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(( DEEP SPACE 17 - Visitors Quarters ))

Uatu: I know what Kren thinks, and Kren is an idiot. :: beat :: I haven't lost sight of the objective.

:: She stood staring out into space, her back to the two Klingons. From this angle, she cut just see the tail end of the USS Tiger where it was docked with the station. When she'd first taken the job aboard the ship, Uatu had been fairly certain she'd never get used to being on a Starfleet vessel, but being here now, in this room, she just wnted to be back on the Tiger. ::

K'Gaugh: The human has managed to-

:: Uatu quickly turned and faced the younger of the Klingons and fixed him with a hard stare. It was enough to shut him up. She switched her gaze to the older Klingon, who sat in a large armchair, goblet of bloowine in his left hand - his only remaining hand. The old man's right arm lay in his lap, ending in a stump just above the wrist. He was very old, his hair entirely white and his forehead ridges lined with cracks and wrinkles. ::

Uatu: How can you put so much stock in the advice of these morons?

:: The old warrior glared at her for a moment. There were times when he hated this woman and her attitude toward him, which had become significantly worse over the past few months. How dare she take such a tone with him - he was Kolkorr of K'Herat, Kolkorr the Merciless! He'd considered having her killed, but she was right, sadly - his advisors were becoming weaker both mentally and physically with each passing year while she was becoming stronger in both respects. ::

Kolkorr: You will show all due respect while in my presence.

Uatu: Respect is earned, not given away like candy. These targ turds of yours haven't earned anything.

Kolkorr: Enough! My advisors have concerns about your... performance. They feel you have become too close to the target.

:: She nearly laughed at him. The impotent old bastard couldn't even bring himself to say David's name, yet it was her who was being regarding with skepticism. That was rich. ::

Uatu: Are you going senile? It's MY JOB to get close to David Whale. That's the whole reason you paid to set me up here on DS17.

Kolkorr: But now you're on a Federation starship...

Uatu: How was I supposed to stay close to him if I was on the station and he was off flying around the Ithassa? Don't question my actions -- you brought me in because I know what I'm doing. And because I'm the only competent person you have access to with your pitiful resources. I've kept you up to date about his movements, so tell me how exactly am I not doing what I'm being paid to do?

:: Kolkorr just looked at her for a few moments. She noticed that his left eyelid was drooping more than it had been the last time she'd seen him - a possible indication that his health was deteriorating faster than he would be willing to let on. ::

Kolkorr: You are doing your job. The concern is that you are... going too far beyond your job. That you have...

:: There was a long pause. Kolkorr twisted his mouth around, as if trying to find words that didn't taste like he was chewing excrement. ::

Kolkorr: ...begun to enjoy this relationship.

:: And there was the crux of it. Kolkorr, with his bloody and fearsome reputation, was worried that his prize operative was getting too cozy with the man he saw as his nemesis. And Uatu wasn't about to admit that he was most likely right. After all, complete infiltration was what she was good at -- it's what let her steal artifacts from the Federation Museum of Natural History and spy on any number of organizations in the past. ::

Uatu: I see. So you'd like me to get close to David Whale without getting close to David Whale. Does that about sum it up?

:: She cut him off before he could respond. ::

Uatu: I'll tell you what I told Kren before I sliced open his face -- do not tell me how I should be doing my job. You are getting the information you asked for and we remain on schedule. Do not contact me directly again until you've motivated yourself to move on to the next stage.

:: Turning on her heel, she strode out of the darkened room. After the doors hissed closed behind her, Kolkorr let out a low snarl, his hand tightening on his wine goblet until the stem snapped, bloodwine splashing onto the floor. ::