Saschenka Kreshkova

Ensign Saschenka Kreshkova is currently serving as a Helm Officer aboard the Starbase 118.

Starbase 118
Saschenka Kreshkova
Position Helm Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237904.12
Age 22
Birthplace Ashtrakan, Russia
Writer ID O240103SK2


  • Height: 5'0"
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Hair: Green (Dyed)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Slight but defined muscles.


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  • Parents: Katya and Dmitri Kreshkova
  • Siblings: Alexi, Eva, Ivan, Luka
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


Sasch was born the oldest daughter of Katya and (then) Captain Dmitri Kreshkova. She grew up near the shores of the Capsian sea. Her family had a 40’ yacht that they would spend many weekends out sailing. Their times on the water taught her so much. She learned to make split-second decisions in a squall. She needed agility to help maneuver the sail and rigging. She never knew if any given weekend would be smooth sailing or dangerous seas. It kept her guessing. She loved having to be on her toes. It was probably the most formative experience in shaping her love of flying - the adrenaline, the solitude, the skill, the agility, and the mental capacity to make split-second decisions that would mean life or death.

Sasch was homeschooled by her mother, but that gave her a great deal of freedom to dive deep into subjects that interested her and allowed her to work at her own pace. This also allowed her father, who had continued to move the Starfleet ranks, to tailor her education. He had her work through tactical exercises. She did well enough. She could shoot, strategize, and handle herself well enough, but she never excelled. Her father suggested that she consider the diplomatic corp. She worked through the exercises he set out for her, but again, her heart wasn’t there. She had never been given to Science, so that wasn’t even considered, but once her father put her into a flight simulator, it was as if she were a fish to water.

Because of her father’s attention-to-detail attitude and the ever-present push Sash felt from him, she applied for the Academy at 17 and was accepted. She started just after she turned 18 years old. It was here, really for the first time in her life, that she felt singled out. It wasn’t just that she was younger, but that she had a ‘famous’ father. Admiral Kreshkova was well-known at the Academy and as soon as someone heard her name - if they had ever seen her father, it wasn’t a long leap to realize just who she was. And she hated it.

Sash felt the pressure to be the best that she could be at everything - to outperform everyone else - to work harder, longer, and with more tenacity than anyone else could muster because of her name. But what made matters worse was that if she did succeed, everyone around her assumed that her father had a hand in everything - whether in her grades, in any class, or in positions she was awarded. Any accolades were never attributed to her hard work - but always to her father’s position.

Four years later, she finally graduated from the Academy, ready to prove that she was a capable officer apart from her father.

Personality Profile

Being the oldest of her parents' children, Sash was a classic overachiever and fell in line with her parents' desires. While she loved her parents, sometimes she felt that she had to earn their love - and that was a lot of what pushed her to be as good as she could be. She was known for going over and above what was necessary for any task from her studies to her chores. She was hard on herself and, while it could be said that, especially, her father pushed her, she got to the point that she pushed herself more than he pushed her. She was generally kind to her siblings - of whom she had many. She was a good judge of character having an uncanny ability to tell if someone was trustworthy or telling her the truth, but that meant that she could be cocky because of her trust in that ability.

Physical Profile

Sash was always one of the shortest and yet most energetic children of her age. Because of the way she was raised, she was always physically fit. The saying ‘big things come in small packages,’ was very apropos to her.

Her physicals were all within normal parameters. Her only identifying mark was a small red birthmark on her upper left thigh.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment

Cadet 2397 - 2401 Starfleet Academy

Ensign SD 239704.09 - Present Starbase 118 Ops
Helm Officer

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  • I'm Going On An Adventure - Sasch finds out she has passed her final exam, she is given her assignment and sent on her first mission.

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