SIM:Varaan: Secrets, part II

Crew of Deep Space 26

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Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on April 9, 2015, (corresponding to the IC stardate 239204.09).

((USS Atlantis - Brig))

VARAAN: Are the Breen still out there, captain?

::Varaan waited to see what the captain's response would be.::

::Raj was astonished. His frown gave his surprise away. Perhaps this man was a Starfleet Intel operative like he said he was. His heart began to quicken its pace just slightly. Could it be that the Breen were in fact not looking for Elsa, but rather...::

BLUEHEART: ::staring intently into the stranger's eyes:: How do you know about the Breen? You were transported aboard like the rest of the scientists. How do you know about them? Are they.. ::He left his sentence unfinished.::

VARAAN: ::stepping closer to the force field:: It is possible that they are, at least in part, here looking for me. Your ship would be safer if you returned us to the installation.

::So it was true. His heart was almost racing now.::

BLUEHEART: ::He too, stepped closer to the force field.:: That's impossible, I'm afraid. Outpost Bravo no longer exists. It was destroyed by violent seismic activity.

::Varaan froze at the revelation the captain had just laid on him. Return to the installation was, indeed, out of the question. Therefore, either Varaan would have to stay on board the Atlantis, or be handed over to the Breen. The latter was far more than counter-productive. Varaan really did not have any choice.::

VARAAN: That is unfortunate. However, it does only leave me with one alternative. I shall have to remain here until the rest of the installation personnel have left the ship. A cover story must be thought of, in case any of them ask about me.

BLUEHEART: And why is that, stranger? And why should I lie for you?

VARAAN: Captain, I am Vulcan. That much should be obvious. And although Vulcans can lie, it is very often beneath us to do so. What I am telling you is the truth. I am a deep-cover operative for Starfleet Intelligence. Currently, my cover is S'telin, an engineer working at the installation. The personnel have been under surveillance for some time, and alerting them to that fact could jeopardize years of work. Do you understand, captain?

::He let a full minute of silence pass between them before speaking.::

BLUEHEART: In case any of them ask, I'll say you died. ::He said it very bluntly and without emotion or expression.:: Will that suffice?

VARAAN: I would prefer not to "die," so that I could continue the Op later, should I run across any of them again.

BLUEHEART: Okay, not dead then. Just under arrest. Of course, you do realize that there's no such thing as a free lunch?

VARAAN: I do not require sustenance at this time. ::unless this was one of those annoying Human euphemisms:: What do you mean, captain?

BLUEHEART: I'll play along but only if you tell me everything. ::short, barely perceptible pause:: EVERYTHING.

VARAAN: I am not authorized...

BLUEHEART: Like you said, we have no time for this cat and mouse game. Either you prove to me that you are who you say you are, or I hand you over to your ::making air quotes:: friends. No, wait. Maybe I'll hand you over to the Breen. I'm fairly certain that'll guarantee their leaving us alone.

::Not waiting for a response from the Vulcan, Raj turned to leave, hoping his years of serving as a counselor aboard the USS Discovery-B would prove his assumption right about the man. As he took his first step away from the cell, he spoke over his shoulder, with his head only partially turned towards the man.::

BLUEHEART: I give you one hour to reach a decision before I make one you're not going to like. Good day, mister.

::His steps were slow. Intentionally slow.::

VARAAN: Captain, you know I cannot divulge anything about my operation to you. However...

::Varaan waited until the captain stopped walking away. Blueheart, however, did not turn around. Varaan continued.::

VARAAN: If you contact Admiral Krieger at Deep Space 26, inform him you have me in your custody, and give him the password "Aurelius," he will confirm what he can to you, so you will know as much as you are permitted. I will, of course, wait here.

::Without saying a word, Raj resumed his steps until he was out of the security office.::


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