Sanara Pran

Lieutenant Sanara Pran is the 2166-year old Acting Chief Security Officer of the USS Columbia. Prior to her current role she served aboard a number of Starfleet vessels such as the USS Blackwell as well several years aboard StarBase 118. Pran's appointment to the role of Acting Security Chief was controversial aboard the Columbia as she actively did not want the position and only agreed on the condition of it being temporary.

USS Columbia
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Sanara Pran
Position Acting Chief of Security
Rank Lieutenant
Species Trill
Gender Female
DOB 235501.07
Age 46
Birthplace Gheryzan, Trill

MSNPC of Theo Whittaker

The oldest of five children born to Horun and Yeseem Pran, Sanara was born on Stardate 235501.07 at a medical facility in the Trill capital of Gheryzan. Her father owned a small café in the city prior to his retirement and her mother is a seamstress. She is the only member of her immediate family to join Starfleet, with her siblings all seeking employment in the civilian sector.

Statistics & Service Record


  • Full Name: Sanara Pran
  • Species: Trill
  • T/E Rating: T0/E0
  • Date Of Birth: 235501.07
  • Place Of Birth: Trill
  • Hometown: Gheryzan
  • Medical History: Forthcoming


  • Bachelor of Laws in Criminology and Forensic Pathology: 2377, Starfleet Academy, Relva VII

Starfleet Career

  • Serial Number: EL - 949 - 671
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy Relva VII Satellite Campus, 2373-2377
  • Major: Criminology
  • Minor: Forensic Pathology
  • Commissioned: 2377
  • Current Assignment: USS Columbia

Personal Appearance

Anthropometric Data

  • Height: 1.75m (5ft 9in)
  • Weight: 60kgs (132.2lbs)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Build: Slim
  • Skin Tone': Caucasian
  • Handedness: Left


Sanara has a slightly deeper than usual voice for a female Trill. Some might also describe her voice as having a sassy quality to it, as though she is being sarcastic (even though she is not). Though she is careful what she says on duty and in a court of law, she is rather infamous for her inability to think before she speaks when off-duty. When anxious she has a tendency to ramble on until somebody stops her- and sometimes it might take two or three attempts! She has a dry sense of humour that some people not understand. She is an assertive and direct leader, occasionally lacking politeness, but she never the less engenders the trust of her subordinates. When faced with threats to lives of the crew she is sworn to protect, she is no holds barred and will go to any lengths to do her job to the best of her ability.


Sanara is well known for her intensive dislike of Starfleet issue footwear, which she finds tight on her feet and 'clumpy'. She much prefers to discharge her duties in specially modified high heels that are manufactured to conform to Starfleet issue guidelines. Much to the bafflement of almost everybody around her, Sanara is able to run quicker in heels than she is in boots.

Personal Life


When off duty, Sanara can still often be found in her Starfleet uniform and it is rare to see her out of it. This is because she feels that she is always on stand-by given the often dangerous nature of the Columbia's assignments. On the rare occasion that she does don something other than her uniform, she reveals a surprisingly feminine taste in clothes and has a number of elegant dress-robes for special occasions. She favours Vulcan designers which stems from both her love of Vulcan culture in general and the fact that she dislikes tight fitting garments. Style is not paramount to Sanara, but instead she prefers comfort.


Personal Effects

  • A keethera: A Vulcan meditation aide given to Sanara by her parents on her 15th birthday thanks to her love of Vulcan culture. She uses this every morning to mentally prepare herself for the day ahead and every night to process the events of the day. She keeps it safe in a box underneath her bed and rarely shows it to anybody.
  • An IDIC mandala: Another present from her parents upon her 15th birthday. This has followed Sanara across the quadrant and reminds her to centre herself before leaving her quarters or going to sleep.
  • An Alvinian cactus: Sanara has had this since she was an 8 year old girl. Although Alvinian cacti are renowned for living for centuries, she is still impressed with herself that she has managed not to kill it after almost three decades. Of course, she doesn't seem to realise that the reason for it's "longevity" is because she doesn't water it very often.


  • Restrictions: Sanara is a vegetarian and does not consume animal meat of fish. She favours salads although she is allergic to some species of grain (such as quadrotriticale) and therefore much carefully watch what she eats, especially if not eating replicated food. She is also mildly allergic to some Terran nuts but is prescribed medication to allow her to consume them as she finds them delicious.
  • Coffee: Sanara is not fond of human coffee finding that it lacks flavour. Her caffeinated beverage of choice is raktajino.
  • Tea: Darjeeling and a Betazoid blend known as vrixx.
  • Alcohol: Sanara is tee-total and has not consumed alcohol in almost 20 years.
  • Favourite Meal: Matopin rock fungi tossed on a bed of tartoc with a side of baldric vinegar.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Hobbies:
    • Meditation
    • Vulcan literature
    • Interior design
    • 22nd Bajoran music
    • Khobeerian art.
  • Favourite Colour: Fuchsia

Amongst her colleagues on the Columbia, Sanara is well known for her love of Vulcan culture and spirituality and she has a number of holo-programs featuring the temples of Mount Seleya which she uses to meditate in addition to her keethera and IDIC mandala. On StarBase 118, this interest in Vulcan culture led her to have a reputation for being eccentric and 'odd', especially when she moved to the Shi'Kahr Sector soon after her arrival.

She is also known for her 'eclectic' taste in interior design which may find horrendous. Her old apartment on StarBase 118 was a strange mish-mash of Vulcan minimalism, Bajoran folk music playing through speakers and overstuffed Khobeerian furniture which deterred many visitors to her abode.


  • Spouse: None.
  • Significant Other: None
  • Children: None.
  • Parents:
    • Mother: Yeseem Pran, dressmaker
    • Father: Horun Pran, retired café owner
  • Siblings:
    • Brothers:
      • Nerzem Pran (Artist, Cor Caoli IX) (Younger)
      • Dadro Pran (Sports Caster, Cestus III) (Younger)
      • Harvir Pran (School Teacher, Trill) (Younger)
    • Sisters:
      • Bonhi Pran (Travel Writer, Trill) (Younger)

Early Life & Starfleet Career

Childhood & Teenage Years

Sanara Pran was born on Stardate 235501.07 at Gheryzan City Hospital on Trill to Yaseem and Horun Pran- a dressmaker and cafe owner respectively. She was to be the oldest of five children. From an early age she would be sent for holidays to her maternal grandmother's cabins in the Jolren Mountains on Trill's southern continent. Many years later, Sanara would describe the cabin as "the most perfect place in the universe". As a young girl she wanted to follow in her beloved father's footsteps and own a café. She also assisted her mother with her dressmaking business although she did not particularly care for it, finding it extremely difficult to get to grips with manual and automated sewing (her mother absolutely hated replicated clothing).

Following a school expedition to Vulcan as a 13 year old, Sanara became extremely fascinated by Vulcan culture which persists to this day. As she grew older, she wanted to move to Vulcan to study at the Vulcan Science Academy although she was refused a place when she was 16. A few months later, she attended a seminar at her secondary school given by Starfleet recruiters and found herself drawn to the idea of serving in the organisation. After some initial concern from her parents, they allowed her to enrol and she was assigned to the Relva VII satellite campus where she studied for a Criminology Major and a Forensic Pathology major after showing an aptitude for law and forensic subjects at school.

Starfleet Academy

Sanara was an average student during the four years she spent at the Relva VII campus. She neither excelled or struggled and was relatively popular amongst her peers. She was approached about partaking in extra-circular command pathway lessons but declined, stating that she didn't want the extra responsibility with her career: she simply wanted to be a good security officer. During her second year, her class were assigned to Starbase 19 to augment the security department after a battle with a small Dominion fleet. This was the first time that Sanara saw field service duty and she later described the constant fear of being stationed on a base on the front lines of a war.

She graduated from the Relva VII campus in 2377 finishing 32nd out of 135 students. Following the activation of her commission she was assigned to the USS Billings as a member of the ship's security department.

Early Starfleet Career

Sanara served aboard the USS Billings, a transport vessel, for six years where she was described as a "solid, if unspectacular" officer by a number of security chiefs. While she enjoyed her time aboard the Constellation-class vessel (one of the last vessels of it's type in service) she did find the work uninspiring which led to her applying for a transfer in 2383. This was approved and she was assigned to the Headquarters Of The Allied Reconstruction Force on Cardassia Prime, again as a Security Officer. Headquarters- known locally as HARF- were responsible for the reconstruction of infrastructure on the shattered Cardassian homeworld follow the Jem'Hadar's rampage at the climax of the Dominion War. Sanara initially struggled to adapt to her new assignment largely because of the oppressive humidity and heat of Cardassia Prime. However, in time she settled in to her duties which saw her accompanying Federation, Klingon and Romulan teams restoring the planet.

In February 2384- five months after her transfer to HARF- she was called upon to help with a investigation into the murder of a Bajoran humanitarian aid worker whose body had been found in the crime-ridden East Torr suburb of Prime's capital city- Coranum. She was significantly affected by the investigation, to the point where she rarely talks about it to this day and required six months of intensive counselling to fully assimilate what she had experienced. Still, her efforts to bring the murderer (a Cardassia First extremest) to justice did not go unnoticed by her superior and she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (JG) in July 2385.

She remained with HARF until May 2386 where she was transferred the USS Gorn brim Bral. She was originally tapped to serve as Chief Security Officer, although she declined the offer from Captain Madison, preferring to remain "behind the scenes" as she described it. She did not relish the assignment and remained aboard the ship for approximately 18 months before she accepted an offer to take a posting on Deep Space 12, which also came with a promotion to Lieutenant. She commanded the security watch for Gamma Shift although she "absolutely detested" the responsibility.

StarBase 118

In September of 2392, Pran was transferred to StarBase 118 and was initially assigned to patrol the Shi'Kahr District of the station's massive Commercial Sector. Several months later, her career came to the attention of then XO Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker who saw potential in her. Feeling she was wasted as a 'beat cop', he reassigned her to the station's Operations Tower where she worked closely with the station's command staff. She was also assigned to the station's auxiliary vessels, the USS Albion and later the USS Columbia. She was present during Haz Arrihman's attack on the Albion which led to it's destruction. She was rescued from an escape pod by a passing Klingon battlecruiser commanded by a member of the High Council. She was also present when an Orion Syndicate spy attempted to disable the Columbia and attempted to negotiate with them besides Commander Whittaker. She was disappointed when the spy died from the effects of experimental genetic technology.

When Commander Theo Whittaker was reassigned to the medical vessel USS Blackwell he asked Sanara Pran to join him to replenish the ship's security department.

Aboard the USS Blackwell

Initially serving under Lieutenant Jarred Thoran- the Blackwell's then Chief of Security Officer- Sanara was present on Arndall when the Hur'q began an invasion after being roused from a millennia of hibernation in unexplored caverns. She also encountered former StarBase 118 colleague, Mirra Ezo on this assignment. She and Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn engaged two Hur'q in hand to hand combat, Sanara killing one of them in self-defence. She also disabled a sensor jammer in the local area. Shortly after, she was displaced in time while investigating strange energy readings from an airless rogue planetoid. Moved to the 22nd century, she encoutnererd the displaced crew of the USS Forthwith (NX-03) who were believed lost in a Romulan ambush. She was instrumental in moving the survivors through time.

USS Columbia

After the events on P-409 Sigma, Sanara was transferred to the USS Columbia along with the rest of the Blackwell's crew. She was called on to rescue Captain Whittaker from the clutches of a group of violent Human Augments who had settled on a planet at the edge of the Sagittarius Reach and made contact with the only Augment to show any interest in helping them. She was disgusted when the Augment's compatriot murdered him for this reason. Later she helped repel mercenaries from Tairuss Kaironn's ship when they board the Columbia looking for rare, ancient and extremely powerful Tkon technology. Sanara was also aboard the Columbia when a Tkon relic activated in proximity to a former Tkon prison world and begun to drain the ship of power. It was her suggestion to construct a Farraday cage to contain the artefact's effects. Several months, Sanara also led a boarding party to rescue an away team imprisoned by a nefarious group of Shanshuri who had been under orders to bring them to their employers.

In March 2393, shortly after first contact with the Losarian Commonwealth, Captain Whittaker appointed Sanara the ship's Acting Chief of Security. She attempted to refuse, but the Captain would not accept her refusal, much to her chagrin. She is keen to find a more permanent replacement so she can go back to being a mere Security Officer.

Friends & Notable Colleagues


Rolla Haneer

Sanara is friends with Lieutenant Haneer, Captain Whittaker's yeoman having bonded with her over their shared annoyance with his ever-present reckless streak. They can often be found relaxing in the ship's lounge, The Look Out, drinking raktajino.

Notable Colleauges

Captain Theo Whittaker

Theo Whittaker

Whittaker first took an interest in Sanara's career several months after he became StarBase 118's first officer. During their first meeting she was extremely nervous and babbled a great deal, much to his amusement. He reassigned her to the Operations Tower and kept his eye on her. He trusted her enough to ask her to follow him to the USS Blackwell. She was annoyed and a little resentful when he "shanghai'd" her into becoming the Acting Chief of Security of the USS Columbia. She does not understand why Whittaker took an interest in her career and the attention baffles her.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 237304.01-237704.01 Graduated Starfleet Academy Security Caden
Ensign 237704.01 - 238309.18 USS Billings Security Officer
Ensign 238309.18 - 238507.31 Headquarters Of The Allied Reconstruction Force,

Cardassia Prime

Security Officer
Lieutenant JG 238507.31 - 238605.21 Headquarters Of The Allied Reconstruction Force,

Cardassia Prime

Security Officer
Lieutenant JG 238605.21 - 239012.23 USS Gora brim Bral Security Officer
Lieutenant 239012.23 - 239203.08 Deep Space 12

& USS Carol Marcus

Security Officer
Lieutenant 239203.08 - 239309.09 StarBase 118

& USS Albion

Security Officer
Lieutenant 239309.09 - 239412.04 StarBase 118

& USS Columbia

Security Officer
Lieutenant 239412.04 - 239509.10 USS Blackwell Security Officer
Lieutenant 239509.10 - 239603.16 USS Columbia Security Officer
Lieutenant 239603.16 - PRESENT USS Columbia Acting Chief Security Officer



  • Sanara is the PNPC of Captain Theo Whittaker has been written by him in all appearances.

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