Saris Avo

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PNPC - Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar


Lt., Saris Avo

  • Position: Medical
  • Rank: Lt.
  • Gender:Female
  • Race: Rigelian

Character Information

  • Full Name: Saris Avo
  • Race: Rigelian
  • DoB: 236403.04
  • Age: 28
  • Birthplace: In the city of Erdinus on Rigel V
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair: She has long sandy gray hair, tied in a pony tail .
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin Tone: grayish green with facial tattoo's .
  • Face: a rounded face with high cheek bones.
  • Build: Slim, curvy and athletic.
  • Identifying Marks: Ritualistic facial tattoos.
  • Clothing (Off-Duty): She tends to wear loose shirts with an open neck and dark tight pants tucked into knee high boots.
  • Voice: She has a soft but firm tone
  • Handedness: Right
  • Tattoos: Ritualistic facial tattoos.


Saris is a serious individual, with a healthy curiosity and desire to learn. Always concerned about the prime directive, she will use any means available that will not violate said law to learn about new civilizations, races and culture's. She is very proud of her own heritage and cultural background.


  • Father: Kina Avo is a doctor who works in the emergency department of the largest hospital in the city of Erdinus on Rigel V.
  • Mother: Palis Avo is also a doctor but she works in the pediatrics department of the largest hospital in the city of Erdinus on Rigel V.
  • Siblings: She has 4 older brothers and a younger sister.

Personal Friends and Relationships

  • Marital Status: Single
  • Friends:  ??

Minor Details and Mannerisms

  • Favorite Drink: She loves the Rigelian Sunset, an alcoholic fruit drink with 6 layers of bright colors.
  • Favorite Food: While she prefers an almost strictly vegetarian diet she is always willing to experiment and try new exotic alien dishes.
  • Music Tastes: She prefers soft, calm, peaceful melodies that are relaxing and soothing to the spirit.
  • Religious Beliefs: She is a firm believer of the ideas supported by her people that physical and mental health are critical to spiritual well being. This includes a health sex life, however she is currently single.

Languages Spoken

  • Federation standard (Fluent)
  • Rigelian (Fluent)
  • She can understand and speak, read most sub-dialects of Rigelian as well.
  • Caitian (Basic)


Born on Rigel V to parents that were both doctors, she and her siblings were all encouraged to pursue a career in the medical field from a very early age. As a result two of her brothers and her sister are all doctors. While she also found the thought of being a doctor to be worth while she wanted to see more of the galaxy and the Federation. Seeking out the information required she found that she could apply to study at the Academy and upon graduation get the chance to travel while working as a doctor. She promptly applied with her parents blessing.

Medical History

  • Pre-Starfleet Medical Records - She had the regular child hood ailments expected of a member of her species prior to her admittance to the Academy.
  • Starfleet Medical Records - She has been fairly healthy so far.
  • Physiological Profile - She tested well, with no phobias or other mental issues. She also deals well with stress and showed a remarkable ability to remain calm under extreme conditions, both in and out of a hospital environment.

Professional History

  • Academy Record - She graduated near the top of her class and was both active and co-operative with both fellow students and teachers.
  • Qualifications and Specialties - Fully qualified as a doctor with xeno-biology being a major.
  • Assignments
  • Cadet cruise was on the USS Medical Alert
  • Graduated and posted to a hospital on Cait, the homeworld of the Caitian species.
  • Transferred to the USS Hermes.