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Lt. Salak
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Salak was born in Raal province on Vulcan on January 8th, 2359 to his parents; Vorak and T'Plar. Their first child, he spent the early years of his life on his homeworld. When Salak was five, his fathers promotion meant that the household swapped the warm desert of Vulcan for the icy moon of Andoria, where his sister T'Pel was born two years later.



Salak has a typical Vulcan family although the nature of their environments have impacted each persons personality. Vorak is a traditionalist, whilst T'Plar is a more caring, typically motherly figure who does suppress her emotions but not to the extent that most Vulcans would. T'Pel is yet to really grasp logic and has little control over emotions, partially due to an upbringing on Andor away from any Vulcans with the exception of her family.


  • Marital Status: Single
    • Spouse: N/A
    • Place of Marriage: N/A


Salak currently has no children.


Vorak (Father)
A Diplomat at the Vulcan Embassy on Andor.
T'Plar (Mother)
A Vulcan exobiologist based on Andoria.


T'Pel is Salak's oldest sister, 7 years younger than Salak.


  1. 235901.08: Born in the province of Raal, Vulcan.
  2. 236405.12: Moves with parents to Andor.
  3. 236611.09: T'Pel, Salaks' sister, born on Andor.
  4. 237604.12: Applies for Starfleet Academy against fathers wishes, but fails to pass Entrance Exam.
  5. 237705.08: Reapplies successfully.
  6. 238206.23: Quarters on USS Wallace destroyed by Bomb.
  7. 238207.21: Returns to Andor briefly to assist at Vulcan Embassy
  8. 238208.20: Resumes service on USS Wallace
  9. 238304.21: Reassigned to USS Independence
  10. 238309.27: USS Independence destroyed. Most survivors including Salak are temporarily posted on DS17.