SIM:Varaan: Defenders or Prosecutors?

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Crew of Deep Space 26

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Commander Varaan

This SIM was written and presented on August 22, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238208.22).

((OOC: Just a short one to keep things moving.))


::The large doors from the corridor to the shuttlebay opened almost silently and Varaan and Greene entered, watching the beings disembark from the alien shuttlecraft that had landed on ATLANTIS. The Away Team that had been captured was supposed to be debriefed in 20 minutes, but the Freeworlds cruisers that had jumped into the Aelann system had requested, rather vehemently, immediate compliance with their investigation team. As neither the Freeworlds nor the Expanse had widespread use of transporter technology, they used docking tubes and shuttlecraft almost exclusively.::

::Varaan and Greene stopped several meters from the ever growing group of individuals. From what Mr. Dorlan had told them before he disappeared and, according to Greene, turned up dead, the temple ridges on their heads marked them as Illarans. There were nine of them now, two of them female, and the tallest male, with slightly graying hair, turned and strode towards them. He stopped just short, with the others trailing behind him.::

KINDAR: I am Chief Inspector Kindar. We are here to establish your guilt or innocence in the death of Lord Horatio Sonaris. Your cooperation is mandatory.

::His speech sounded dry and practiced, as if he were used to making statements like this and was just reciting something he had memorized. Only the name would have changed. And the fact that the presumed deceased was of nobility did not seem to make any difference to him. Varaan took a step forward and spoke.::

VARAAN: I am Varaan, commander of the USS ATLANTIS, from the United Federation of Planets. This is my first officer, Commander Jennifer Greene. Our crew is prepared to assist you in any way.

KINDAR: Good. We require an area to organize ourselves and interview your crew.

VARAAN: We can give you the use of a crew lounge. It should be large enough to accommodate your group.

KINDAR: Lead the way.

::The man had yet to smile. Not that Varaan particularly found that a problem, but it was difficult to gauge how that would affect the investigation.::