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Sana, the headmaster in charge of the school that educates metamorphs on Krios Prime

Sana is a member of the Kriosian royal staff and headmaster for the Royal Kriosian School for Metamorphs. The school is responsible for the care, education, and preparation of empathic metamorphs for their roles as partners for high members of Kriosian society.


In 2361, she was serving as headmaster when a metamorph named Nadira went missing, smuggled off the Kriosian homeworld by another member of the royal staff. Thirty-five years later, one of her staff, a metamorph named Jatann, broke the news to her that he'd located Nadira on Earth, now living under the name Roshanara Rahman and serving as a Starfleet captain.

In 2397, Sana was reunited with Nadira/Rahman when she and her partner Tristam Core visited Krios Prime to help close the case on Nadira's disappearance. Sana, now in her late 70s, gave Nadira/Rahman and Core an icy reception at their first meeting, seemingly unimpressed by what she saw before her.[1]

Later, however, Sana revealed to Nadira that she was in fact her birth mother, and that 36 years ago, she had been the one who'd arranged for her daughter to be sent off of the Kriosian homeworld. Her hope was that Nadira would be able to achieve a greater life than just that of a "perfect companion," as the rest of the empathic metamorphs had been destined to throughout history.

Sana was proud to see that her daughter had been able to become a starship captain and asked her to stay with her on Krios Prime to help become an activist to change the role of metamorphs in Kriosian society.[2] Bound by the Prime Directive as a Starfleet officer, however, her daughter was not yet ready to resign her commission to get involved in an internal Kriosian matter after only one trip back to Krios Prime. Although disappointed, Sana respected her choice.[3]


After her daughter Nadira was identified as a metamorph, Sana and her family's standing in Kriosian society was elevated, and her husband was able to become a successful businessman and her eldest daughter Lateya became a full-time artist.

By 2397, her husband had passed away.

Additional information

Sana is written for by both the writer for Roshanara Rahman and the writer for Tristam Core.