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Tsia: First Medical, First Sorrow

((Medical ~ SB118 Ops))

ROGERS: Cmdr it is…. pleasing to see you once more conscious.

SOLOK: I do find consciousness suits me particularly well, Captain. As fatherhood does yourself, it seems.

ROGERS: Not exactly Cmdr. Perhaps the best definition would be “Uncle “ Rogers.

TSIA: Uuu...ka Joge.

SOLOK: I was unaware you had a sibling resident aboard the starbase, Captain.

M'WASH: Hello, commander-r. I'm ens-sign M'Was-sh, and this-s is-s ver-ry s-special child.

TSIA: Peeca, me peecaj. ::Tsia was more and more disgusted with her own inability to form proper words and sentences. In defiance she pulled the amulet that nobody chose to take from her and decided to chew it.::

ROGERS: Yes well different cultures no doubt have different definitions. I was of course referring to my Celtic heritage and a more honoured meaning of Uncle. Out of curiosity what are the conventions for Caitians and Vulcans ?

SOLOK: Vulcan kinship relationships are most complex, although rigorously and logically organized. The etiquette governing such interactions constitutes a fair percentage of a Vulcan child's youthful studies.

M'WASH: Among Caitians-s, uncle and aunt terms-s ar-re us-sed outside biological families-s. Members-s of Caitian extended family can be called uncles-s, aunts-s and other family terms-s.

ROGERS: Fascinating.

SINDA: Reed? Can you hear me?

ROGERS': Cmdr Reed is injured ?

::Tsia shook violently on the voice that resonated deep in her body. There was something about the person that she felt deep and that moved her. The word forming in her brain was mother and she knew that it meant something very important.::

SOLOK: Commander Reed's injuries appear to be healing. She has been ... impaled. Significant blood loss, although Nurse Brolin was able to cease the bloodflow near the scene of the injury. She will live. Her unconsciousness has yet to be explained, however.

::While they were talking about the woman on one bed, Tsia was watching the other woman making the doughy attempt to say the word.::

TSIA: Mooooth’r. Moooo... mom.

SOLOK: Captain, it has become apparent that our medical facilities are not adequate to the task of treating the great number of casualties this event has produced, especially in sickbay's current state of disrepair. The USS Braveheart is in the vicinity. Their medical facilities are extensive and expertly staffed. I would advise requesting their assistance in responding to what is in danger of becoming a humanitarian disaster.

::Tsia tried to touch Sinda, but she was too far and obviously unaware of the attempts from the child. Tsia again pulled the amulet into her mouth and moaning started to cry silently.::

ROGERS: Indeed Cmdr. Employing the USS Braveheart sounds like a sound plan. We will need help with the wounded.

SOLOK: Thank you, Captain. I believe protocol requires you to make the formal request, but if you find yourself otherwise occupied, I can communicate our needs to Commander T'Yai in your place.

SINDA: The Braveheart was on standby when the storms arrived for just this eventuality, Sir. They should be fully stocked and crewed. The Columbia should be around too, they have some additional surgical facilities.

ROGERS: Ah I almost forgot.. :: Will snapped his fingers.:: You haven’t exactly been yourself lately. No the child is somehow connected to the recent clash of Elementals.

SINDA: That’s an understatement, Captain.

M’WASH: Response

TSIA: Mooom. Mmmmmm....

SOLOK: And the child? Does she require medical attention?

ROGERS: Yes. I want to make sure the child is Medically fine. While we have no idea what to expect I just want to make sure she is not injured.

SOLOK: Understood, Captain. Do you wish me to perform a routine scan at the present time, to rule out the presence of acute injuries, the presence of infectious disease, and the like? A more complete medical assessment can be conducted at a later time, perhaps, when the developing crisis has been resolved.

SINDA: Infectious diseases? This isn't a regular child from the station, then?

TSIA: Diiiseeessss. ::Tsia understood what Sinda said and it made her very, very sad. Her own mother called her disease, saw her as very bad infectious thing.::

SOLOK: Very well. ::He withdrew his tricorder from its holster, and began a preliminary scan.:: One moment, Captain.

M'WASH: If no one objects-s, I would like to look after the child. I would like to know the child's-s medical condition.

::Tsia tried to touch Sinda again, she wanted to show this person that was a part of her that she is not disease or something so bad and wrong, but a person. That was a wrong thing to do, because attempt for connection brought into her mind the thoughts of the woman, telling her that what she said was far milder than what she actually thought about Tsia. Up to now nothing Tsia saw of felt touched her so deep and Tsia couldn’t but react to the pain the only way she could... screaming to try and make the pain go. While she was screaming she let go of amulet and it fell down on the floor. But Tsia didn’t care. She was disease to her own parent and she had no wish to live any more. ::

ROGERS: Well she certainly has good lungs. Are you sure you want to look after her for a while M’Wash ?

::When she stopped screaming, Tsia fell silent and closed her eyes, refusing to react.::

To be continued...

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