SIM:Waltas: To Sickbay

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238907.29

((Sickbay, USS Discovery))

::The transport didn't help his nausea-losing material cohesion and all. By the time he materialized in sickbay there was a nurse barking orders and having everyone sit down. For some reason, she saved Tyr for last.::

oO Hey what happened to the Captain is first priority?! Oo

WARREN: ::dabbing at the captain's forehead:: Can I ask what happened, captain?

WALTAS: We were attacked by Orions. We chose to fight back.

WARREN: Orions?

::He could see the nurse thinking, putting two and two together, thinking questions such as "why didn't the other bar patrons help" and such. Such questions were dangerous, especially when a quick tricorder scan would reveal their blood alcohol content was off the charts.::

WALTAS: Nurse I would be eternally grateful if our current state would escape your report.

WARREN: Of course, captain. My lips are sealed. This will stay between you, me and your medical record.

WALTAS: Oh, good. That way only an Admiral can find out I was in a drunken brawl.

::He watched her heal the others and tried to put two and to together, then spotted Collim across the room. Standing (and testing his feet and balance before moving), he made his way over to her.::

COLLIM: I don't feel so good.

WALTAS: You're going to feel worse tomorrow morning. Can I walk you to your quarters?

COLLIM: response

WALTAS: Just a minute. ::He walked over to Westerbridge, who hadn't stopped glaring at him since his indiscretions at the bar:: Lieutenant, a word please.


WALTAS: I'm still drunk but it doesn't take a detective to figure out you're not happy with me.


WALTAS::Smiling:: It's the hair. Chicks love the hair.

OOC: Again, please don't take offense, Tyr is still sloshed.


WALTAS::Mock offense:: Why Lieutenant, how dare you think I would take advantage of a.. ::His eyes moved to Collim who was stretching, revealing an alarming amount of leg and thigh:: and the security report.

::Realizing he had just composed a completely nonsensical sentence, he blinked and looked at the Lieutenant, whose glare hadn't softened.::

WALTAS: What was I saying?


WALTAS: Right. Gentleman. Sure. Good night, Lieutenant.


::Tyr gently took Collim's elbow and walked out of sickbay. He swore he could feel Westerbridge's glare burning a hole in his back.::

Captain Tyr Waltas

Commanding Officer

USS Discovery