SIM:Whale: Sleepless Nights, Part II

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Sleepless Nights: Part II

Relevant wiki entries: David Whale, Yautja Uatu, Guide to Deep Space 17, Solok, Eilis Eete.


:: Uatu was just leaving the stage when Whale got back to the main part of the bar and he frowned as she approached a trio of Klingons who had bellowed for her to join them. The biggest of the three said something to the young Bajoran and she shook her head and began to walk away. With a growl, the Klingon stood and grabbed Uatu roughly by the arm. :: Whale just caught the tail end of what the Klingon said as he approached their table. ::

KLINGON: …what I tell you to do, woman!

WHALE: Let her go.

:: Whale impressed himself with how calm he sounded. Even with the amount of liquid courage he’d consumed, three Klingons was pushing it. The big one still held onto Uatu – tightly, judging by the grimace on her face – and faced Whale, a bemused look on his face. ::

KLINGON: Are you giving me an order, human? Do you know who I am?

:: Bloody Klingons. Bloody stupid, smelly, obnoxious Klingons. ::

WHALE: No. But I’m assuming your name starts with a K and sounds like someone clearing phlegm from their throat.

:: It worked a little too well. The Klingon had tossed aside Uatu and taken his first swing before Whale could react. He took the punch square in the jaw and little lights exploded in his eyes as he stumbled back against a nearby table. That table’s occupants prevented him from falling as they every so helpfully shoved him back toward the Klingon trio, cheering on what they assumed would be complete carnage. :: But in a bar fight, Whale felt no particular compunction against fighting dirty. :: As he stumbled, Whale dropped to one knee and when the Klingon took a step forward to land another punch, Whale lunged forward and swung a hard right, punching the Klingon with all his strength between the legs. He went down with a howl of pain and before his two compatriots could react, Whale grabbed a chair and swung in heavily into the nearest of the two. The third caught Whale off guard with a solid left hook, sending him stumbling back, but Whale was able to steady himself against the first of the Klingons, who was struggling – painfully – to his feet. :: Whale grabbed two handfuls of the first Klingon’s uniform and half threw, half shoved him forward just as the third Klingon lunged. The crack of their bony foreheads slamming together was far louder than Whale would have expected and the impact knocked both of them unconscious. He took a deep breath as the adrenaline started to wear off and he started to feel the throbbing in his face. He saw Uatu looking at him in shock, her mouth slightly open. He saw the mugato look-a-like swiftly approach, but barely felt the man grab him roughly by the shoulders. ::


:: She forced herself between Whale and the bouncer. ::

UATU: They started it. He was… he was doing YOUR job!

:: With a grunt, the bouncer called over two other employees and the began dragging the Klingons out of the tavern while Uatu helped Whale into a booth at the back. She disappeared for a moment and reappeared carrying a small first aid kit and ice pack, with which she began to tend to Whale’s wounds. They weren’t serious, thankfully – just a split lip and a black eye. ::

UATU: Three Klingons? What were you thinking?

WHALE: Not sure I was.

:: He tried to smile, but it hurt, so he gave up. ::

UATU: You know… I’ve been in some pretty rough places. Been hassled by some pretty nasty people. And in all of those places and all of those situations, you’re the only person who has ever stood up for me. Thank you. It was… sweet.

:: Leaning closer, she kissed him softly on the lips. The pressure of her lips against his hurt a little, but he didn’t mind and he certainly wasn’t about to complain. She sat back and smiled. ::

UATU: Misguided. Dangerous. Borderline insane. But sweet.

WHALE: ::laughing:: I’ve never been accused of falling on the overly cerebral side of the thought versus action paradigm.

:: Uatu ran a hand through her spiky hair as she narrowed her eyes at him. He raised his brows in expectation of the next question. He was fairly certain what it would be. ::

UATU: Who are you, David? Really?

WHALE: I told you, I’m-

UATU: I know what you told me.

:: She leaned forward and pointed an accusatory finger at him. Luckily, she also wore a slight grin to offset the body language. ::

UATU: But I also know that most of our customers here… they don’t use words like ‘paradigm’ and they don’t jump into a fistfight with three Klingons just to… what? Defend the honour of some damsel in distress?

WHALE: Let’s be honest – I won the fight by sheer stupid luck. I should be dead right now.

UATU: Which makes my question all the more serious.

:: Whale sighed. This was not how he anticipated his night unfolding. And he was damn sure not going to admit to being Starfleet – if the patrons at the Jendorvak didn’t kill him, he had a feeling Riley might. ::

WHALE: I can’t tell you that, Uatu. ::beat:: Not here, anyway.

:: Uatu smiled broadly. ::


:: Awakening in the darkness of an unfamiliar room, it took Whale a few seconds to put all the pieces into place to figure out where he was. He had a blazing headache – no doubt the after effects of that orange stuff he’d had back at the bar. Very slowly and carefully, he slid out from under the covers, but as he was pulling out his clothes, Uatu woke anyway. ::

UATU: Leaving already?

:: She propped herself up on one elbow and rubbed at her tired eyes. ::

WHALE: Yeah. I need to get back to the ship. Get cleaned up before I have to report for duty. ::pause:: Sorry I woke you.

UATU: S’okay. One thing you didn’t tell me. And don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a little old for an Ensign, aren’t you? How long have you been with Starfleet?

:: He chuckled. ::

WHALE: Yeah. Started at the Academy when I was eighteen. When I was twenty-eight I… took a bit of a break. Just came back a little while ago.

:: He paused. God, this was awkward. ::

WHALE: I, uh… I should really get back.

UATU: I’ll… see you later, maybe?

WHALE: Yeah. Yeah, sure.


:: The tall Klingon bent low over the communication device, its screen the only source of illumination. He held a cooling pack firmly against his testicles, but he was certain that the bruising to his ego was worse. :: Beaten by a human? He and his men had sworn to never breathe a word of it and he hoped that would be enough to keep the incident from getting out. The transmission encoder beeped, indicating it was safe to transmit – with their encryption device active, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to listen in. ::

K’GAUGH: General Kolkorr. This is Captain K’Gaugh. We encountered a human early this morning. We have since received confirmation of his identity. ::pause:: General, it is David Whale.

:: The transmission was closed abruptly from the receiving end and K’Guagh had little doubt that the General would be practically foaming at the mouth in rage. It was only the thought of the General’s rage that prevented the young captain from seeking out Whale and putting a dagger in his heart. :: :: K’Gaugh smiled, despite his discomfort. ::

K’GAUGH: Kolkorr the Merciless will eat your heart, human.


SOLOK: Ensign Whale. You appear to require medical attention.

WHALE: Uh, yeah. Had an accident … training. In the holodeck.

SOLOK: I see. Might I suggest that full cooperation and honesty with medical personnel treating your injuries is the most prudent course of action?

:: The doctor gestured to a nearby bio-bed and Whale sat while Solok – he remembered the name now – scanned him. ::

SOLOK: These are not the accidental results of a holodeck mishap, Ensign. From the width, depth, and spacing of the contusions on your face, I surmise you have come into forceful contact with a humanoid fist. ::He paused, bringing his face closer to Whale's face, looking intently at the injuries there, and then pulling back to a more comfortable distance.:: A Klingon fist, to be precise.

WHALE: Look, Doc, I’m just looking for you to fix my lip and give me something for a headache. Okay?

SOLOK: Your agitated manner seems to indicate that, in the altercation with the Klingon, you were only marginally victorious. There is no evidence of fractures, or concussive or other nerve damage. ::Solok removed a hypospray loaded with a mild analgesic from the tray near the biobed, and held it to Whale's shoulder.:: This will decrease whatever painful sensations you may be experiencing as a result of your injuries.

WHALE: Thanks Doc.

:: Solok replaced the hypo on the tray, and took up the dermal regenerator.::

SOLOK: Remain still, Ensign, as I close your wounds.

:: It was the work of but a few seconds.::

WHALE: So I’ll live, I take it. Anything else I need to do?

SOLOK: It is my considered professional opinion, Ensign Whale, that you attempt to avoid violent interaction with members of the Klingon species -- or any other species, for that matter -- for the immediate future. If you require an outlet for your aggressive tendencies, I suggest sport in violence's stead. Or, perhaps, you could schedule an appointment with Counselor Eete.

:: Whale paused for a moment. He was fairly certain that the doctor was being the Vulcan equivalent of a wise-ass. Two could play at that game. ::

WHALE: Sometimes you just need to punch something, Doc.

:: He hopped off the bio-bed. ::

WHALE: Especially a Klingon.

SOLOK: Very well, Ensign, as you see fit. Your treatment here is complete. You are free to go.

:: Nodding his thanks, Whale headed for the door. As he left sickbay, he sighed, knowing what he had to do, but dreading it none the less. He tapped his comm badge. ::

WHALE: =/\= Ensign Whale to Counsellor Eete. =/\=

EETE: =/\= Eilis here, go ahead Ensign =/\=

WHALE: =/\= As per requirements, I need to make an appointment, Counsellor. When might you be available? =/\=

EETE: =/\= I'm available anytime now until the party tonight. How about meet me in 30 minutes? =/\=

WHALE: =/\= That works. See you in 30. =/\=

EETE: =/\= Excellent I'll see you then. Eete out. =/\=

:: Party? Perfect. Just what he needed – a bloody party. Making his way back to his quarters, deep in the bowels of the Tiger (quite the image that conjured up, he thought), he couldn’t help but chuckle. His return to active had thus far not been what he’d expected. Not even 24 hours in and he’d already had have himself patched up in sickbay. ::