obsidian Order and enters young adulthood. Begins his advanced education (3 terms over 3 years each for total of 9 years)
  • 2375 - Dominion attacks Cardassia, Treaty signed w/ Federation Enters second phase of 3 phase advanced education.

Mother is killed in the attack, however his father is unharmed. Due to the resources at the disposal of the Obsidian Order, his education continues, though not under the ideal conditions that would have been available. However, most Cardassian education is on hold for nearly two years before the world can regain the infrastructure necessary for it.

  • 2378 - Elsewhere, Bajor leads a coalition of worlds demanding Cardassians officials stand trail for war crimes in the occupation of Bajor and Dominion War. Enters 3rd phase of advanced education.
  • 2379 - And in the vicinity of Bajor tensions rise when several hundred Cardassians Bajor hoped to pursue for war crimes vanish, prompting Bajor to accuse Cardassian of putting them into hiding.
  • 2380 - Rise of Oralians Religion
  • 2381 - Graduates from Advanced education. Intends to enter the cardassian military with guidance of the Obsidian Order. Entered mandatory Cardassian military conscript service. Completes Cardassian military academy training on his own.
  • 2382 - In neighboring Cardassian space a new agreement is reached between the Union and the Federation to disband Cardassia's military, instead allowing Starfleet to maintain security and concentrate resources in rebuilding Cardassia. The new agreement prompts the Bajoran coalition to drop its call to charge Cardassians for war crimes in recent conflicts.

Cardassian military disbanded and mandatory “military service” changed to either local defense force or government peace corps service. However, his father pulled strings and had him continue his service as an exchange officer on a klingon ship. Met M'reb (Brynjolf's character) while serving.

  • 2383 - Starfleet sends a fleet to Cardassia to assist the Cardassians in the dismantling of their military and establish Starfleet's role as Cardassia's protectors. The new arrangement is soon tested when Alpha Jem’Hadar take control of Devos II and established a ketracel-white production facility. Starfleet sends the Stargazer-A to Devos but chooses not to act against the Jem'Hadar so long as they make no further aggressive moves.

Completes the Klingon tour and decides, under guidance by the obsidian order, to enter Starfleet and provide an ‘inside source’ if the need ever arises. Starfleet sees this as a possible political benefit as this will soften the public view of Cardassians by the Federation after the war. A “coming together” of old enemies and support for Starfleet by the Cardassians.

  • 2384 - Starfleet Academy Year 1. Starts out as an oddity and ostracized by others as an enemy due to the war. Doesn’t affect his grades or attitude since Cardassian academy is very militaristic and social interaction isn’t seen as necessary as for Federation.
  • 2385 - Starfleet Academy Year 2. Comes out at the top of his class and earns the respect of his instructors. Starts to be accepted, but still not quite welcomed by other students.

Given guidance by counselors to pursue more social activities.

  • 2386 - Starfleet Academy Year 3. Starts to concentrate on social activities and begins to do well when he stops thinking of the interaction as a social action, but simply a logical mechanical one on an emotional level. Basically, though he isn’t trying to be insincere or uncaring, he simply doesn’t know how and to hide it, he has learned to fake sincerity.

Enters Starfleet Debate team and interns with Starfleet hospital concentrating on xenobiology needs

  • 2387 Attends Starfleet cadet cruise. Starfleet Academy Year 4
  • Late 2387 Assigned to the USS Constitution-B as Marine Combat Medical Officer
  • 2387 - Incident 1: USS Constitution crew, while tracking tachyon particles, is thrown through time. Entak is thrown into the body of a Early Earth History, Eugenics soldier where he is trapped and lives out the entire life. This heavily impacts his view of Terrans. Where they were "alien" before, now that he's lived a lifetime as one, he is conflicted in exactly who he is...
  • 2388 - Incident 2: USS Constitution is boarded by a small group of aliens trying to return home. 2nd Lt Sassilin traps one in a medical bio-containment field and escorts the sickbay crew to safety.
  • 2388 - After a short shore leave, Entak returns just in time for the USS Constitution to be boarded and overtaken by the infamous pirate, "The Bloody Queen".