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((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Briefing Room))

::Standing alongside the wall-mounted display interface with a team of eager Starfleet officers waiting to hear what he had to say was old territory for Diego. He was pleased that he now felt as though he was on home territory, even though this was a situation far removed from the Department of Experimental Neuroscience back at Starfleet Medical. In essence, his command training had taught him that at the root of any mission lay a problem that needed to be solved, however complex it may be. Solving problems was an activity he had continuously pursued throughout his medical career.::

::The display screen, showing the logo of the United Federation of Planets, blink-changed into a display of Zakdorn IV at the touch of a button, its six defense satellites arrayed in equidistant formation around the planet's orbit. Responding to Lieutenant Baldersson's request for a mission brief, Diego spoke in the shibboleth that belay his Spanish origins.::

Herrera: Well, Lieutenant, I'm glad you asked that question. Before we get a chance to lift off in our brand new ship, it seems the Zakdorn need a little help right here...

::The image shrank to one corner of the screen while an external picture of the Vigilant as she stood in the Grelesev shipyards quickly filled the void that was left behind.::

Herrera: As you're all aware, we're still a few days from the officially sanctioned launch of the Vigilant and, as you'll have seen as you reported aboard, she is still being stocked and supplied with vital materials that we will need for our long-term mission in the Zeta Gelis region. The external hull is complete and main power is up and running, but our cargo holds are empty and we don't yet have our armament. We're also still waiting for our reserve supplies of deuterium. That's something that time will fix, but before we can get final permission to launch, there's something we need to do for the Zakdorn government.

::This time, a map of the Alpha and Beta quadrants appeared on screen, with the territories of the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire and Federation all shaded in appropriate colours.::

Herrera: After the Klingon attacks on Romulan territory, and the incursion into Federation space near Starbase 118, a minority of Zakdorn politicians have formed the opinion that remaining members of the Federation is no longer a tactically viable option. This planet is right on the edge of our territory, and very close to the Romulan border. If the Klingons decide to extend their invasion into Romulan space, they will find themselves with access to many more resources and ships, which will tip the balance of power firmly in their favour. This Zakdorn minority wants to push the balance in that direction, and ally themselves with the Klingon Empire in the process.

::The implications were horrifying. In such a position, there was every chance that the Klingons could decide that they wanted to expand their territory further and declare war on the Federation once and for all. The Zakdorn were already renowned as such brilliant tactical minds that no race had pursued a conflict with them in living history. With that level of tactical expertise at their disposal, the already fearsome Klingons became an unstoppable force.::

Herrera: ::Looking around the room.:: I know that some of you might be thinking that the Federation doesn't send Starfleet to interfere in the sovereign affairs of its member worlds, and you'd be right. On the surface, this is a diplomatic mission. ::The screen changed to a map of the Zakdorn capital, Prak Zel.:: That's why I'll be leaving later today for the capital city, Prak Zel, to meet with Federation Affairs minister Sabhya Haksar. I'll be taking Counsellor Reinard, Ensign Fox and Doctor Malon with me.

::Ilyazi nodded.::

Fox: Sir?! ::He blurted out.:: *cough*...Yes sir.

Reinard: Aye sir. ::leaning over a bit to speak to Fox quietly:: Relax ensign. ::smiling warmly:: You'll do just fine. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Malon: ::trying to smother the grin:: Yes, sir.

::That left the rest of the crew without their assignments, but they were all about to find out just how busy they were about to get.::

Herrera: Meanwhile, a second team will be dispatched to Prak Zel. The reason that Starfleet and the Zakdorn ministers are so concerned is that they suspect Klingon involvement in the creation of this dissident movement. There is already evidence that there are Klingons on the planet, but they are only here in small groups. There's nothing to indicate that there are even enough of them here to cause any widespread trouble. It's what we can't see that could be the problem, and we believe Klingon Intelligence is attempting to subvert enough of the population to cause them to defect. Commander Handley-Page will be in charge of co-ordinating a team of officers to conduct investigations in the capital to attempt to uncover any evidence of Klingon involvement, and that team will need to liaise closely with my own. The officers joining him will be Lieutenants Zehn, Foster and Matthews.

Foster: Aye, Sir.

Matthews: Yes sir.

Handley: Aye aye Captain, I am sure we will root out these miscreants.

::Leo nodded to his new team.::

Handley: Ready to uncover a mystery? Excellent.

::With a large group of officers still waiting for their orders, Diego switched the screen to a display of Grelesev. The location of the shipyards was marked clearly on the map and another building, located a few miles away on the outskirts of the town, was marked out in green.::

Herrera: Meanwhile, we need to take steps to make sure the Vigilant launch happens on time. The dissidents haven't made any direct statements about the construction of our ship on their homeworld. Not yet, anyway. What we do know is that the Zakdorn security network has found information to suggest there's a demonstration planned today at 1730 hours at this location. It just happens to be the main deuterium processing plant that supplies this shipyard. I don't think there are any prizes for guessing exactly why they've chosen that location.

::The image zoomed in on the marked building, showing a photograph of the dull-looking factory.::

Herrera: Needless to say, the deuterium shipment has to get here on time and the protest could very well need to be contained. We have no way of telling who will turn up or whether they're even planning to take things past the peaceful stage, but we cannot be careful enough. ::He turned his gaze toward the colossal figure of his Chief of Security and Tactical.:: Lieutenant Commander Eerie, I'd like you to take Lieutenants Thomas, Baldersson and Brown and Doctor Davis to the facility to observe the proceedings and take action if necessary. Make sure that Thomas and Davis are well protected, but there's every chance we may need a doctor or engineer on hand in case the worst comes to the worst.

Eerie: Of Course Captain.

Brown: Understood captain, do we have any ideas what or who to look out for?

Thomas: I would imagine anyone. Rallies have a tendency to follow the lead of a few people, who exhibit unacceptable behaviour.

Baldersson: Yes sir. I'll make sure our doctor and engineer are good and safe. ::Looking at davis:: Just like the cadet cruise. Except... this time it's for real, and I won't get us captured.

::Thumbing one of the sections of the touch-screen display, Diego returned it to its inactive state and returned to his seat.::

Herrera: Are there any questions?


written by

Captain Diego Herrera
Commanding Officer
USS Vigilant

with content from other Vigilant crew:

Lt. Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page
First Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Greir Reinard
Second Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Eerie
Chief of Security/Tactical

Lt. JG Kael Thomas
Chief Engineer

Lt. Harold Foster
Chief Science Officer

Lt. JG Richard Matthews
Science Officer

2nd Lt. Rekkr Baldersson
Marine Officer

2nd Lt. Oxford Brown
Marine Officer

Ensign Grigoriy Davis
Medical Officer

Ensign James Fox
Helm Officer

Ensign Ilyazi Malon
Medical Officer