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Salty Dawg

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This restaurant replaced the "Roasted Targ" up on the promenade of Starbase 118, but some think it might be better located down in down in the "dungeon," in the bowels of the station. It has a "very different feel" from the Twilight's Edge or most of the promenade shops. The old "Roasted Targ" was run by a retired Starfleet officer, a Human, named Shamus Malone. The Salty Dawg is run by another Human, but this one is no former Starfleet Officer. Yuri Ramovich is a huge Slav with a broad smile but a rather 'checkered' past. The food is good, but there is a very evident "dark / edgy" feel to the place. This place is not "family friendly." You would feel ok about taking your girlfriend there, maybe your wife, but kids? No. Kids are probably not a good idea. The tables are made from laminated ship's hatches. It has the feel of being in the commissary on a non-aligned "free ship" out in space. There is no telling who will walk in or what they will do. There were many fights in the "Salty Dawg" until a new policy was instituted. After each "disturbance" the establishment's liquor license must be reviewed - which can take a week or more. During that period, they can't sell any alcohol at all. Since the law was changed, things have calmed down quite a bit at the "Salty Dawg." It is very popular with young officers because the food is modestly priced and the portions are enormous.

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