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((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Observation Lounge))

::Diego's usual calm confidence was replaced by a mixture of good humour and bewilderment as he entered the observation lounge. His senior staff was already assembled around the keyhole-shaped conference table. He always liked to have enough information to run his briefings a fair amount of time in advance, but in this case he felt like he was improvising. He was confident that the crew would not mind, but they were hardly going to find this a run-of-the-mill briefing either. Rather than sitting down, he remained standing; he had brought nothing with him, no PADDs and no boxes, and so he slipped his hands into his pockets as he stood at the head of the table.::

Herrera: Thanks for coming so quickly and so soon after you were all dismissed from the last briefing. As those of you who were on the bridge just now will know, we found a spatial anomaly, which looked like it was in the final stages of collapsing. Greir, Richard... I don't know if there's anything you want to add about the anomaly at this point?

Reinard: I don’t know much about the science of it but it feels as though it is shrinking and collapsing on itself pretty fast. This implies to me that it was bigger, maybe even considerably so. It just reminds me of water pouring down a drain.

Matthews: Response(s)

::Apparently the micro-anomaly had been more significant than they had thought.::

Herrera: I'm a long way from an expert in this kind of thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt like they were having a brain haemorrhage in the compulsory lecture on simple temporal mechanics at the academy. The only bit I got was the whole flying backwards around the sun manoeuvre that Captain Kirk did, but in all honesty I just saw that as a kind of superhero thing rather than understanding the principles behind it.

::He shook his head at Solor, who looked as though he was about to offer a detailed explanation. The part-Vulcan responded with a cheeky grin.::

Herrera: So, despite not really knowing what I'm going on about when it comes to temporal anomalies, I know I am capable of following orders. We just got a priority one from Starfleet with a message from the department of temporal investigations. Apparently they're impressed. Not just that, but they've asked me to let everyone know that the whole crew has been awarded Defense of Temporal Flow service ribbons. Something about averting a crisis and preventing a good chunk of the sector from being swallowed up by an anti-time anomaly.

taJoot/Anyone: Response(s)

Handley: Congrats everyone…

Reinard: Well done us it seems. Congratulations.

taJoot: So... you called us all here so you could … not hand out the rewards you have not been given for something we will... never do, now. And … even you don't know what that … would have been?

::Diego shrugged; the report had been very light on details.::

Herrera: I wish I could say. I guess they didn't want to pass anything on in case we learn about something from another timeline. I don't really see how it could cause a problem, but then saying that those guys are fussy is like saying that the Major is a tiny bit British...

Handley: ::Chuckling:: Just keeping the British end up, Sir. I'm fifty percent British after all, but only from the waist down.

::The captain smiled at the comment, which seemed to go down well with the rest of the crew. As confused as they all were, at least they weren't going to be having a visit from temporal investigations.::

Herrera: Anyway, the other piece of good news is that Lieutenant Matthews and Ensign Varis have belatedly been awarded the Medical Science Ribbon to go with their Lifesaver Ribbons for developing a cure to that Zalkonian biotoxin. Richard, I'll let you break the good news to Ensign Varis.

Matthews: Response

Herrera: In the meantime, I guess it's business as usual. The ribbons have been added to our service records, so I guess we can pick them up next time we dock at DS6. In the meantime, let's keep on our current heading. We already found something interesting, who knows what else will be out there?

Matthews: Response

Handley: Congratulations!

::All in all, Diego found himself feeling quite relieved; closing an anti-time anomaly sounded like a dangerous venture, and the fact that it had all taken place in another timeline and the crew were all fine was strangely relieving.::

Herrera: Alright, you're dismissed everyone.

::The crowd began to break up and, as people started leaving, Diego turned to Greir.::

Herrera: Looks like Starfleet wanted to send us some free stuff. Can't complain, right?

Reinard: Absolutely! So what’s the plan then?

::He imagined that Greir was enjoying his stint in the centre chair, and there was no pressing need to rob him of that privilege at present.::

Herrera: I'm gonna be in the ready room. You think you can handle a bit more time in the hot seat?

Reinard: Sure I can. ::Happily::


Captain Diego Herrera
Commanding Officer
USS Vigilant