SIM:Varaan: Past and Present Revelations

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Crew of Deep Space 26

Varaan WIP.jpg

Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on September 11, 2015, (corresponding to the IC stardate 239209.11).

((USS Apollo-A, Deck 12, Personal Quarters, morning))

::It was the morning of the dreaded event - the senior staff "Social." Varaan had got up in what Vulcans were have termed a "foul mood" but which other races may not have noticed as being any different from normal Vulcan behaviour. Varaan's wife had noticed. She was avoiding the conversation as she replicated them breakfast. Their daughter had already left for school. T'lani took the two bowls of a Vulcan equivalent to oatmeal from the replicator and set them down on the table, one at her place and one in front of Varaan.::

T'lani: Perhaps...

::She let the sentence die. Varaan hadn't even needed to look a warning at her. It wasn't like he would burst forth in an angry tirade the way some humans would when confronted with something they didn't want to talk about. He was Vulcan, after all, and had almost completed the Kolinahr training...almost. But there would be an awkward silence, and then a philosophical debate, and then...::

T'lani: Perhaps you should look at this as a positive venture.

::The silence was deafening.::

Varaan: Meaning?

T'lani: ::picking up her mug of Vulcan tea in both hands:: miss your friends.

Varaan: That was the most human thing you have ever said to me.

T'lani: There is no need to insult me, husband. I am simply stating a fact. You were never more comfortable, productive and at ease than when you were on the Paladin. You had your friends. Since then, you have been a man alone. On the Steadfast, on assignment for Intelligence in the Par'tha Expanse, even when you were on the Atlantis the first time. You had most of the Paladin crew there, but you were the commanding officer, and so you set yourself apart.

::She sipped her tea while letting her words sink in.::

T'lani: As much as you claim that you work more efficiently on your own, I do not think that statement is entirely true. My belief is that you are a better Vulcan when you are part of a group.

((Timeskip backwards, 13 years ago, USS Paladin, also morning))

::This morning found the four of them following their daily routine, sharing breakfast at "their" table in Hearth Forward. Commander Weller had called them the "Four Musketeers." Varaan was not entirely sure of the reference. He had looked up the term one day, and the only thing that had come up was in reference to a militaristic group from the country of France in Earth's past, and/or the works of the Terran author Alexandre Dumas based on said group in said time period. Varaan had not read Dumas, but Torin had explained that Weller was referring to the camaraderie that Varaan, Torin, Jenn and Nariah had. Varaan was still not sure that Weller hadn't intended it as a jest.::

Greene: then Mark told me he'd take me to see it when Paladin returned to Starbase 118 next, "if" he wasn't on assignment.

::Nariah and Torin exchanged knowing glances. Jennifer had been speaking about this "Mark Pepper" person on and off again in almost every conversation the group had for the last two months. Varaan and "the guys" had spoken privately about Jenn and Mark - how they were really happy that Jenn had found someone (Varaan wouldn't have used "happy"), but how it was starting to..."get tired" was the Terran phrase that Torin had used. Varaan was starting to find some discomfort in the constant repetition of subject matter, as well. Torin said that Varaan was "annoyed." Varaan reminded Torin that Vulcans didn't get annoyed. Torin joking said that he was getting annoyed at how often Varaan was telling him that Vulcans didn't get annoyed. Varaan apologized, and Torin had..."slugged" him in the shoulder, explaining that it was only a joke. Varaan still did not totally understand Terran humor, but perhaps Torin had been accurate in his observation. Perhaps Varaan was getting "annoyed."::

Varaan: Lieutenant Eskyys in Engineering has romantic feelings towards you.

::Varaan had said it non-chalantly and as a-matter-of-fact like as he could. The doctor, who had been taking a sip of her raktajino, did (what Torin called) a "spit-take" and sprayed the Bajoran beverage she had come to love (as much as Mark Pepper) across the table. Luckily for Varaan, he was sitting beside her. It was Nariah who's uniform had taken the brunt of the mess. The half-Bajoran counsellor grabbed Varaan's napkin and began wiping himself off.::

Greene: What?

Jamar: Varaan!

Jefferson: ::sarcastically, focusing on his uniform:: Gee, thanks Jenn.

::Varaan looked up.::

Varaan: Was I not supposed to say anything?

Greene: What did you say?

Jamar: No, Varaan. You weren't supposed to say anything. That was a secret.

Jefferson: ::under his breath:: No, I'm fine. Really. Thanks for asking.

Varaan: Eskyys did not mention that it was in confidence.

Greene: Eskyys likes me?

Jamar: He shouldn't have to say anything, Varaan. When people talk to you about their feelings for other people, you keep it to yourself.

Jefferson: ::still under his breath:: No, it's okay. I can clean it up myself. Thanks.

Varaan: But Doctor Greene talks about her feelings for Mark Pepper all the time.

Greene: That's different. And Eskyys has feeling for me?

Jamar: ::to Varaan:: Maybe you should have some counseling in socialization.

Jefferson: Leave me out of this.

Varaan: I find little production in socializing.

Greene: ::to herself:: Why wouldn't he just tell me himself? We're friends, after all.

Jamar: It's not meant to be "productive." Not in that sense. But socializing allows you to get to know people.

Jefferson: ::standing:: I need to change. I'll see you guys later. ::leaves the table and Hearth Forward::

Varaan: Could I not just read their personnel file?

Greene: ::also standing, and talking to herself:: Maybe I should go talk to Eskyys. No, he might be embarrassed. Maybe... ::leaves, still talking to herself::

Jamar: No, Varaan. Not everything is in a file. And the better you get to know "who" a person is, the better your relationship with them will be. Even a working relationship. Look at you and Hathaway, or Chief Marquette.

Varaan: They are efficient and competent engineers.

Jamar: And you get to know them in a social type of manner as you work with them. You know things by talking to them, not just by reading a file.

COMM: =^= Lieutenant Jamar, please report to Science Lab 3. =^=

Jamar: I've got to go. But think about it. ::standing:: I'll see you later, buddy.

::Varaan did think about it as he watched his friend leave.::

((Timeskip back to present))

::Varaan continued to think about it while seated at the table with his wife. Perhaps both Torin and his wife were correct. As an individual, you usually have complete control over what you do and are able to accomplish. However, the Vulcan principle of IDIC was founded on the opposite premise. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations...many diverse parts working together may make a more complex whole, but a better functioning one. Perhaps Varaan did need to stop thinking of how he could accomplish tasks better on his own. He did have an Intel team that worked for him. Perhaps...perhaps they should work "with" him, the subtle difference being the most important.::

::And with Commander Marcus Dickens, the last familiar face from Varaan's past, listed among the 27 "missing in action" crewmembers from the phasing incident, Varaan was once again alone. He made a decision. He would not only go to the meet and greet tonight, but he would go in search of some new friendships.::