SIM:Varaan: What Price for Truth?

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Crew of Deep Space 26

Varaan WIP.jpg

Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on August 29, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238208.29).

((Briefing Room - Deck 1))

HATHAWAY: =^= Captain to the bridge! =^=

::Varaan raised an eyebrow questioningly. Hathaway knew that the senior staff were in briefing, and being questioned by Kindar. The interruption must have been important. Varaan rose, and was quickly followed by Greene and Kindar. As Varaan walked through the doorway from the briefing room to the bridge, all the other senior staff eventually rose and filtered out as well. Hathaway was at the Ops station with one of the Illaran inspectors. He used a head nod to indicate the main viewscreen. Everyone turned as Hathaway began to speak.::

HATHAWAY: Inspector Drohn here was examining our sensor logs from before the dinner party began to after the explosion.

::The viewscreen flickered from its current view of the damaged Urlista Station, to one previously when it was whole, and many other ships were still docked there.::

HATHAWAY: Drohn noticed something that didn't jive with the records on the station. Obviously his first thought was that it was something we fabricated.

::The inspector beside the young lieutenant almost looked embarrassed. Almost.::

DROHN: Chief Inspector Kindar, after careful evaluation of the materials and technology present, it is my conclusion that the following evidence was not fabricated or otherwise altered by this vessel or her crew.

::Kindar looked ready to stare a hole in the man. He cleared his throat nervously.::

DROHN: I am prepared to stake my career on it.

KINDAR: You may be staking your life on it, Drohn.

HATHAWAY: ::cough, cough:: In any case, our computer, when we dock with a station, links up to their main computer. Suitable for data dumps, upgrades, and the like. One thing that the computers store, and share, is sensor information. Apparently, the sensors in Lord Sonaris' apartments "went down" prior to you beaming over. All Urlista has is static. However, our sensor kept running at the time. Using fragments of our data that coincide with Urlista, and a couple fractal algorithms, we were able to clean up some of Urlista's sensor records. This is what we have.

::The viewscreen switched over to a high view of the inside of Sonaris' apartments, very grainy and full of video "noise", and with a grayish-green colouring. But it was clear enough to make out forms and shapes. There was no audio. Several minutes played of the main foyer, with a single humanoid form moving into the apartments with box or container of some sort under its arm, and disappearing deeper into the apartments.::

HATHAWAY: Now, Hanar has stated that the only non-Illarans that were allowed into the private apartments in the last four days, was your dinner party.

::At this point of the video the figure reemerged into the foyer without the container. Hathaway froze the playback. He pressed some buttons and the picture zoomed in on the face of the figure.::

HATHAWAY: As you can see, this is a female, and on the side of her head are the typical Illaran ridges. However, sensors are not recording an Illaran lifesign. This woman reads as human.

VARAAN: Not one of ours?

HATHAWAY: No, sir. Her biosigns don't match anyone on the ATLANTIS crew.

GREENE: She could be connected to the Paaran. We know he most likely planned this attack.

HATHAWAY: It's entirely possible, commander. We know the Paaran's group has humans in it.

VARAAN: Can you clear it up any more?

HATAHWAY: Just a moment.

::After a second the picture lost almost half its static interference. The face was much easier to see. Varaan did not recognize the face of the individual, but did not expect to. However, his biosynthetic implanted E.A.R.S. barely registered a sound coming from one of the people on the bridge. Varaan looked around, and saw Jamar staring intently on the screen, almost squinting. Varaan's E.A.R.S. had registered him saying "Nicia?"::