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USS Vigilant


Kaedyn Zehn


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Intelligence Officer
  • Ship: USS Vigilant
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Joined Trill
  • Spouse Eliaan Deron

  • DoB: 236010.31
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 2 metres
  • Eye color: Green/Blue
  • Hair Color: Blond


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Kaedyn Zehn attempts to track down Klingon operatives working onboard SB118 prior to the Klingon Invasion



  • Career
  • Intelligence


((Commercial District - SB118))

Dressed in his most inconspicuous civilian clothes, Kaedyn Zehn wandered into the commercial district of the Starbase. Perhaps he was out of his depth, only time would tell, but he felt sure this was something that needed to be done and while he could have sent someone from his staff he wanted to do it himself. With starships, transports and freighters constantly coming and going, the huge commercial district was busy regardless of the time of day and he slipped quietly into the throng. ::
It was late. Eliaan had tired quickly and fallen asleep, the computer was still searching the databases for the mysterious woman he was to meet the next morning and, as far as he knew, the reception was still going on in the executive tower. He had returned to their quarters alone and attempted to sleep with little success. Insomnia was something that had been constant in his life and he had been disappointed that it had not been cured when he was joined. ::
The realisation had come upon him suddenly as reviewed the mountain of intelligence reports in the hope that reading the turgid prose of Starfleet reports would make him fall asleep. There were Klingon agents on the Starbase. Even in normal situations, the base was of enough strategic importance to attract agents of various organisations. Some operated under diplomatic cover, others posed a civilians but they were definitely out there. Jilenna had been an expert in counter-intelligence and had spent her time trying to frustrate these enemy agents.::
But, Kaedyn thought, what if they could be used rather than curtailed? What if he could exploit the knowledge that Jilenna had passed onto him to help gather intel himself? He found himself calling upon facets of his past hosts' personalities to compensate for those traits he lacked. In particular, the natural confidence of Zhima or Janel were in stark constrast to Kaedyn's previous shyness and timidity. As he travelled to the lower level, known locally as the Dungeon, he was glad of this resource to call upon. ::
The former security chief in him hated that this place, with its known criminal element, existed on a Federation facility but he was about to perform an underhand act himself and it was a fitting location for it. He passed the Ferengi-owned Playhouse, which was little more than a seedy strip joint that catered to the more base desires of it's patrons. In this day and age, it felt almost barbaric to have such an establishment but it was also the case that many races were not as enlightened as his own. ::
A tall, scantily dressed Boslic woman stood in the doorway and called to him. As englightened as most Trill were, he knew that Janel Zehn would have been ecstatic to find such a place. ::

Bolsic: Come on in, honey. First dance is free.

Zehn: Yeah ::smiling but not slowing down:: but how much is the second?

Boslic: Handsome guy like you, maybe I could do you a deal

Zehn: Sorry, you aren't my type.

She shouted an expletive that would make even an Andorian's cheeks turn red after him before turning her attention to someone else. In the time that Kaedyn had been assigned to the Starbase, he had never ventured into the Dungeon and now he remembered why. It wouldn't have felt like a nice place in the middle of the afternoon but it was now after midnight and while the main promenade was bustling, the Dungeon was definitely quieter. ::
The patrons of The Bat'leth immediately looked at him as he entered the bar. The Klingon bar was well-known for the large arena where people could spar and fight rather than the ambiance or the quality of the service. The Trill man stood out like a sore thumb as the approached the bar. ::

Zehn: I am looking for a woman named Bet'reth. Could you point me in the right direction?

The bartender, a tall Klingon man who was at least a foot taller than Kaedyn, ignored the request. Perhaps it hadn't been "Klingon" enough and he should have yelled it at him but Kaedyn was not interesting in pandering. ::

Zehn: I said, I am looking for a woman named Bet'reth.

Again, the Klingon ignored him. ::

Zehn: Are you having a problem with your universal translator? I asked you a question.

With a grunt, the bartender jerked his head in the direction of a side room. ::

Zehn: Thank you, you have been a great help.

The side room was smaller and even darker than the main bar. Kaedyn scanned the room for the Klingon woman he was seeking and recognised her in the corner of the room. Bet'reth was someone Jilenna had come to know very well from her file but had never actually met face to face. The small Klingon woman was well known as a source of information that was almost certainly obtained illegally. Her only allegiance seem to be to herself and to money, in a way that more like the worst elements of Ferengi psychology rather than Klingon. She glanced up at him as he approached. ::

Bet'reth: ::quietly:: Ahh Lieutenant Kaedyn Zehn, what can I do for you?

If this appearance of the Trill hadn't attracted enough attention, speaking to Bet'reth certainly had. Even other Klingons, he knew, didn't trust her. He had to remind himself that this wasn't like the time Reigan had been jumped in the bar on Farius Prime and that he was still on Starbase 118. Still, he definitely didn't feel comfortable. ::

Zehn: I want to speak to you.

Bet'reth: Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

He slid into the chair across from her and smiled slightly. ::

Zehn: What makes you think I'm here to accuse you of something?

Bet'reth: The head of Starfleet Intelligence on the station doesn't come down here for the Blood Wine and company.

Just as Jilenna had suspected, Bet'reth seemed to have intimate knowledge of the workings of the station. ::

Zehn: Maybe I did

A knowing smile passed her lips. She lifted a metal mug from in front of a passed our Klingon at the neighbouring table, emptied its contents onto the floor and poured some blood wine from the bottle in front of her. The Klingon capacity for being disgusting in their eating and drinking habits never ceased to amaze him. ::

Bet'reth: Enjoy

The liquid burned the back of his throat as he swallowed it. At least, he thought, the high alcohol content would kill any germs that had been on the mug. He supressed the instinct to cough or throw up, both of which were very strong. ::

Zehn: Very nice

She smirked a little. She was evidently amused and, he hoped, suitably impressed. ::

Bet'reth: What do you want, Lieutenant? I'm a busy woman

Zehn: Information.

She shook her head. ::

Bet'reth: I don't sell information to Starfleet.

Zehn: Why not?

Bet'reth: You can't afford my prices, for one.

Zehn: And?

Bet'reth: And we're not always on the same side...

She knew what was coming. He was relieved, it meant that she would be useful for other information too. She was obviously better at this than Jilenna had thought. Given his own lack of experience in such things, he realised he had to be blunt. ::

Zehn: I had a look at your file. That arrest warrant on Cardassia is still valid, from what I could tell.

Leaning back in her chair, her body language very deliberately showing her disdain for him. Klingons communicated so much through physicality rather than words, it was fascinating once you noticed it. ::

Bet'reth: And there's nothing you can do about it. I face the death penalty on Cardassia and the Federation won't extradite a prisoner if they might be executed.

He mirrored her disinterested body language and took a sip of the blood wine. It tasted even more foul and he remembered the terran wine earlier in the evening, the contrast was such that it was hard to consider them both using the same word. ::

Zehn: Yeah, that has kept you pretty safe.  ::he paused, changing the tone of his voice:: Its a shame though, my father is a diplomatic envoy on Cardassia, and he says it is an interesting place to visit now. They've done a remarkable job recovering from the war.

The Klingon woman snarled. ::

Bet'reth: They should have been destroyed for what they did to the Alpha Quadrant.

Zehn: Yeah. Breaking their treaties and plunging us all into war. Dishonourable indeed. I mention their recovery because they are also looking to impress the Federation with their more... fair... justice system. I'm pretty sure we could even convince them to to waive the death penalty in your case.  ::he waved his hand dismissively:: Of course, we'd never extradite a Klingon citizen while we're allies of the Empire...

Her fascade cracked for the briefest of moments and it was clear she now understood what he was talking about. Regaining her composure, she leaned forward. ::

Bet'reth: Then I am fortunate that we are still allies.

Zehn: Indeed. Although, from what I gather you aren't the most popular person in the Empire. My sources tell me that you are wanted for questioning by the KDF. Seems they aren't too happy with you selling their secrets... So I'm not sure whether your own people would care that much

In an instant, she appeared much more threatening that she had been before. A very Klingon look of rage crossed her face and he briefly considered whether she would leap across the table and attack him. Certainly, he was no match for an angry Klingon but she appeared to channel her anger into a low, controlled voice. ::

Bet'reth: I don't appreciate threats...

The threat of physical violence still present but less likely, he pushed on. ::

Zehn: Appreciate this: I want you off this station.

The statement caught her off balance. She had been expecting a negotiation for information or an interrogation, both of which she would have no problem dealing with. She hadn't expected this and it took the fire out of her anger. ::

Bet'reth: What?

Zehn: ::growling:: You heard me. As you said, I'm head of intel around here and what I don't need is someone spying on us and selling that information to the highest bidder and refusing to pass any information onto us.

Bet'reth: You can't just...

He slammed the metal mug down onto the table. ::

Zehn: Trust me, I can. You see, we value our relationship with the Cardassians and are keen to assist them since they are making such an effort. And, I don't see what we're getting from allowing you to stay here.

After seeming to go through several emotions from annoyance to disgust to acceptance in a single moment, she frowned at him. Casting a look around the room, she leaned in and spoke quietly. ::

Bet'reth: I know how this goes, Lieutenant. Why don't we skip ahead and you can tell me what you want?

He again mirrored her body language by leaning towards her. ::

Zehn: I want the name or names of Klingon agents on this Station.

Bet'reth: I will not betray my own people.

Zehn: Then start practicing your Cardassian neck trick because your free ride here is over.

He rose to his feet as if to leave. He knew it would appear to be a bluff but as Reigan Zehn had always practiced, he tried never to bluff. If she wasn't willing to help them, he didn't want a known spy for hire onboard the station before whatever the Klingons were planned occured. The only deception was that he had no authorisation, or inclination, to have her sent to Cardassia. As long as she wasn't going to be executed he didn't care where she went.::

Bet'reth: Wait... I'll help but I want a guarantee that I can remain on the station.

He supressed a grin and sat back down. ::

Zehn: Deal.