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One by one the officers assembled in my ready room,

Carter as always was late. I drummed my fingers on my desk, until a rather breathless Ensign Carter appeared:

ROSS:Nice of you to make an appearance Ensign.

I open my desk draw and pull out four very plain

looking black box's:

ROSS:Ensign Carter, Lt's Brown, Malcom and Trix,I have had the honour of knowing you all now for several months, you are all outstanding officers and a credit to this crew.

I open the first box, and pull out the pip, and pin

it to Trix's collar:

ROSS:Lt Trix, I hear by promote you to full Lieutenant.

I shake Trix's hand and move past his obviously

shocked face, and on to Tamar:

ROSS:Congratulations, you are hereby promoted to full Lieutenant.

I pin the next pip onto Tamar's collar, and let out

the slightest of smiles.I shake her hand and move on to Jen:

ROSS:Well done Doctor, you are hereby promoted to Full Lieutenant.

I shake her hand on move onto Carter:

ROSS:Well Ensign it was either this or have you court martialed, and I did'nt quite have enough evidence for that, so this was the only option. Well done, you are here by promoted to Lt junior grade.

I take a step back:

ROSS:Congratulations one and all, you all worked hard for this, well done. Dismissed.

I watched as the officers filed out of my ready room.

I sat down at my desk,and tapped my comn badge:

ROSS:=/\=Ross to bridge, Liam patch me through to the Sheliak vessel, and put it through to my office.

LIAM:=/\=Aye sir.

I activated my consol and a picture of the ambassador


ROSS:Ah Ambassasdor about the Cygnus system.........