SIM:Varaan: Homecoming

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Crew of Deep Space 26

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Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on September 13, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238209.13).

((Ready Room))

::Varaan entered his ready room, followed by Greene and their new civilian scientist. The Andorian had handed Varaan his orders down in the shuttlebay, and the Vulcan had been looking them over on the way up to deck one. Varaan was impressed. Dr. Rathmin was not that old, but already accomplished a great deal in his academic career. He was, however, lacking in the practical experience field. That would change on ATLANTIS.::

VARAAN: Can I offer you any refreshments?

RATHMIN: Oh, no thank you.

GREENE: I'm fine.

::Just then the intercom came to life, breaking up the conversation.::

TAC: =^= Commander Varaan, incoming communication from Starbase 118.

VARAAN: =^= Acknowledged. Put it through to me here. =^=

::Varaan was confused. The last he had heard, communications through the Jenatris Cloud were impossible due to interference, and communications through the Corridor were virtually impossible due to its twists and turns. That and the fact that the criminal element within the Corridor would often destroy or steal any relays they found. So how were communications possible?::

::Varaan sat at his desk and activated the console. The UFP image disappeared and was replaced by the face of Admiral Krieger.::

KRIEGER: =^= Greetings, commander.

VARAAN: =^= Admiral. How were you able to overcome the difficulties of sending a communication through the Jenatris Cloud?

KRIEGER: =^= We can talk science and technology later, commander. Right now, I'm recalling ATLANTIS to Starbase 118.

VARAAN: =^= Admiral, events have transpired here that could make that diplomatically undesirable.

KRIEGER: =^= We're aware of what happened with Sonaris, commander.

VARAAN: =^= How...

KRIEGER: =^= It's not that important, "how." When Starfleet received your report on the findings of the other side of the Jenatris Cloud, we sent the USS NOWAK through the Corridor with a full diplomatic team. They seeded the Corridor with communications relays and scared off the inhabitants. So we at least have temporary communications. They contacted the Freeworlds government and were apprised of the events. As part of the diplomatic healing process, they requested ATLANTIS be removed from the sector until more formal relations can be worked out. So you're being recalled.

VARAAN: =^= Understood. However, admiral, we have not yet managed to gain any further information on the Paaran.

KRIEGER: =^= We're watching the Corridor very closely now. Since ATLANTIS chased him into the Expanse, we're hoping he'll stay there awhile until we can get a more official tracking team after him. However, I must stress that in order for any healing and trust to be built between our two governments, ATLANTIS must return. Immediately. Do I make myself clear?

VARAAN: =^= Absolutely, admiral. We will set course immediately.

KRIEGER: =^= Good. I'll debrief you and your staff when you get here. Krieger out. =^=

::The signal ended and the UFP symbol returned to the small screen. Varaan looked up to his first officer.::

VARAAN: Commander, could you please take us home?

GREENE: Yes, captain.

::She left Varaan and Rathmin, who was looking very confused now.::

VARAAN: Doctor, I suspect that your expertise will not be put to use on ATLANTIS if we are not to remain here.

RATHMIN: I guess you're right. So now what?

VARAAN: I will contact the NOWAK and request you be transferred to them.

RATHMIN: Thank you, commander.

::Varaan might have been upset at the sudden turn of events if he was not Vulcan. But he did have an odd sensation beginning to emanate from where his human crew would call his "gut."::