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Crew of Deep Space 26

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Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on August 25, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238208.25).

((Crew Lounge - Deck 9))

::Chief Inspector Kindar followed Varaan into the smallish crew lounge a deck above the shuttlebay. Greene followed behind, and the rest of the Illaran inspection team. Two security guards appeared from the other direction and took up positions in the corridor on either side of the lounge doors. Sabdok must have received Greene's message. Varaan and Greene had talked before the inspection team arrived. Though they were willing to cooperate fully with the inspection team, they certainly were not going to allow them free reign of the ship.::

VARAAN: This facility should be adequate for your purposes. And should you wish to rest, I can have quarters assigned to you.

KINDAR: I don't expect we'll be here that long.

::Varaan wondered what that comment meant. Kindar however had turned and was organizing his people. Varaan stood quietly, waiting to see if there was anything else they needed. Kindar turned back.::

KINDAR: I understand you possess the remote teleportation technology similar to what the Romulan Empire used.

VARAAN: And still use. There are minor differences, but in essence they are the same.

KINDAR: Inspector Sharna has studied this technology extensively. I require you provide someone to assist her as she examines your machine's logs.

::A young woman with long blonde hair in a pony-tail, wearing the same black leather uniform as the rest of the investigation team, had walked up behind Kindar when her name had been spoken. Varaan nodded to her in greeting.::

VARAAN: I will have Chief Marquette aid her.

::The Vulcan nodded to his XO who contacted Marquette. He acknowledged the request and would arrive momentarily to escort her to the transporter room. Varaan turned back to Kindar.::

VARAAN: If there is nothing else? Lieutenant Wyman will be here to get you anything else you need. Commander Greene and myself are required at a debriefing meeting now.

KINDAR: Regarding?

VARAAN: One of our away teams had been captured and held against their will, and have only recently been rescued. Starfleet protocol requires a debriefing with the commanding officer of the ship, and individual incident reports be filed by all those involved.

KINDAR: Then I will accompany you to this meeting.

VARAAN: As you wish. If you will follow me?

::Kindar walked out with Varaan and Greene as Wyman arrived, and Marquette and Sharna were already down the hall to a turbolift tube. Kindar, Varaan and Greene traveled in relative silence until they were in a turbolift of their own. Then Kindar spoke up.::

KINDAR: Are we free to speak?

::Varaan raised his eyebrow questioningly. He wondered where this was going.::

VARAAN: Starfleet and the Federation are a collective of free individuals. We have no need of covert recording equipment.

KINDAR: I must apologize for my...abrasiveness. Investigation teams also have strict protocols. If the rest of my team knew I was speaking to you like this, they would report me to my superiors.

VARAAN: I will not divulge this conversation, if you wish.

KINDAR: Thank you. You understand...our investigation MUST be thorough. However, many of us do not believe in your guilt. This stinks of Shadizaar involvement.

VARAAN: Shadizaar?

KINDAR: A well funded, well organized, and extremely secretive criminal organization. We know they exist, but are virtually helpless in stopping their actions, or bringing anyone to justice. In fact, we've never even been able to capture anyone we can prove is involved with them.

::The turbolift stopped and the doors opened. Immediately Kindar's face changed from the relative soft one he exposed in the turbolift, to the hard-as-rock one he portrayed since coming on ATLANTIS.::

KINDAR: Lead the way.

::The three of them walked onto the bridge and across the aft section and down the steps between the science and Ops stations. They entered the briefing room to see that everyone was there waiting. After brief introductions, Varaan started the debriefing, with specifically directed questions inserted by Kindar throughout. They story of Jamar came out, and Sabdok and Eskyys' meeting with Tarn, the fight in the Infirmary, and Greene's rescue of them all from the sensor-blind area.::

KINDAR: A convenient story. Very convenient.

VARAAN: Why would we intentionally mislead you? What would be our motive?

KINDAR: To generate sympathy. To misdirect us during our investigation into the bombing, making us think that you are victims instead of aggressors.