Salak's Quarters (Wallace)

Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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Compartment 03-2921 is located on the Port side slightly forward of the Bussard Collectors, and close to the hull on Deck 3. Allocated as Lt.JG Salak's Quarters, they were reasonably small yet comfortable. There were three rooms in the complex; A bedroom, a bathroom and a lounge area.

When Salak first moved onto the Wallace, he decorated his quarters with Vulcan ornaments in the lounge, including a meditation lamp on a shelf next to the door. There was a work console and desk on the other side of the door facing the wall. This desk was frequently cluttered with PADD's of maintenance reports and schematics befitting Salak's position as a senior Engineer. His bathroom was kept as standard as was his bedroom for the most part.

However in mid-2382, Salak's Quarters became a focal point for a bombing on the Wallace caused by Crewman Henderson, presumably in a bid to get revenge for Salak apprehending Henderson for causing explosions on the FTS P'Kothla. Henderson was not captured and was last seen on a shuttlecraft escaping DS17, where the Wallace was docked at the time.

The bombs, set up just outside Salak's Quarters, left a large hole in the hull of the Wallace and completely obliterated the Quarters. Upon returning from a trip to Andor, Salak resided on DS17 whilst engineering teams cleared the wreckage and refitted the affected sections of the ship with new accomodation modules. This refit was completed in early-2383.

Salak did not manage to unpack before the crew was transferred.