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Jorus Coguds' Godfather Zug watches as Cogud and some of the other officers of the USS Discovery-C take on Krax and Krull the Orions out to get Zug. Zug thinks back to the day that He, Jorus Cogud and Darzen Cogud met with the Syndicate for some very risky business.

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

Awards and Service Ribbons



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((Athunderistic Club, DS-285))

The Ferengi had been sitting at the stool all night, he had been hiding by the Orions Krax and Krull for the last week and he felt the need for a small drink. There had been relatively little going on at the club this evening. He had got in through the back, he was friends with one of the bartenders and did not like queuing. Especially for clubs. But the club owed him a favour after he smuggled them some Romulan ale two years ago. Zug had ducked his head as he saw Krax and Krull enter the club, they had refused to wear the phaser fishes, but how did they know he was here, the couldn't of. All was made clear as they approached the table behind him. Zug had heard the group talking all night thanks to his superior Ferengi hearing but he had not realized it was his Godson Jorus Cogud until the Orion's approached him instead of Zug. As the Orions disappeared from behind him to the toilets following his Godchild Zug tried to work out how they new Jorus, the moment occurred to him as he thought about the night him, Darzen and Jorus met the Orions at an asteroid colony run by the Syndicate::


DARZEN COGUD: Remind me Zug, why do we need to be here.

ZUG: As I said before, the useless excuse for a crew I have aboard my Vessel do not want to be caught dealing with the syndicate.

DARZEN COGUD: And Me and Jorus do, I am treating Jorus to a last tour of the quadrant before he graduates Starfleet academy and you interrupt us by getting us involved in a smuggling operation.

ZUG: Rule 111

DARZEN: Don't you dare quote the rules of acquisition to me.

ZUG: Treat people in

COGUD: In debt like family... exploit them. We know the rules Zug.

ZUG: Then why ask why your here?

DARZEN: Fair enough, can you go over the plan again.

ZUG: Okay, if you listened the first time I wouldn't have to. I am going to give the Orions some fake canisters of Ketrecel White, they want it in case the Dominion come back so they have the upper hand, remember it is not actually white, it is Targ milk, but that is not important. Remember this is a very odd section of the syndicate, they don't act in the normal way they are very much planning ahead for any opportunity, they once stocked up fake orbs because they thought the Bajoran occupation would come to an end, they where right and made a prophet. The Bajorans that complained, well you know what would happen to them. Anyway they don't know the white is fake so don't say anything. It is a simple exchange, I give them the White, they give us 20 bars of Gold Pressed Latinum. By the time they find out its fake we have warped out of here. Understood?

DARZEN: Understood.

ZUG: And how about you Jorus?

COGUD: Understood.

(End Flashback)

Zug had just finished remembering about the day he met the two Orions when he saw a young Trill vault over the bar counter, Krax and Krull intimidating two very attractive young ladies and insulting a drunk Starfleet Captain::

oO This can only end one way Oo

Zug watched as the Captain put Krax under intense pain forcing him to release the two women, Krull then launched out at the Captain, chucking him across the club into a table. What surprised Zug even more was that the Captain got back up to take on two angered Orions, he looked hew-mon but he didn't act like it, maybe he wasn't::

oO That way could be tilted Oo

Zug was then stunned as a young Trill crossed his vision launching himself at Krull, Zug immediately recognised him::

oO Jorus! Thats my boy Oo