Sakon is a Vulcan Xenobiologist with a particular interest in large predators, and the father of Aitas. He and Aitas were captured by Orion slavers in 2374 while fleeing the Dominion War, and separated early in 2375.

Position Xenobiologist
Rank Blank
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 230201.13
Age 99
Birthplace Vulcan



Jissela Igre
Second Wife

Jissela was a Betazoid martial arts instructor, specializing in the fighting style of Tassa’Akai. She met Sakon while serving as a guard on his expedition to Betazed's jungles. Jissela rarely traveled and was killed on Betazed during the Dominion attack on the planet in 2374.



Sakon's only child, Aitas is a Starfleet Intelligence officer currently serving aboard Starbase 118 Ops. She and Sakon haven't seen each other since 2375, though Aitas has made several efforts to find him over the years.


For most of his life, Sakon could be considered a most traditional Vulcan. He was a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy, and an accomplished researcher in Xenobiology. After the death of his first wife in 2355 he spent more of his time on field research.

It was on one of these research trips that he met Jissela Igre. The two were married in 2360, a decision that raised eyebrows from Jissela's family and got a decidedly colder reception from Sakon's relatives. While Sakon officially moved to Betazed after that, he still spent much time away on research expeditions, even after the birth of his daughter Aitas in 2366. Aitas often accompanied him on such expeditions as she grew older, though Jissela usually remained on Betazed.

In 2374 he and Aitas were away on one such expedition when the Dominion attacked Betazed, and Sakon attempted to flee the conflict with his daughter. This eventually led to their capture by a group of Orion slavers, and he and Aitas were separated in 2375.

During a mission to rescue captured Starfleet officers from Dominicus IV, Sakon was rescued and reunited with Aitas. He and his daughter are now attempting to rebuild their relationship after nineteen years apart.