Sarah Red Elk

Warrant Officer Sarah Red Elk is a Registered Nurse (RN) and Assistant Chief of Nursing assigned to the USS Gorkon. She is a terran from the Seneca Nation.

USS Gorkon
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Sarah Red Elk
Position Assistant Chief of Nursing
Rank Warrant Officer
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236010.17
Age 40
Birthplace Gowanda, New York, Earth

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment Additional Comments
Recruit 237908.21-237910.30 RTC Great Lakes Entry Training
Crewman Third Class 237911.16-238105.21 Starfleet Medical LPN Training Upon completion: Rank adjustment to grade PO3
  Petty Officer Third Class 238106.14-238301.20 USS Ragnarok Nurse
  Petty Officer Second Class 238301.20 - 238612.04 USS Ragnarok Nurse
Petty Officer First Class 238612.04 - 238607.31 USS Vaghar Nurse
Chief Petty Officer 238607.31 - 239001.03 Embassy of Duronis II Nurse
Chief Petty Officer 239001.03 - 239006.30 Starfleet Medical Nursing Student RN training, Rank adjustment to MCPO upon completion
Master Chief Petty Officer 239006.30 - 239106.01 Embassy of Duronis II Head Nurse
Master Chief Petty Officer 239106.01 - 239111.04 USS Victory Head Nurse
Warrant Officer 239111.04 - 239207.15 USS Victory Head Nurse
Warrant Officer 239207.15 - Present USS Gorkon Assistant Chief of Nursing