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USS Astraeus

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Lieutenant Sameh Neam


Sam grew up on Risa with his two mom's. One was a barista and the other worked as a manager at the resort. They worked hard to provide him the best life they could and instilled in him that to achieve your dreams you have to work hard.

They always celebrated that he was of two worlds and he was often back and forth between them, so that he could embrace both of his heritages. His mentor on Betazed, was like a father to him. He helped him learn how to use his abilities to the fullest and always did his best to guide him in the right direction. Looking out for him when his moms couldn't make it to Betazed with him.

He met a lot of people as he grew up who came to Risa for relaxation and a lot of those people were Federation officers. He heard fascinating tales of adventure in the stars and from then on he knew he wanted to join Starfleet. When the time came he set out to Betazed to join the academy in the hopes to become a Security Officer.

After graduating from the academy, Sam was assigned to the USS Churchill where he served as a Security/Tactical Officer. He served there for three years before he decided it was time for him to move on. He wanted a different change of pace and to see more. They had been on assignment as a ready reserve support vessel at Deep Space 285 and it was time for a change. He put in a transfer and it had been accepted, he was to report to the USS Chin'toka right away.

During a mission the USS Chin'toka was rendered dead in the water, so the crew was transferred to the USS Astraeus.



  • Swimming
  • Paddle boarding
  • Reading
  • Sparring


  • Runs along the beach
  • Staring at the waves
  • Meeting new people
  • Trying fun things


  • Phobias:


  • Posture: Sitting: Normally perfect posture, hands steepled in front of him when in thought. Standing: Perfect posture hand as his side

Other Things

  • Voice: Husky
  • Off Duty Attire: Usually a t-shirt and cargo shorts or jeans, semi-formal if necessary, cargo shorts and sleeveless shirt
  • Favourite Food:
  • Favourite Drink:
  • Middle Name:


  • Temperament: Laid back

Chronological History